Third Holy Night: Dec 27 – 28

12 holy days - 3rd night

Tonight the moon is in the sign of Leo. A sign associated with consciousness. The incubation tonight is focused on meeting our animus. This night we focus on the month of March 2016. The beginning of spring, new opportunities, new changes. We are going to need animus energy in this month to achieve new goals. The question to concentrate on is: “How can I connect with my animus energy in the best way possible?” Use the day to meditate on the incubation and make it your own. (accessible exclusively for logged-in MoreMindfunda members!)

Edit: We will be back in 2016,  this year it will be available in Mindfunda Courses.



The animus is the deposit, as it were, of all woman’s ancestral experiences of man – and not only that, he is also a creative and procreative being, not in the sense of masculine creativity, but in the sense that he brings forth something we might call… the spermatic word. (From Anima and Animus , Collected Works 7, par. 336.)

Carl Jung, quote from

Carl Jung distinguished four types of animus:

  1. The Man of mere Physical Power.
  2. The Man of Action and Romance.
  3. The Clergyman or Professor.
  4. The Man as helpful guide to understand yourself.

In the incubation tonight, you will set out to meet the animus part of yourself that has an important message regarding your well-being next year. You will remember and understand his message. During the day, try to envision, or draw images of the four types of archetypical animus. You might recall or read back dreams with archetypical animus content you have had. I suggest that you write down and memorize several questions you want to ask your animus.


The Moon is in Leo for the next two days. Leo is also the sign of the sun, a Western symbol of consciousness. You might meet a lion in your dream or in your meditation tonight.


The king of all animals as a representation of your own instinctual animal side. The side that can roar, and tell other people what to do. Not afraid to claim space for himself. Lions have the Sun as an astrological sign, but they are nocturnal creatures. In that respect, the lion is a perfect connection between night and day.


Tonight, while you retreat, take a deep sigh and blow away all the anguish and stress you collected this day. Shake it of your hands, whip it away. Imagine a Golden Shower hanging above your head that washes away everything that you picked up, but does not belong to you. Feel the warmth and the cleaning of the golden water along your body. When you feel “clean”, lie your body down.

You start breathing very regularly, in an even pattern. Watch your thoughts slip away, like clouds on a windy day. No need to pay attention to them just let them go…

Start stretching your muscles and relax them. Start with you Jaws, and work your way down to your feet. While you breathe regularly, start counting down from 10 to one. Imagine walking down a stairs with each count, going down untill you reach the bottom.

At the bottom of the stairs, you find a path leading into the jungle. You hear the sound of the jungle, you smell the moist of it. And there you see him: the king of the forest: a beautiful golden brown lion. You stick out your hand with an open palm so he can get to know you. The lion walks towards you. You caress his mane. Before you realise what you are doing, you are on his back. The lion is on his way to the man you want to meet tonight.



You arrive at a lake. You know the man you would love to meet is here. Your eyes scan the horizon. It is not your eyes, but your heart that sees him, He is walking towards you. You greet each other like old friends. If there has been any friction between you in the past, it is gone now. You feel completely at ease. You start asking him the questions you wrote down today, or just let your heart decide what you need to know. Ask your man how he can help you make your soul happy this year. Ask your man how you can make his life better.

Open up for the words, for the energy, for the symbols that he will give you in the dream you will have tonight. A dream you will remember and understand.

Mail me your experiences and stories, and I will share them anonymously  in tomorrow’s blog. Or just leave it in our private area below (it will be sent to Mindfunda, and will not show public):

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Here are the results of day 3, only visible to the other participants:

On the Third Holy Night we intended to connect ourselves in our dreams with our animus.  We envisioned our conscious power as a lion and visited the holy lake of the Goddess to meet our animus.


Losing my apetite

In my meditation I see -to my own amazement- professor Stanley Krippner. I immediatly remember another teacher dream of my old teacher in the French language. Like in a dream I had about him, our fingertips meet and golden lines of energy start to flow between our hands. I know I really admire Stanley because he is wise and kind and he is a walking around library he can give yo such good advice on books to read.

