6 interesting Dream News items found in Januari 2016

Today Mindfunda gathered the 6 most interesting links this month. Dream news about mythology, spirituality and other things that are good for your body and health.

Dream News #1:

The first dream news was found in a recent article of Current Biology, where researchers of the University of Wisconsin have suggested that the slow waves with neuronal OFF periods, typical of NREM sleep, occur in REM sleep. At least, in mouse they did.  This on/off pattern interferes with the transmission of information in the brain and disrupts the communication among different brain areas. So that might be the reason why we remain in sleep and are not aware of our surroundings.


Dream News #2:

Inspiring Dreamer and Pop Musician David Bowie passed away this month. How is this dream news, I hear you say? 
“Being imbued with a vividly active imagination, still, I have brilliantly Technicolor dreams. They’re very, very strong. The ‘what if?’ approach to life has always been such a part of my personal mythology, and it’s always been easy for me to fantasize a parallel existence with whatever’s going on. I suspect that dreams are an integral part of existence, with far more use for us than we’ve made of them, really. I’m quite Jungian about that. The dream state is a strong, active, potent force in our lives.
The fine line between the dream state and reality is at times, for me, quite grey. Combining the two, the place where the two worlds come together, has been important in some of the things I’ve written, yes.”  ~ David Bowie
Mindfunda payed credit to him with a tribute to David Bowie.

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Dream News #3:

Consciousness is yet to be explained. But there could be an important role for Lucid Dreamers in clarifying age old questions (see my interview with Evan Thompson: Waking, Dreaming, Being). Lucid dreaming is a hybrid stage of consciousness. The University of Sheffield (click the link to participate in the research) is looking for people to take part in a research about links between people’s experiences of wakefulness and sleep. We’re especially interested in people’s experiences of lucid dreaming (being aware when dreaming) and sleep paralysis (waking up during sleep unable to move) – but you don’t have to experience either to take part.

Artwork: freemindfilms.com


Dream News #4:

Neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, can put mice into Rem by activating small group of neurons in medulla.

Picture: menselijk-lichaam.com

Franz Weber, one of the researchers said: “We are hoping that studying the sleep circuit might lead us to new insights into these disorders as well as neurological diseases that affect sleep, like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.”

Dream News #5:

Catching up sleep in the weekend is quite alright, research says. Broussard and Dr. Esra Tasali, at the University of Chicago researched 19 people (that is not much) and came to this conclusion. Sleeping in will restore your insuline levels and your overall health. Read more about it here.

Photo: pinterest.com


Dream News #6:

Food affects your body clock. What you eat can put you to sleep faster. Food rich in fiber. “Those who ate more fiber in their meals, spent more time in slow-wave sleep, which is the constructive phase of sleep. Those who ate more fat, had the exact opposite effect. And those who ate more carbohydrate were more prone to waking up at night”. This research suggest you should decrease saturated fat and fiber in your meal, to enjoy a good night sleep. But again, this research only had 26 persons to investigate… It is very interesting though to experiment with the effect food has on your dreams.



fiberPicture: saving dinner.com





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