Fifth Holy Night: Dec 29 – 30

12 holy days - 5th night

Tonight the moon is in the sign of Virgo. A sign associated with rules and regulations, but also with intestines and food. The incubation tonight is focused on how to nurture our soul this new year. This night we focus on the month of May 2016. The beginning of spring, new opportunities, new changes. We will use our dreaming mind to incubate a dream about how you can nurture your soul next year. Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own. (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!)

Edit: We will be back in 2016,  this year it will be available in Mindfunda Courses.

Moon in Virgo

My birth moon is in Virgo, so dreams I remember when the moon is in Virgo have more significance to me. To find out where your moon is in your native chart you can use this calculator.

Dreaming with the Moon in Virgo is usually about rules and regulations. i have always wondered why I have such trouble with rules and regulations when I do have moon in Virgo. I should be all controlled and ordered, but i pride myself in my creative mess (as long as everybody keeps away from my disorder I can find anything anytime). But others have told me they consider me very structured. It must be my own blind spot.

Tonight I want to share an incubation about the Virgo aspect of food, tomorrow I will share an incubation about the Virgo aspect of rules: the structure your soul will benefit from next year. So let’s tune into the nourishment of our souls.

Food for the soul

In my education as a orthomoleculair therapist, I am convinced that the food you eat is vital for your health. But we human beings are omnivores, we can eat almost anything. That is one of the reasons why our species became so numerous.

“We must never stop dreaming. Dreams provide nourishment for the soul, just as a meal does for the body.”

Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

I want to ask you today to –even if it is just for one day– eat only natural stuff. Things that have walked, crawled, swam, hung on a tree, or grown on the land. If you get hungry, be sure to eat some delicious walnuts, filled with omega 3, the fat that is so good for your brain. If you eat some cashews, you feed your body tryptophan, which it will use to produce melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleep. Don’t worry, I will not condemn you to any diet you don’t want to stick to. But if you are on a regular Western diet, you body will appreciate the natural ingredients, and your dreams will flourish.

Food for the soul

Your soul also needs nourishment. You will have a hard time enjoying life if you feel like a victim all the time. There is one healthy cure: gratefulness. We all know it, but most of the time, we don’t realize it. Just jot down three things today that you are grateful for.
Laughter is another very nourishing thing to do. Any conversation lights up when a good joke is told. If you are grown up enough to laugh about your own little foolishness, your life will become so much easier.

I am not telling you anything new, I know that. Humans are more prone to things that can go wrong because that was always a necessary quality for survival. So we have a natural tendency to put more emotional value on failure, on rejection and on loss. So tonight’s incubation will be focussed on creating a structure to nourish your soul on a daily basis. To keep you healthy. To keep you smiling.



During the day, give extra attention to your food. Eat slowly, chewing at least 12 times before you swallow (for some people this is a way to lose weight because the stomach has more time to sent the signal ‘I am filled’ to the brain). Make sure you eat only natural stuff and don’t eat or drink sugar. This can be extremely difficult, because everything is stuffed with sugar. Just experiment this day to see what it does to your body and your dreaming mind.

When you retire tonight, lie down in your favorite sleeping position. Now imagine a big number 1 at the side of your head. Whipe it out, and imagine a number 2. Wipe that out and envision a number 3. Go on until you reach number 10.

Now mentally “walk” with your mind across your body. Ask each organ that wants attention what it needs. Does it need a certain food? Does it need medical attention? Is the energy in your organs floating in a healthy and easy way? Concentrate on your heart, your stomach, your liver, your longs and any other organ that intuitively comes to mind.

Now concentrate on your Oak Tree again. You walk across your path and you go down into the path downstairs. You take 10 steps down and enter a feast. A big table. At the head of the table is Mercury. Wearing his winged helmet, his  caduceus is leaning against his chair. He invites you to join the table.

You pick a place at the dining table. You look at the food that is served. Mercury has been very specific about the food he is going to serve you. You make eye contact and you feel you are the guest of honor tonight. You will get very clear symbols about the physical and mental food that will serve your body and soul. You will remember and understand your dream.


Susanne: woke up without remembering dreams

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay)

During the incubation, as I visualized sitting down at the feast table, all I could see was bowls of berries, all sorts of berries. Since our instruction did guide us toward health and our body’s needs, I can only take this vision to mean this is what I need to eat more of during the cold winter months.

As far as the dream is concerned, all I recall is being with a man who was dressed in a suit of many different bright colours (yes, like Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours). I do not recall what the setting was or any other details.


