The Spiritual Body: Our Connection to Food

This blog is a part of a 4-blog series about the body. The first blog is about Body Image and Self Esteem This blog is about the spiritual body; The third blog will be about the dreaming body; The last blog will be about the body of poetry. For me, the spiritual body is the way we relate to mother […]

Prince Rogers Nelson, his Royal Badness

This blog is about Prince Rogers Nelson, also known as His Royal Badness. A short tribute. Prince, super musician left the Earth. Today is Earth day and I wanted to dedicate my bog post number 199 to Mother Earth. But Prince… was something else. So today I want to tell you about how he influenced my life.

Mother Earth as Goddess

Trista Hendren, author of the girl god reminds us that we owe our live to the gifts of mother earth. If we honor the earth in actions as much as we do in words we will leave a fertile place to our children

Earth day: the magnetic field of the earth

On this beautiful picture above you can see the magnetic field of the Earth. To me, the earth looks like a Spider. I am not surprised that the oldest mythologies about the origins of the universe talk about the Spider Grandmother who created all. So what exactly is the magnetic field of the earth? The […]

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