Neurology newsflash: new neurons trained in sleep

In today’s Mindfunda I want to dedicate a blog to the brain. To neurology to be more specific (see here for a more detailed description of the brain). In this Ted Talk Paul Roossin discusses the history of sleep, the history of sleep science and leads us through a voyage through the brain.

Paul Roossin

Trained as a neurobiologist, Mr. Roossin’s broad knowledge base and accomplishments led him to be featured as one of the 100 smartest individuals in the greater New York City area in a 1995 New York Magazine cover story. Mr. Roossin holds an B.S. and M.S. in Biology from New York University.

The Ted Talk of Paul: on the neurology of dreams discusses the use of the frontal lobe in dreaming (we recently found out that lucid dreamers have a greater pattern of activity in their frontal lobe during sleep), about the Red Book, Salvador Dali who used to sleep in a chair holding a metal spoon. As soon as the spoon dropped, he would be awake and write down his dream. it inspired some beautiful paintings.

At the end of his talk, Paul reveals that the buzzing of the brain during sleep helps new neurons to adapt more quickly to its tasks. This hypothesis needs to be tested but is very promising, Neurology is one of the most interesting topics of interest around. Mindfunda will keep you posted! Meanwhile you can read some nice neurology facts in this Mindfunda.