Wonder Woman: A Female Perspective


Wonder Woman, the film entered the cinema’s and got a lot of positive feedback. Women said that they were crying when they saw the film.

I wanted to see the film to investigate if it isn’t an ultimate form of misogyny to admire a woman simply because she can fight like a man? Is Wonder Woman just a male soldier with big breasts and a vagina? Or is something else going on?

Wonder Woman: Amazos

The film starts with Wonder Woman as a child. She wants to learn how to fight but her mother does not want that to happen.

The noticeable thing for you and me – dream lovers and symbolism-freaks, is that the bed she sleeps in has a mandala-eye shape…

Wonder Woman-child is building her eye, her I in her dreams. You have got to love that. It soon became clear to me that my original hypothesis is wrong.

No, Wonder Women is not a male warrior dressed up as a hot chick. The film assumes that all human beings are warriors. Girls are just taught to stop fighting. Except for Amazon women.

Wonder woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman


The Amazon warriors, according to Greek mythology, were called Amazon because the word “amazos” means without a breast…

You see that Hollywood has taken a free interpretation here, the breasts of Gal Gadot are waving their hallo’s in her cleavage.

Fighting girls are hot. Do you remember Sense8? Sun is the female warrior over there. In the last Sense8 very she was also fighting in her underwear. It’s got to be a Hollywood thing.

Wonder Woman: The Female Perspective

Not a lot of movies have a female hero. Usually females are the “price” a hero gets after he has won his battle.

I recently read a blog, written by a father to both of his sons about Wonder Woman. He adressed the feelings of unease he assumed his sons would have watching the opening scenes without a male character in it.

Did you know I did not even notice the fact that there was no man present in the opening scenes? Yes, shame on me.

Because usually I do get a bit sick and tired of the male perspective in books, newspapers and films.

So, being reasonably experienced in the female perspective after inhabiting a female body for over fifty years, let’s see what my female perspective has to say about Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman: the Initial Female Paradise

Like all stories, the film begins in paradise. A matriarchy, inhabited by women.
It’s almost like every girl experiences her childhood. Father is away, into the wild world, and mother and sisters are close.

All of a sudden, and attractive spy rinses onto the shores. He is telling stories about a destructive war that is going on. In her heart Wonder Woman knows that she, with her magical powers can stop the fighting.

This is such a good point of the picture. Almost every heterosexual woman has had that attractive spy that invaded her I-land. And almost every woman fell madly in love and wanted to set him free of his inner battles. Feeling it was her magic that could safe him.

But should we? Should we still safe those spies? Shouldn’t we have a new power hero that tells us that spies have a natural ability to get out of trouble? Or would that mean a significant decline in birth rates? No more spies to safe, women, be prepared for a boring and lonely life?


Wonder Woman
Chris Pine in Wonder Woman


And in order to kill het biggest enemy Ares, her animus Steven Trevor has to give his life as well. Talking about integrating your shadow!

Both men are opposite shades on the Shadow Palette in a women’s personality. It makes you wonder, after you have seen this film who in your life have been your Ares and your Steven. And dip your brush into the colour shade you want the world to see this day.

Wonder Woman Beauty

All throughout the film people notice that Diana aka Wonder Woman is exceptionally beautiful.

This is NOT a thing we-avarege women- experience. Most of us are quite ordinary. The beautiful girls are species of a different kind to us.

They act from a set of different rules. They know they can break them because of their looks. One smile and such a woman is forgiven for every rotten thing she has ever done.

If you truly want a female perspective, make your heroine an ordinary looking person. But wait! That will not sell. And you are right my dear reader, films with male protagonists usually also have an extraordinary handsome actor playing the leading role.

Wonder Woman Half God

Wonder woman is a half god. She is a descendent of Zeus himself and -even though she is a warrior a heart, she battles against war.

She is fighting fire with fire: using her fighting skills to end a world war. But fire is a good servant but a bad master.

We, women have always tried to battle. Often much more in a psychological way than physical.

wonder woman

How many mothers have fought the school system like I did when my son got molested at school, and lost?

We are mortals, not half gods. In that way, Wonder Woman is a blessing for the soul. Finally a woman who fights and gets justice done.

A blessing for all of us who got our asses kicked to the core by society.

Wonder Woman Conclusion

I am a bit double hearted about this film.  I truly like the fact that there is a female protagonist.

But there are too many butt’s. Literal and psychological. Of course I can understand the need to show tits and ass if you want to make money.