In my dream I am working for a company that has a celibration later that afternoon. I am at a home with my elderly boss, a man who really is not interested in me or in what I have to say.  He leaves forto party without me and i am outraged. I sms him that he is a **** for forgetting me and in the next scen I am at the party site.

My boss walks around and I am standing at an empty long dinner table. A white tablecloth, napkins, silver cutlery.
But thee people are walking towards the table: a girl dressed like a pornostar, in a corset, suspenders and she has no panties, a lady and a guy. I am very shocked and I call out to them to not spoil my appetite. Standing near food without nickers on is very very distasteful in my mind’s eye. I wake up, realizing that I am the only one who takes offense.

My own thoughts about my dream:

Fisrt of all: is my husband having an affair? was the first thing I thought. The dream clearly indicates a threesome. But it could also be interpreted symbolically. Because if my husband is having an affair I wonder why and when he is seeing that third person because we are almost always together.

Sex and the animus are related off course and I must admit that I have lost my appetite for sex recently. I think the dream suggest a more subtle approach to sexuality: more flirting, more appreciation, the things me and my husband seem to have lost during the course of our marriage. So I will start courting my husband again and see if that restores my appetite.

Urban Crone: 

And who urged me to ‘get naked’ yesterday – lol? On the more serious side, as was the case in my dream, the situation in your was clearly ‘inappropriate’.

In my dream from last night, there was also a male who treated me in a dismissive, yet demanding, manner. Synchronicity?

Urban Crone (Lidia Tremblay)

December 28, 2015


Before I fell asleep, I began to do the meditation as suggested by Susanne. I closed my eyes and tried to visualize the Lion to guide me. Instead, I found myself staring into the ice-blue eyes of a Wolf. This vision was so clear it startled me. Yes, it was a Wolf, and looking around me, I saw that we were in a northern forest full of pine trees. Surprisingly, it felt like summer. The Wolf trotted away from me then turned back, inviting me to follow him, which I immediately did. Although it was night and very dark around me, I followed my guide easily. He seemed to give off a silvery glow, and that was all the light I needed to go along the trail.

He led me for a few minutes, until we arrived to a small clearing, like a meadow. Above me were unobstructed view of the sky, full of blazing stars, and the meadow was lush with grass and wildflowers. My Wolf guide spent a few moments with me as I settled myself to wait for my Animus, then with an affectionate small lick across my face He left. I simply sat in the grass, comfortable and content, and waited…


I am in a nice home being greeted by an elderly kind woman. I never see her clearly, although I do feel a strong kinship with her. She tells me that Eleyna is very eager to see me again, and of course, I am just as eager to see her. I am led to through a living room, which is very tastefully ornamented in a combination of modern and vintage styles, to the back door. I can see the patio, and the many people who are laughing and talking out there.

The woman opens the door and calls out, “Eleyna, she’s here!” A striking woman with short curly dark hair rises quickly. She is wearing a pretty blue and white summer dress, and I think I catch a glimpse of her eyes, as ice-blue as those of the wolf. She comes to the door, almost running across the patio and…

… time passes. In my dream memory I recall the enthusiastic greeting, and am glowing with love and joy from the meeting. I’m standing by the fridge, when a sulky young man comes in. He looks resentfully at me. Somehow, I feel as though I should know him, but I don’t. Was he one of the people around the patio table? No. I’m confident that I have never met him before. He is in his late teens or early twenties, thin and lanky, with brooding dark eyes. He accuses me of not acknowledging him, and I apologize. He becomes more upset. In his hands he holds a pair of jeans, which he now soaks with running water at the sink. Abruptly, he flings the wet jeans at me and storms out. I calmly put the jeans in the sink again and murmur, “Very mature of you.” Then I turn to head out to the patio…


The dream seems very simple and ordinary, but it carries with it some very deep and interesting imagery:

1. The name ‘Eleyna’. That is the name of my sister who, if she had been alive still, would have been some two years older than me. It is also a name I have adopted for myself in the group The Society For Creative Anachronism (SCA). In my dream, she looked exactly as my mother did in her prime. I have never dreamed of my sister or my grandmother before that I could remember.

