Tarot Garden by Niki de Saint Phalle – Tuscany, Italy

Niki de Saint Phalle, a French artist has created ‘Giardino dei Tarocchi’, a tarot garden in Tuscany. It took her up to fifteen years to design and build it. And while she was working and living in this garden she really added some significant interpretations to the symbols. The pictures  illustrating this blog (courtesy Juvani photo) were taken when we visited the tarot garden in Garavicchio.

tarot - strenght: nikki de st phalle - dragon - juvaniphoto
tarot: strength

Let’s have a look at the first example of the stunning art work in the tarot garden.
One of the many handcrafted sculptures tiled with tiny mosaics of glas, porcelain and shattered mirror.

It is card 8, Strength.

The young girl finally dares to look her dragon in the eyes. He is mesmerized by her acknowledgment. He lets her lead he way. We all know this feeling. Tired of running away, let’s face our dragons. It is the only way to gently lead them.Each piece of art is carefully placed in the hilly tarot garden, surrounded by olive trees and other nature.

Tarot garden’s interpretation of  Card 15: The Devil

Another example is Niki’s Devil, who has two people that long for each other but are not able to come close. One is red, the other purple. Two opposites of the spectrum, longing but unable to unite.

the devil - tarot garden nikki de st phalle - juvani photo
tarot: the devil

They are not chained, there is no need for that. The devil has their feet. One red feet, the other purple. It is the longing for something we think we can never have that urges us to develop those qualities in ourselves.

If you look at tarot cards as a way of guiding your life’s journey you gain another perspective on hem. They are often used to predict the future and perhaps if you are on a certain journey the outcome can be accurately predicted by using the cards. But I am more in favor of using the cards as guideline for your life-journey.

Visiting the tarot garden is a great excursion when you are in Italy, and when you  have some basic knowledge of the tarot itself.

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