Dream music: listening to inner songs

Dream music: some people wake up humming or singing a song. What do you think: do musicians dream other music dreams then non musicians?

Yesterday evening, I was interviewing Connie Kaplan about how the moon influences our dreams. I will put the interview on Mindfunda’s Youtube channel soon, so sign up for the channel. In her book A womans’ book of dreams she states: “The moon is like a music player in the sky that plucks the lines as harp strings”.  The thought of the moon playing our dream music is very appealing to me.

In the moving documentary “Alive inside” you can see Henry, an Alzheimer patient come alive when he listens to the music he liked when he was younger.

dream music
Alive inside

Music is stored in the procedural memory. Procedural memory knows procedures: how to walk, how to ride a bike, how to swim. And procedural memories are consolidated during sleep. Research of Steffen Gais and Jan born suggests that dreaming has a lot to do with consolidating procedural memory. So dreaming about music helps you to consolidate new things in your brain so you are better equipped for life’s challenges.

Dream music: listening to inner songs

When I dreamed of being part of a tune, it was a big dream for me. It was something I had not experienced before. I was not a person, I was energy, vibrating. I was part of a unity. I was dream music. It was my first dream of being part of the cosmos.

Dream music indicates new ways of learning: the consolidating of procedural memory. At that point in time I was starting some new challenging projects and journeys to countries I had never visited before.

When an Alzheimer patient comes alive hearing music he has found his sense of self again. Most of us intuitively know that dreaming about music is dreaming about our soul. But I suggest dreaming about music has a very practical function as well. It reshapes neurological paths in our brains to make us deal with the world better. Listen to the dream that author Ann Aswegan describes in her book  “Awakening to the song of yourself”:

Awakening to the song of yourself Ann Aswegan

…”As I gaze at the piano, it automatically begins to play a lovely melody. I am strongly drawn to its music and begin moving toward it. At the same time the piano starts to glide in my direction and then lumbers gently past me down the hill until it reaches the sidewalk…
I feel as if I am destined to receive it. I am filled with gratitude for this amazing gift. I catch up with it on the sidewalk and follow it as it gradually starts to move again”…

I think that music in dream tells us a lot about who we are. It might even catch our core qualities, the soul of our being.

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