2. The elderly woman who greeted me and whose face I could not see – I’m sure she was my grandmother. Since I only know her from stories my father told me. I’ve never seen her in waking life, not even a photograph of her, so it fits that she would appear as a shadowy but comforting presence.

3. I have no idea who the petulant young man was, however. His presence was disruptive, but only to himself. He refused to accept my apology or to make himself known to me. He simply acted as a spoiled brat. He looked nothing like my brother who had also passed on. Perhaps he was some relative of whom I am not aware, a cousin? I honestly do not know.

4. Back to the Meditation – What began as a visualization became a Vision that unfolded as I could only lay back and observe. It’s been a long time since something like this happened to me, and I am deeply grateful for such guidance.

5. Regarding the image of the Wolf – I have dreamed about this Wolf before. He seems to have been my guide throughout the years. It’s not surprising that this would be so, since he also represents my Russian heritage, where wolves roam in the dark northern forests there. Also, wolves are common in northern Canada, where I live now.

As I woke up, I felt deeply warmed by the lingering company of the two women.



What a wonderful experience! First you see your animus symbolised as your tribe animal the Wolf.

Your dream experience has a triple Goddess manifestation: you, your sister and your mother. The three of you must acknowledge the animus: a young guy upset because of his jeans. You don’t take him very serious and he is angry about that. Why does he care so much about his jeans? What do they symbolize? Why does he need them so bad? He soaks them in water: he invites the water into the situation. He walks out: you take over: a very positive reaction you make to what seems to be to be the behavior of a spoiled child. But it is clear that that part of your animus needs to get acknowledged. Knowing you, you have already taken some time for an inner conversation with him.

Urban Crone: Commenting further on my dream – I didn’t feel that the young man placed any great importance on his jeans. He just happened to be holding them. He was upset that I spent more time with my sister than him. Even when I acknowledged this and apologized, wanting to draw him more into a conversation, he became more upset. He used the nearest thing to lash out at me – his jeans. I’m not sure if I actually dreamed this, or whether this is an add-on that my mind manufactured, but I seem to recall him slapping me across the face with the leg bottom of the pants, before he threw them at me. Thank you for your feedback. I’m impressed by the Triple Goddess aspect you picked up. Now I’m looking through my old photos to find the one and only picture I have of my sister!


I have been contemplating on the meaning of the animus in your dream who feels that he did not get enough of your attention. Jeans are blue, the name comes from De- Nimes, the French place. La France, famous for its love. Could it be that the dream wants to put your attention to a potential love affair comming your way next year?



“Pan Leads the Way”

I am in a dark forest with not much light. Ahead, I see light and as it comes toward me, I realize it is the mythological creature of the wood, Pan. He motions for me to follow him. As I do, I see tiny little lights on either side of the path we are on and hear the sounds of giggling. When we get to the end of the wood, Pan turns around, and I ask this question of him, “How can I best use my animus energy for the sake of myself and others?” He answers, “Pay attention to detail. The magic is in the ordinary.” This is the second time I’ve heard these words in a dream in the past few months. I notice that we are now at the steps to my house. Pan heads back down the path with his little entourage of giggling beings. The wood disappears as he goes, and I am standing on the steps to my house in my own neighborhood. (End of Dream)


This dream made me think about Arthur Machen’s book: the Great God Pan. Here is a quote from the book that seems to match your dream perfectly:

I say that all these are but dreams and shadows; the shadows that hide the real world from our eyes. There is a real world, but it is beyond this glamour and this vision, beyond these ‘chases in Arras, dreams in a career,’beyond them all as beyond a veil. I do not know whether any human being has ever lifted that veil; but I do know, Clarke, that you and I shall see it lifted this very night from before another’s eyes. You may think this all strange nonsense; it may be strange, but it is true, and the ancients knew what lifting the veil means. They called it seeing the god Pan.


Third Night Dream

I had several dream fragments. I had asked for what advice my animus had for me and what I could do to support my animus.

