7 Common Dreams: Exercise the Dream Muscles

This blog is about common dreams. Did you know a hand has 34 muscles and only 17 of them are located at the palm of the hand?

common dreams

Just like a hand is necessary in life, your dream muscles need exercise at a regular basis. And just like the hand, most of your dream muscles are not located in you dreams but in your daily life.

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In this blog I will mention the most common dreams. But don’t take my word for it! You need to keep those dream muscles exercised.

Common Dreams: #1: Back to School

We have all had these dreams where we are back at school, usually to do an exam we have not prepared for.

The common interpretation you read for those types of dreams is that you “have to learn something”. Life is all about learning.

But let’s now exercise those dream muscles!

common dreams
Cartoon: Calvin & Hobbes

Ask yourself: “Is my life getting boring?” (remember how bored you were at school?).

“Am I too perfectionist?” Because you keep asking yourself to perform tests, even when you dream. Yes people dream about the things that they do every day!

Sit down, envision the dream and the mark you will get on that exam. What does that say about you?

Common Dreams: #2: Being Naked

We all had these dreams were you walk around and discover that you are inappropriately dressed. Body parts peeping out of clothes, no clothes at all. You discover it all of a sudden and most of the time wake up.

The most common interpretation is that you feel exposed. You have been too open.

common dreams
Cartoon: Ged Backland

But let’s now exercise those dream muscles!

Ask yourself: “Is there something that wants/need to get born?”. You are naked at vital moments in your life. When you are born. When you sleep. When you have sex.

Ask yourself: “Am I warm enough?” Emotionally as well as physically?

Ask yourself: “How do I feel about my body?” Is there something you should or could change about the perception of your own body?

Common Dreams: #3: Sex

You have a wild sexy dream. And when it is about an ex, you can be very confused about it. Does this dream mean you made a mistake and want him/her back?

Usually, sex dreams are interpreted as wanting to be closer to the thing your sex partner represents to you.

But let’s now exercise those dream muscles!

common dreams

Ask yourself: when I dream about an ex: is there something new being born in my life right now? Each relationship is the beginning of a new adventure. And when you dream about an old adventure, there is a big change a new adventure (not necessarily a relationship) might be waiting for you just around the corner.

Did you know that people who are confronted with upcoming death on a regular basis like soldier are more likely to conduct in an inappropriate sexual manner? Ask yourself: Is there reason to increase the life-juice in me right now? Does the dream give you any clues in how you should do that?

Common Dreams: #5: Teeth Falling Out

One of the most common dreams is about your teeth falling out. You can dream that it is lose in your mouth and you try to put it back in vain. the most common interpretation is that you need to get your tooth into something.

common dreams

But let’s now exercise those dream muscles!

Are you grinding your teeth at night? It can be the case of teeth dreams. And you should get it checked. Tooth grinding is the way your body uses to give you some air. If your partner tells you that you are grinding your teeth, you probably have a (mild) form of sleep apnea you should have checked out.

When you lie down, your tongue falls back and can block your breathing. If this happens once, there is no danger in it, but when it happens on a regular basis you might want to have it checked out before you explore if you need something to put your teeth into.

Common Dreams: #6: Flying

Often, as soon as you drift off in a hypnagogic sleep stage, right before you fall asleep, you feel your body falling or flying.

Because the tension in your muscles decreases once you fall asleep, you experience the sense of falling or flying.

The common dream interpretation is that you want to let go of something. You are not “grounded”.

common dreams
Cartoon: Via 9gag.co

But let’s now exercise those dream muscles!

Ask yourself: Is this my invitation to a lucid dream?  Lots of lucid dreamers have told me that they have developed the ability to stay conscious during a dream by flying conscious into a desired dream situation.

When awake, sit down and let your imaginative mind take you places. Be surprised at your own creative images.

Common Dreams: #7: Toilet

You have to use the bathroom, urgently and it is either already possessed or you can not find it.

Usually, the common interpretation is that you need to let go of something, you need to release.

common dreams
Cartoon: Piraro

But let’s now exercise those dream muscles!

Did you know that in alchemy poop was a sign of transformation? That is right. The old alchemical wizards tried to turn feces into gold (recently a guy tried to do the same).

Ask yourself: is there something in my life right now that needs to be transformed?



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