#Spirifunda: Spirituality fundamentals made easy

Spirituality, that inner sparkle that you get when you experience how things are connected. Usually you have these types of experiences when you are traveling and admire the landscape.

On top of a mountain, looking down, it is easy to see how things are related. But in the reality of life, you often lose that sense of connection.

Our way of living is, since the emergence of industrialisation, based on scarcity. And that encourages competition. And while competing, you forget how much we are related.

Spirituality for Everyday

Mindfunda is here to remind you of your inner wisdom to make your everyday life better.

We have a lovely blog about the most inspiring spirituality quotes (feel free to add your own using the comment section)

We get inspired by spiritual art. Artists like van Gogh, who wrote to his brother Theo: I dream my painting and then I paint my dream. Artist like Salvador Dali who had his own special methods of using dreams as inspiration.

Dream artist Brenda Ferrimani has written an inspiring guest blog for us, called Must and Artist Struggle?

Spirituality as a way into your Soul

Mindfunda offers a variety of good, high quality online courses. One of the most frequent purchased courses is Mindfunda Spiritual Soul Searching.

This course was tested out on a spiritual conference and because we noticed that its incubations had an immediate effect on dreams, it would be a very effective tool to reach towards your own definition of religion.

Spirituality in Book Reviews

I am a book addict. I love books. My house is filled with book shelves. Like anyone, I have a lot of books that I have not actually read.

Often books that were given to me as a present (there is a sacred secret law that says: thou shall  not buy books as a present. Buy flowers, buy candles. But books are too personal.

This is the place to read all of my Mindfunda Book Reviews. I personally select books that seem interesting to me. I am very proud that Mindfunda is independent and that I always balance out my opinion against the effort a writer has given his or her book.

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