Yggdrasil: Tree of Life, Portal to Nine Worlds

The Seed of Yggdrasil explores the symbolism of the old Norse poems of the Edda, poetry, by Snorri Sturluson. Maria Kvilhaug treats the Edda as a parable. Using symbolism she tries to relate the ancient wisdom to modern times. Continue Reading

the Paris attacks: when the city of light became dark

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” Some people say it was inevitable. A matter of time.  Still, it came as a big surprise for me. A shock. In this cold dark period Continue Reading

Triple Goddess dreaming: an alliance with the moon

We are connected with the ancient mythology of the triple goddess. In your dreams you will find out that the creative arcetypical energy of the Goddess is very much alive Continue Reading