Wayne Dyer: dreams are the place to create

Wayne Dyer

We recently lost some inspiring men. Oliver Sacks and Wayne Dyer. Wayne Dyer was not only the self-help-best-seller guy.  I read some of his books a few decades ago. I remember they were easy to read. But there is another side to this man. He worked as a Jungian therapist. The statement of Carl Gustav Jung: “I didn’t have this idea, it had me” was a guiding principle in the way Wayne Dyer shaped his life. Ideas and synchronicity guided him on his path.
The surest way to lose your soul is to believe in a god outside yourself” he told his audience. He took the path we all have to go, if we are religious, spiritual or not. It is the same spiritual struggle Carl Jung shared with us in his Red Book. the search for your inner God. (Read your inner spirituality if that resonates more with you).

Wayne Dyer and Synchronicity

He tells about it on his website. One night, being a teacher, he had given a presentation for parents about how they could guide their children to become happy adults. The next day, a student walked into his room, bearing a gift. A gift that would change his live. It was a book composed of stories from inspiring people. Wayne Dyer, on the verge of choosing a subject for a new study, read The Whole man, written by the famous psychologist Maslow (yes the one with the hierarchy of needs). And he decided to start focussing on the things that are right: “I don’t want to study what’s wrong with people. I want to study what’s right.” And that was the beginning of his success.

Wayne Dyer
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Wayne Dyer and dreams

Wayne Dyer was the man of dreams. Not necessarily night-time dreams but goals. However, he taught his audience about the art of dream incubation. He was fully aware of the creative potential of dreams.
When deep sleep falls upon men while slumbering in their beds, then he opens the ears of men and seals their instruction‘ Job 33:15
Wayne Dyer saw dreaming as the time when the brain ‘marinades’ in the subconscious. And when you fall asleep thinking about all the things that went wrong during your day, all the people you are angry with, you are going to instruct your brain to give you dreams about that misery.
Think about good things. The things that you are happy about. things that you want to multiply in your life.

It is a simple, yet effective way of incubating dreams.
Thanks Dr. Wayne Dyer for giving so many people a helping hand when they needed it.

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