Alchemy: transformation of matter and spirit

Alchemy is the practice of transforming matter into other substances. In a very precise, orderly way.  Alchemy studies matter and its relationship to magic.

Alchemy is not only the transformation of matter, it also symbolizes the
transformation of spirit.

Alchemists did experiments to find relationships between matter, philosophy, astrology and spirituality. The aim of alchemy is transforming lead into gold. The way to do that was by the philosopher’s stone. Alchemy was practiced by respected researcher like Sir Isaac Newton’s. When John Keynes, yes the famous bought Newtons’ alchemical works he stated that Newton was “not the first in the age of reason, but the last of the magicians.”

Linda Mastrangelo, dreamer, teacher and alchemist has a wonderful Etsy shop where she sells jewelry that helps you strengthen the work of your soul. Can you imagine how powerful it is when you, on the verge of an alchemical process are reinforced by a beautiful jewel? A jewel that softly reminds you about the step to be taken in your alchemical process?

Linda M and the dragonfly

To do this Great Work, transforming lead into gold, alchemy uses a process of four stages. Each stage has a color to signify its chemical change:

  1. Nigredo: the blackness: all ingredients had to be cooked into a black matter, a decomposition. the dark night of the soul.When you have been kissed awake to go into your transformative process, this it the talisman for you. When I first met Linda, she was sitting on a terrace in beautiful sunny Virginia. Dragonflies kept flying up to her and landing on her hands. It was time to change. Linda put this urge of the universe into her Etsy shop, and now you can profit from this experience. This beautiful talisman will keep you aware of your determination to make a change for the better:
  2. Albedo: the whitening: after the chaos in the first stage, the alchemist washes away the shadow, the darkness and purifies it. Things you do not need any longer in your personality are moved away. Carl Jung considered it the animus anima stage: in this period you become aware of your other side.Between the Nigredo and the Albedo, there is the stage of the peacock. If you have had an inner experience of other world, the peacock is a multi colored symbol of the emotions you experience Linda’s peacock’s tail in heartshape form is a reminder of the work to come, It prepares you for the journey ahead. The peacock is a symbol of the many colors proceding the alchemical process. The Peacock has many eyes upon its feathers looking inward to spread your wings.

    peacockheart alchemy
    Alchemy Peacockheart
  3. Citrinitas: yellowing: the light found in the last step must now be put into conscious awareness: the silver of the moon must transform into the golden light of the sun. Carl Jung equated this stage with the archetype of the Wise Old Man or Wise Old woman.Linda has the perfect ring for this stage: The talisman of the Initiate, you delve into the deep Mysteries without flinching:

    ringyellow alchemy
    Alchemy: Flowering eye ring
  4. Rubedo: reddening: alchemical succes. The end of the Great Work, the Self.
rubedohair ornament alchemy
True spiritual emergence and awakening. Alchemy hairpin Linda’s Etsy shop

Meet the King and Queen of Nature! The Uraeus, like the Caduceus, is Snake of duality; right and left brain and kundalini energy: Two serpentine energy flows called the “ida” and the “pingala”. True spiritual emergence and awakening. The Third Eye. This is the healing medicine of Kings and Queens.

I hope to have inspired you with today’s Mindfunda. If you like it, feel free to share.

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