Tree of life: 3 visions on how climbing the tree of life can restore our well being

The Tree of life is a wide recognized symbol. The green of trees are healing, Research shows that it is one of the healthiest ways to spent your life. Surrounded by green listening to birds, enjoying the sounds and life around you. We are hairless monkeys with arms made to climb trees. Trees gave us protection. Trees give us oxygen. There is a whole movement of research that indicates that plants have a form of consciousness.

Michael Pollan wrote a very interesting bestseller about how we use plants and plants use us: “The Botany of desire”. It is a mutual benefit. It is such a revelation to have Michael speak for the plants and give them their perspective. To become fully aware of the way we are connected to nature and how the plants we eat become part of us.

Michael tells us that there are trees who really like to do business with us like the apple tree (It is no coincidence that the current tree of knowledge is a phone with an Apple on it). But there are trees that did not want to enter into this mutual beneficial relationship like for instance the Oak tree. Acorns are not to our liking.
The Tree of life is a tree that resonates with us. The Tree of life makes us dream.
The Tree of life protects us. The Tree of life nurtures our body and spirit.

Today I want to share Our Dreaming about the World Tree panel.
Last summer June 2014 I presented about the Tree of life at the Conference of the International Association of the Study of Dreams (see link to subscribe to this years’ conference). Together with two lovely knowledgable ladies: Linda Mastrangelo and Jodine Grundy.

#1 The first vision on climbing the Tree of life: listen to your dreams
I was invited for this panel by Linda Mastrangelo. Linda, dreamer, psychologist, alchemist and writer moved into the Red Woods and met the tree people in her dreams.  In this panel she shares a very powerful dream that will move you.

#2: The second vision on climbing the Tree of life: look at mythology:
My part of the panel presentation is to remind you about the mythology of trees. In mythology there are trees that give us knowledge, trees that give us life and trees that give us dreams. My story is about a dreaming tree. An ancient myth about a sacred tree, hidden in the would that gives knowledge through dreams. Profound knowledge. Shamanic knowledge. Listen to it and open your ears for the ancient whispers of the trees in your dreams.

#3: The third vision on climbing the Tree of life: plant a tree in your environment
In our panel, Jodine Grundy is very concerned about the earth. Jodine is an advisor for Green Partnership.  As an advisor she is involved in Taking Root: a reforesting organization that aims to plant a million trees, one for every man, woman & child in the region of Greater Cincinnati. At the conference she made sure we had green plants in our conference room. She pleads for us to start living consciously, in tune with the call from the earth.


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