I was in a space that had upright metal posts and posts with slanted guy-wires anchoring them. I began to notice that some of the posts had black plastic coating at certain levels, and I documented the spacing of these. I thought of the lines and spacing of the posts as a basis for a piece of artwork. Then I started exploring the slanted wire. I was able to figure out a way to exactly determine and duplicate its angle. I was really proud of myself for figuring this out, elated actually. I went to find my phone on a ledge so I could keep track of my discovery. I told someone about it, but I’m not sure who that was. 

Later, I was met by a soldier, a guy my height, sort of stocky, in military fatigues. He was from a very successful military group, but they were alternative in some kind of way, like not destructive to people or the environment. He was escorting me to some location, and we passed by an empty store in a strip mall that had been set up for a concert and lots of people were there. The soldier said, “That’s John Treat. He’s a millionaire.” The performer was playing a fiddle. I asked, “Did he become a millionaire from playing the fiddle, or was he already a millionaire?” The soldier replied that he didn’t know. “I’ll have to look that up,” I said.

In the last snippet, I had been exploring three buildings, each behind and above the other in a hilly landscape. They were filled with shops run by women selling handmade items. It seemed like one of the shops was or had been mine. I talked with various women as we wandered down the halls, but I was trying to get back to the shop that sold chocolate. I got to a different shop that sold white chocolate and peppermint, but I wanted the dark chocolate, so had to keep going.


If it were my dream, the common theme of the animus seems to be finding the common ground. The finding the ratio behind creativity in the first dream. The second dream combines tradition (military follow rules) with creativity: the fiddler, music. Again, a theme about combining two apparently opposite energies to work with next year. Your last dream shows you three buildings. In my eyes they symbolize your three main systems of being: your body, your mind, your spirit. Here dark chocolate, something bittersweet is added to sweeten things up. So to me the message of the animus in the dream you shared is: combine creativity and rationality and sweeten it up.


After waking up I went into meditation thinking of the 3rd Holy Night incubation and was surprised to see Jesus in a white robe sitting on a beach talking to people sitting there with him.

Dream someone is talking about setting up a big rat trap. I see the wooden spring-board trap and cringe as I think of the snap.

Dream seems an Asian man in a church with an overflowing out the open front doors on to the sidewalk following. I am across the street standing on the opposite by a stone with iron fence wall. There are two stone heads there it seems connected to the church and man there like something not thought of before. One of the followers is curiously looking and listening to the idea.

Dream I am talking to a woman in a house. We are by the front entrance where there is a shelf with a bowl and papers and a mirror above it. Seems I can feel what she is feeling. I leave but can still see her standing there. It reminds me of a home where the father passed away. He was a bus driver.

Dream something about a Barbie doll.


I applied the italics in your story. I was struck by you dreaming about the material of the fence! The stone -in my eyes- is of course the philosopher’s stone, and iron is a manifestation of the animus. Let me explain.

Picture found at

Iron is a hard metal, used in what we now call “the Iron age”. A time period that Titus Burkhardt describes as: “An active descent of the Spirit into the lowest levels of human consciousness”. Because you described an Asian man in your dream I began to google for ancient use of Iron in Asia, and I found a pillar in Dehli, India (see picture). It is from 400 A.D.

Now, the connection withe the first dream becomes clear to me, in my interpretation of the dream. In the first dream you see a rat trap that forcefully make san end to unwanted lives. The proper use of Iron, the spiritual call of iron is asserting yourself without dominating others, or without yourself being submissive to other people. That -in my eyes- is the message of the asian man in the church.  I would talk with him in my active imagination and find out if he has some more tips and inspiration in using my animus energy.

In the last dream I interpret the bowl with paper and a mirror as a mandala. The tree of life is reshaped to fit into this symbol of the Self. There is an absence of the Father, the animus who served society by ways of transporting people on their life journey. The Father is passed over to another realm of being and now the women have to cope with telepathy. So, if it was my dream, the old aniumus is ging to be transformed in this New Year.

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