Chicken soup for the soul: dreams and premonitions

Chicken soup for the Soul
Dreams and premonitions


Dreams and premonitions

Today, September 22, the book ‘Dreams and Premonitions’ is launched. This book was born on twitter. Amy Newmark twittered about wanting to publish a book about dreams. She is a publisher on Chicken soup for the Soul. And Kelly Sullivan Walden let her know she was interested. you can listen to the book launch and the stories behind the scenes.

I have met Kelly Sullivan Walden at a conference of the International Association of Dreams in Berkeley. I know about her energy and her determination when it comes to promoting the magic of dreams. And I know several people who did a great job of reading all of the dreams that were submitted. So you know that when you buy this book you get a very good selection of amazing dreams. If you buy the book using the link on this page you will support all of the good work of Mindfunda.

In the book is a collection of 101 dreams divided into 10 sections. They are: Navigating life, Messages from heaven, Facing fears, Early warnings, Next generation, Waking up to a new life path, Life savers, True love, Personal transformation and Miracles happen.
Each section has about 10 dreams from different people. Among them are ‘famous dreamers’ like Patricia Garfield and Robert Moss.
I would like to share the painting that belongs to the dream that Patricia shares in the book. You would have to read the dream to get the full appreciation of the picture. In her dream, Patricia looked in the mirror and saw that out of her head two antlers were growing. This dream inspired dream artist Brenda Ferrimani to create the painting “Branching Woman”.

chicken soup for the soul dreams and premonitions
Branching woman
Brenda Ferrimani


Dreams and premonitions

It is always nice to read a book filled with magical dreams. I hope that this book will inspire lots of people to look at their dreams more closely. I want to share one very nice story about the book. Me and my dream group decided to do a pre-cognitive challenge to see if we could dream up dream number 101, before the book was published. We did not know the dream, we did not know the participants, we did not know the subjects.
The title of the dream 101 is ‘Stella Sky’. Several people in this group are very talented dreamers and they had dreamed connections with sky. Others picked upon the medical theme of the story. There are two names in the story: Stella and Janet that were dreamed about by members of our dream group. Other themes in this story have to do with the all intriguing question if the future is predetermined or not: “The question I ask myself is this. Can writing a story about someone where they are saved from dying safe that person from dying?”
In our group we had a vibrant discussion about writing because lots of dreamers that participate in that group (including me) are writers or contemplate writing a book about dreams. So in general, our group of precognitive dreamers picked up on health issues and writing in all of our dreams.

Precognitive dreams

I had my share of premonitions and dreams that changed my life. The precognitive dream about my father’s death  was the most impressive one. It came as a nightmare where I felt completely helpless. In waking life, seeing my father in his hospital bed with nothing I could do to make him feel better made me feel the same way. The dream wanted to prepare me for this new phase in my life.

Right before his death I dreamed of painting a garage white for a friend of my brother. In this garage, there was a motor cycle, which made perfect sense to me because my brother rides a motor.
In waking life, my father used to ride a motor bike but stopped doing that years ago. My father and my brother where best friends.
After his death my brother dreamed about going to a garage to take a bike ride with one of his friends. The garage opened and my father came riding out. He said to my brother: “she has to come with us too”. And he put me -as a little baby- on the front of the motor.

In my experience dreams that tell (a bit) about the future (or a possible future) are ordinary dreams. there are no angels with trumpets singing hallelujah. But in retrospect you can find a lot of clues to things that will happen. Is that coincidence? It could be. I always say to people who are interested in dreams: dreaming is like training a muscle. The more you do it, the stronger this muscle becomes.

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