The top 5 best Carl Jung gift items

“All you can take with you is what you have given away”
Carl Gustav Jung

We all know and love Carl Jung.  And now that birthday/anniversary/10 year on the job occasion is comming up. You do not have the money to buy the Red book, but you want something original. Or you have been a Carl Jung addict – synchrobicity specialist for years and you want to treat yourself.Well here is your help:

The 5 best Carl Jung gift items:

1. The Great Psychologists Finger puppet set.

22.95 Amazon

All it takes is one couch and two great minds. Jung and Freud finally back together again.

2. The best Carl Jung quote we all know, love and use from time to time:

12.99 Amazon


3. Another winner: one of my favorites: the Therapist in a box, so you can stop blaming your mom. It contains a stress ball in the shape of a sofa, a sand timer and a set of cards with affirmations. It is THE gift for a spiritual person with a sense of humor.

7.95 Amazon

4. Give a Red Book or Liber Novus with this beautiful leather oak tree book. The recepient is able to write down his dreams, ideas, drawings and keep them forever in this beautiful book.

Sacred Oak Tree Leather Blank Book 17.78 Amazon
 '...A tree is one of the best examples of a motif that often appears in dreams (and elsewhere) and that can have an incredible variety of meanings. It might symbolise evolution, physical growth, or psychological maturation; death (Christ’s crucifixion on the tree); it might be a phallic symbol; it might be a great deal more. And such other common dream motifs as the cross or the lingam can also have a vast array of symbolic meanings...' – Man and his Symbols by Carl Jung

5. Shirt for men: Forever Jung. in 13 colors available. From Burgundy to plane white, black, blue, brown, green orange… She will love you for it. 

T shirt Forever Jung, 17.80 Amazon

Have I left something out? Please let me know and I will add it here/
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