9/11 in precognitive dreams

9/11 2001 the unthinkable thing happened. All consists of energy, all energy is connected. Dreams are vehicles for energy. Can we protect ourselves using the power of dreams?


9/11 will be marked in the mind of everybody of my generation as the day that the unthinkable thing happened. The outrage you feel when innocent people are the victim of political forces. It could have been you, or me. We could have gotten up early and gone to work in the greatest symbol of America’s capitalism: the twin towers. Gotten our morning coffee, looked out of the window, and …

9/11 powerless

The powerlessness we all feel when political forces beyond our control immediately threaten our life. It makes us want to re-shape, re-think, re-invent methods that will provide security when something like this happens again. Because in the political arena, not much has changed. The energies are still the same. The ‘Big’ countries haven’t grown together in a peaceful way even though we all hoped and prayed they would. So what are the alternative ways that we simple, modest human beings like you and me, can protect ourselves? Would dreaming be a way to safety?

9/11 dreams

There were a lot of people with pre-cognitive dreams about 9/11. I will share some impressive ones with you.

Al Davison; a predictive dream-comic. Two days before 9/11: I dream I’m a child at ground zero, mourning the devastation–and witnessing rebirth.

Maria Cernuto, dreamer, and co-worker of DreamsCloud:
My own dreams have provided knowledge of future events as well. In keeping dream journals for many years I have been able to recognize when my dreams are revealing waking life emergency situations. During a dream, if I say, “call 911” or “get an ambulance,” a waking life emergency with similar elements to my dream occurs. This pattern began to emerge several months prior to the attack on New York City’s World Trade Center. One dream in particular, February 13, 2001, really depicted the attack, but not literally; in it I dreamt, “I am watching from an overview – 2 young males are left in a white convertible car with the key still in the ignition and the car running. They are ‘juvenile delinquents,’ and their case worker goes inside to plea bargain on their behalf. They drove a stolen car into the support column of a ‘government building’—I am now inside running and these Middle Eastern males are chasing me – the place was on fire some people were injured, others killed. I run past desks, and then through a floor that looks like a bank. I am yelling ‘call 911!’ It is very rare, even since this event that I dream of Middle Eastern people.[…]
A man who calls himself ‘The Dream Detective’, Christopher Robinson had some very literal dreams about the attack. The website Starpod shows the pictures in his dream journal that depict an airplane near a high building, intending to crash into it, as early as August 2000.
Almost all precognitive dreams are very literal. Dreams tend to be literal when trauma is big. Symbolic dreaming occors when the psyche has dealt with the trauma. So if you wonder how to ‘catch’ theese kind of dreams: try interpreting your dreams in a literal way, as one of the possible layers of meaning.

Dreamers unite after 9/11

There is a group of dreamers (I am proud to say I am one of them even though my contributions are largely from other very skilled dreamers) called the Peace Bridge. It was founded by Jean Campbell, writer of Group Dreaming, dreams to the tenth power. She unites the energy of the dreamers who dream together on certain nights to help bring more peace into the world.
Group Dreaming


Post 9/11 dreaming

Even though it has been a long time since 2001 we all felt the threat imposed upon us. So I wanted to share a dream of Brenda Ferrimani that reflects the shock and horror we all went through. Because you and me, we know we could have been the ones sitting there. Brenda asks us, as she asks herself: Is the healing of the world possible from an individual perspective? Start with looking at your own dreams and be aware of all the potential in a dream, even if it is a very scary one. You can read the full dream here. I will share some things about the dream and Brenda’s perspective on it that resonate with me today, 14 years after.

 I am in my bed at night. I hear coyotes in the distance. There’s a window at the foot of the bed and a light in the sky, shinning in. I sense there’s something out there. I move toward the window and as I do I am sucked out! I begin falling into endless darkness!

I am falling down, down into the deep darkness. I feel like screaming, but then I remind myself I am dreaming. At this point I become lucid.

I can see and feel everything slow, and I stop falling. I ask, “What is for me here?” I demand, “SHOW ME, SHOW ME!” Then, I begin to move upward. I see the stars as I am traveling up to the heavens. Then huge metal discs with alien writing start moving up around me. I yell once more, “SHOW ME!” — I even say this out loud in waking reality and I wake myself up.”

Brenda considers this dream an invitation to look -with love and warmth- at your own fears. And we share fears. Loosing our health, loosing our jobs, loosing our loved ones and finally loosing our lives. 9/11 showed us how fragile we are.

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