The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: About Tarot, Archetypes and Dreams

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In this course you will learn more about the Archetypes used in the Tarot and explore them in your dreams using incubations.
This will give you a unique insight in your personal symbology and your life: “Gnothi seauton”.

At your own pace, you can study all the 22 cards of the Major Arcana and dream about them. You are invited to share your dreams on a private Facebook group.

Don’t buy this course if you want to learn about tarot as an oracle
This Course only Features the Big Arcana

Buy this course if you are interested in Archetypes;
Charmed by Dreams;
Able to remember your Dreams;
Want to learn yourself better;
Want to become more knowledgeable about how Archetypes Rule the World: They are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly all in one.

This course will give you:

  • 22 lessons: each lesson will discuss the card of the major arcana;
  • Each lesson has an audio incubation that will help you explore this archetype in your dreams;
  • Each lesson has exercises that will help you see how this archetype plays out in your life and in your dreams;
  • A Dream Sharing group.

There is also the possibility upgrading to the Silver Package that includes a dream analysis of archetypical themes and a dream book filled with your dreams during this course and the Golden Package that includes the regular course, the Silver Package AND a one hour Dream Consultation on Skype.


note: Gold and Silver are subject to availability and the extras cannot be refunded once enrolled.

- enrolment possible as of now!

What have other students said about this course?

Karim: ‘Susanne’s course wraps the ancient and mysterious practice of Pathworking into a more modern and relatable light. Path-working required the use of dreams and OBEs in western mysticism to travel and explore various centers in the psyche using the Tarot Major Arcana as doorways. The major arcana is a map of the alchemical journey of the soul through incarnation. What a better tool to delve into the unconscious via the medium of dreams?
For such a powerful undertaking one needs a genuine and knowledgeable teacher. Suzanne’s masterful grasp of various world mythologies and her deep intuitive mind makes her the right dream guide on this course. The meticulously crafted lessons and dream incubations week after week helped to immerse us into the tarot major arcana and seed the appropriate dreams for our exploration. Moreover, Susanne’s exquisite dream analysis and insights helped me to figure out and interpret dreams in a profound and new way. Her ability to make so many intuitive connections not only between my dreams with myths and archetypes but also amongst the dreams that I posted during the entire course has been very illuminating. I started to see a golden thread being weaved across all the dreams and how they were building on one another. With every dream, I was able to arrive at a eureka moment in waking life that brought me deep realizations and resolutions about various aspects of myself.
Fostering a friendly and open spirit of discussion in the group, Susanne was able to create a warm cozy atmosphere and a safe space to discuss some of our deepest joys and fears as they appeared in our night dreams.
If you are interested in dreams, tarot, and self-discovery then I highly recommend this course. It is for both the beginner in Tarot and those already experienced in the subject. You will deep dive into your psyche and go on the Fool’s Journey to experience the alchemy of the Major Arcana’.
Meredith:  ‘By way of Susanne her well-crafted dream incubations, we dreamed into each card’s symbolism, progressing from one card to the next, week by week.  Though insightful facilitation of posts in our dedicated community Facebook page, Susanne gently supported conscious awareness of the Tarot archetypes that she tracked sequentially in the dreams we shared. My first associations to the archetypal images were with the outer collective world. As I worked through the cards, I came to understand more fully that my reactions to the cards were likely projections of aspects in myself that needed further attention and healing. My dreams gradually depicted the awakening of higher consciousness which helped restore balance among those projected aspects of the psyche, especially with respect to the condition of the inner animus. I highly recommend Susanne’s class for all who wish to explore the mysteries that for centuries have been keys for opening the doors to universal principles for spiritual enlightenment.’

Sign up now, for one of the Three flavours this course has:

The Standard version that gives you the lessons, the incubations and the private Facebook page to discuss dreams
The Silver Package that, on top of that has all your dreams in a word document and an analysis of  at least 5 dreams.
The super de luxe Golden Package that has not only the lessons, the incubations, the Facebook group and the word document with at least five dreams analysed but also, at the end of the course, a dream consultation.


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6 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: About Tarot, Archetypes and Dreams”

    1. Hi Gloria,

      The course is online, you have to register on the site, so you can access to read the lessons. If you do that on your mobile phone you will be able to listen to the incubation at night, while going to sleep.

  1. It sounds wonderful Susanne and I’m sure it will be, with you at the helm. I would love to do this – the price is a bit prohibitive for me given our exchange rate, plus time is an issue for me. About to go travelling from next week ..

    1. Oh it would have been wonderful if you would join the course given all your wisdom and expertise. Have fun traveling and exploring new territories

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