Three things you did not know yet about the apocalypse

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Most of us have experienced “fin du siecle” from this century. Our world was coming to an end in the year 2000, or soon thereafter, computer would crash, money would devaluate and a nuclear war would start. But did you know this is a pretty common theme found in mythology?

1. The end of the world is a rather common theme in mythology. The Germans, in India, Iran and Israel have stories about an apocalypse, in which the primal actors are known.

In the Edda one can read:

“Then comes the ruler
into his dominion,
the powerful one from high,
who rules above all”.

2. Apocalytic stories are “deeply moving revelations of a soul living between two world epochs: in his heart the poetis still devoted to the old, but his longing leads him to the new” Jan de Vries.

CarlJung wrote the Red Book also as an apocalytic story after he had this vision:
“In the following winter I was standing at the window one night and looked North. I saw a blood-red glow, like the flicker of the sea from afar, stretched from East to West across the northern horizon. And at that time someone asked me what I thought about world events in the near future. I said I had no thoughts, but saw blood, rivers of blood”.

Carl Jung, Red Book; Liber Novus

3. Fantasy is not only allowed, it is required to deal with the psyche going through apocalypse. Because in studying his fantasies Jung realized that he was studying the myt-creating function of the mind.

I have a film with moreinformation about the Norse theme of Ragnarok. The Ragnarok is part of the Voluspa: vision/prophesy, the account of a seeress’s vision in response to a question of Odin:

you Odin, want me
to tell you what I know,
of the world and its fate,
from the earliest of times…

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  1. I am very blissful to recite this. This is the kindly of details that needs to live given and not the accidental half truths that is by the other blogs. Welcome your sharing this furthermost doc.

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