Dream ESP, the secret of prophetic causal dreaming

Dream ESP is the key to creating a partnership between your subconscious and conscious self, is the promise on the backside of the book. A big promise. But you won’t get it without using your heart and soul.


As most of my readers know, I am fascinated by dreams and I have experienced some bizarre Extrasensory Perception (ESP) related experiences. ESP is defined as the ability to know things (such as what another person is thinking or what will happen in the future) that cannot be known by normal use of the senses (source Merriam-webster.com). So you can imagine that I was thrilled that publisher Llewellyn Worldwide honored my request for a review copy.

Carl Llewelyn has been called the father of the New Age and Louis T. Culling, the other author of the book was a respected magician whose contributions to many books including The Pristine Yi King. 

The book is largely based on principles of the Golden Dawn and the I Ching. There are so many techniques and principles described in this book that it is very hard to make a selection for you. The book starts with a chapter about the two authors. Lou Culling left an unfinished, partially unreadable manuscript after his death. His good friend Carl Llewellyn to whom he felt an immediate psychic connection took it upon himself to finish the book.

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The first part of the book is dedicated to teaching to remember dreams and acquire a dream journal. I consider that basic steps I assume my readers will know. I must confess that theer is so much information packed in this 319 pages book that it dazzled me. It is an introduction towards higher practical magic. That sounds good. I really wanted to learn about a structured way to improve my Dream ESP abilities. So I tried the steps towards having Prophetic Dreams.

  • Use a dream that appeals to you for its meaning. A dream that reflects a problem that you struggle with. Define that dream in one word.
  • Use this word to invoke another dream story. This dream suggests a symbol.
  • Use this dream to invoke a Causal dream with insights into steps you can take to change your life. In this dream lies the ‘seed” of the solution. Look for usual and unusual associations with this dream.
  • Select from your associations the ones that are most close to your problem. Let associations speak to you to receive a clear mental message about the step(s) to undertake.
  • Linger on all that you have gathered so far, meditate, make art, walk, untill you reach the “AHA” moment.
What I like Dream ESP

It is filled with information. So many tips and techniques, so many names and references to books. Sometimes I was a but overwhelmed even, by all this information.

It is very clear about dream dictionaries. It has a dream dictionary in it, but it clearly states that each dreamer is unique, and you should invest time creating your own dictionary.

I like the way the I Ching, In the book pronounced as Yi King is used in an archetypical way. The use of certain hexagrams as an image to project before your mind’s eye while falling asleep was new to me and I liked the procedure very much. I have used the I Ching in the past and have always been impressed with its answers.

The book finds an intermediate between Jungian dream insights and the magic used by the Golden Dawn.

If you need more structure in dream ESP, this is the book for you. You will be concentrating on certain selected symbols and working intensively with dreams.




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