Of course I can understand why the protagonist is strikingly beautiful. Of course I can understand why the motive of the first world war is just a side line.

Of course i can understand why there has to be a love-interest in the movie.

But all of those things make the movie kind of average again. But, my dear reader, you are right, criticism is easy.

Would you go and watch Wonder Woman? Let me know in the comments.

This Mindfunda is written by Dutch Psychologist and blogger Susanne van Doorn

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Susanne van Doorn

What you need to know about Greek Gods

The Greek Gods, we know about them. We read stories, we secretly laughed about Zeus who was always fooling around with girls.

greek gods

But do the Greek Gods still play a role in our life? Let’s explore.

Greek Gods: Archetypes

In the ’80s Jean Shinolda Bolen wrote a book called: Goddesses in Everywoman. It became a huge hit.

greek gods
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(Do you ever wonder like me why nobody wrote the same book for men?)

The book had the appealing assumption that Greek Mythology was based an archetypes. Jean Shinolda Bolen had carefully selected 7 (my favourite number) archetypes that characterized typical behaviour in women.

7 Greek Goddesses:


The queen of the hunt, an old mother goddess archetype. Jean associated her with the “workaholic” lady.


My personal favourite. I always loved the story that she was born from her father’s head. The science nerd lady.


The nun. Queen of hearth and solitude.


The Queen of marriage.


The Mother archetype: always pregnant.


The Queen of the underworld, the Gothic Lady.


Always on a date, the Queen of Love

Do you want to know who you are? Here is a quiz.

Greek Gods: The Cradle of Civilization


Greece, Athens is seen as the cradle of modern civilization. The place where democracy started. But I will let you in on a little secret. The Greek Gods were assholes.

In mythology, we have gotten so addicted to the Hero story of Campbell, that we really would like those 12 Greek guys and girls up the Olympus to be really cool dudes who want the best for mankind.

They didn’t.

They stole, raped, murdered and tortured…

Let’s start with the “Big Brothers”.

greek gods

Zeus, King of the sky, was a typical wind god. These are the gods of fertility. He fooled around, changed shape and multiplied himself whenever he could.

Prometheus was punished severely for giving humanity fire. You might be aware of the fact that fire, cooking our food, gave us humans, time to do something else with our day than just to sit around and digest.

greek gods
Prometheus Carrying Fire’ by Jan Cossiers

Zeus punished him by chaining him to a rock, where an eagle came and ate his liver away each day..

Doesn’t that remind you of God’s anger towards man when Adam and Eve ate the Tree of Knowledge? Somehow Gods don’t like humans to empower themselves…

Poseidon, his brother and god of the sea. Having a blue beard and a trident, he was considered the god of the earth quakes. Like his brother he was always out to have some fun with women.

In a contest about who will win the control of the city of Athens, Athene touches the ground witha  spear and an olive tree emerges. Poseidon, on the other hand, struck his trident on a rock and produced a horse.

And.. the olive tree not only symbolises economical growth, but also peace. Remember the biblical dove with the olive tree in its mouth?

Hades, the third brother was king of the Underworld. It was his job to make sure that the deceased did not escape his kingdom.

greek gods
Bingley: The Abduction of Persephone

Hades decided to abduct the daughter of Demeter, Persephone. Demeter decided to mourn her daughter in winter when she was at Hades.

On the other side: it is a mythological script for every girl. Going away from mother, becoming queen of your own kingdom.

The rest of the Gods had their problems and neuroses too. But I wanted you to be aware that the magical number 3 and 12 are important in Greek Mythology. We will explore that in next paragraph.

Greek Gods: Mythology and Magic Numbers

In almost every mythology, the number three (three brothers: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) and the number 12 are important. Why?

In Norse Mythology the number three is mentioned again and again. There are three wise women, three Norns at the well of Urd who determine the fate of humans.

In the bible, Jesus died for three days and came back from the death. There is the holy trinity: father son and holy spirit.

It is the first number with ‘something in the middle’ like a new birth. And it has a connection to the moon, that is gone for three days (or nights) to be reborn.

The number 12: 12 gods live on mount Olympus. Jesus had 12 disciples, Odin had 12 followers…

The number 12 is associated with completeness. If you interpret the Gods as psychological energies within your own psyche, you will see that you have got a whole range of conduct to choose from. It is up to you to make a conscious choice. It can be the challenge of a life time!


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