Berries have the reputation of being very good for the brain, here is a recipe for a delicious smoothy with berries I found online. If it was my dream, the coat of many colors might suggest you eat many colors during each meal. Here you can find a link with more information about colors and food.

Urban Crone:

After I posted, I suddenly remembered another connection to crystal/glass – the berries were served, of course, in clear bowls which were either crystal or glass. Thanks for your feedback (no pun intended)!


I love to feed you food for thought.


Dream somewhere with lots of family reminds me of St Marys school yard back entrance to cafeteria. We are talking about nursery rhymes and how hearing them put a sequence of events in motion for different people making my seems life changing decisions.
A baby there has to be changed and then I see poop like so much spilled out even on someone’s shoulders. Two different people with same thing going on. Then area I see man sitting by rectangular tables all empty everyone else in joining room. I am talking to him about the effect of a the words used in the rhyme and wondering what if that never heard? I am talking about a job with number $10,000. He is saying great like just what he needed thinking it’s for driving a delivery van but I am saying I was talking about something else. Then scene shift talking about the baby saying DADA like it was a sign that he said that word I think he was riding on a fisher price red with yellow steering wheel toy. Someone by the stairs talking about deciding on which of two places to go to for Thanksgiving. Talking to all different family members in different locations. There was something important about spelling out the letters for the word CHURCH.

Dream of a book with a loose cover.

I see intestinal with diaper change connections to Virgo and the man at the table is Mercury born. So I wonder what the message was from what we were talking about? Words spoken and written played an important part in the dreams so I see those as connected to Mercury too.


Thank you for pointing out the importance of words. Reading well choosen books is food for the mind, so you are completely right.

The food option to comes to mind if it was the poop connection. In the first dream there is poop on shoulders. Might your dream be supporting the use of probiotics or fermented foods? Babies don’t have teeth so it has to be something fermented or probiotics that is suggested to you, in my opinion. Why are there two people with poop on their shoulders? Who could the other person be the dream refers to?

Dada refers not only to the artistic literary movement, but also to a play horse, it is a French word for it. And of course it also means father. So in the second scene there is one baby pooping on two shoulders, this is the nonsense of dadaism in its finest hour of course!

Now the members of dadaism based a lage part of their inspiration on dreams, so I have been looking for inspiring books about dreaming. Maybe your dream suggested that to you. This book I found titled: Dreams in Myth, Medicine and movies, it is about the subject of dreaming and dadaism. I have not read it myself, maybe it is interesting for you.


First, as I was falling asleep, I had a vision of a grid with turquoise, coral and gold colored squares. My immediate response was that of course, my soul craves color, and I need artmaking in my life for my soul. One could also look at the stones / minerals these colors indicate. Foods, maybe not so much.

In my dream, I was with a group of high school classmates and other young people I didn’t know. We were in a village located in a wooded environment. Many dogs were around us. In particular, a large German Shepherd that climbed up the side of a metal building onto the roof. I was holding his leash when he did that and felt badly that I didn’t stop him. But I was afraid he would get hurt falling off or sliding down the metal building. Later in the dream I saw him so knew he had gotten down okay, but I did not know how he did it.

We were starting to gather on some bleachers. I was getting ready to sit with some friends when someone said a fawn was going to be put up on the roof to keep it safe from the dogs. A guy said to me, “you can go talk to it and keep it calm.” So I left my friends and climbed up a wooden ladder and started speaking softly to the deer, which stood and listened to me.

At the very end, I was addressing Christmas cards, and trying to keep track of the cards which kept appearing and disappearing. The young people were getting beers but I was not drinking. I felt no need to try to fit in. End of dream.

My dream seemed to have more of what my soul needs, rather than my body. On the surface, contact with friends, and with animals. We have no pets now, after years of having dogs, and I do miss that. But perhaps the dream is showing me that in paying attention to others, human or animal, in person, or from a distance, with the tradition of sending cards, I am out of touch with my own physical needs and often neglect them, which is true. I don’t drink alcohol, but always want to fit in (even at 59), so following my own muse / soul felt very nurturing.


(Italics in the dream are mine) The dream starts out as a social gathering of young people. Dogs are introduced to the story, in particular a german shepard that coul be putting himself into danger. But he manges. If it were my dream, the change from the metal that the dog climbs on to the wood seems significant.

Metal is strong, wood is natural and has a connection to the tree of life, the christmass tree: you even have a dream friend calming down a deer. After that you start to write christmass cards. So in the process you are not at all involved in food but in the living, being and becomming the spirit of christmas.

I would do an active imagination about that deer. Become the deer, become your friend taking to it. What do they want you to know?


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