Hecate, Dark Goddess, Bright Star of the Holy Nights



Hecate is known as the Goddess of Darkness. An ancient Goddess who unfortunately became known as a witch and necromancer.



Hecate, Greek goddess of the crossroads
Stéphane Mallarmé


I want to present Hecate as a strong powerful woman. Accustomed to the healing qualities of nature. A goddess who views in 3 directions at once. Seeing different pathways.

Would you like to spent a period of 12 days, 13 nights in a dream-event that gives you:

  • A daily meditation filled with information about Hecate;
  • A daily incubation;
  • Access to a forum where you are able to share your dreams?

If I have already convinced you sign up here for the Combi Deal of the Holy Nights and Turning the Wheel of the Year.

If you are not convinced yet, read further, there is more information and some client reviews.

Hecate as Guardian of the Holy Nights


Hecate is a threshold goddess between pathways. She is the one who guided Persephone back to her mother Demeter.


Photo: Nousnou Iwasaki


The Holy Nights will introduce you to different aspects of this Crone Goddess. (A Crone being the archetypical elderly wise woman). For example: that are associated with Hecate: frogs and dogs. There will be a night when we tune into our inner Tree of Life. There will be a night when we focus our attention on Hecate as keeper of the doorway. We will ask for (dream) guidance in choosing our path.

It is going to be a precious new years’ gift, an investment in yourself.

History of Holy Nights

According to Rudolf Steiner: ‘When the light of the outer sun is faintest and its warmth feeblest, now is the time when the soul withdraws into the darkness but can find within itself the inner, spiritual Light that is kindled in the other darkness.

But for one whose eyes of spirit are opened the Thirteen Days and Thirteen Nights between the 25th of December and the 6th of January are a time of deep spiritual experience‘.

According to Steiner, each night represents a month. He assumed that a dream remembered that night would predict the events in the month of the coming year.

A dream on the night of Dec 24 would tell something about the month of January, Dec 25 would predict February and so on. My Holy Night event loosely follows that line, but not strict. I see dreams as vehicles for creativity, as gentle guidelines. I would never assume that a dream on a certain night would tell something about a certain time period. But you as participant are free to interpret your dreams as you see fit, It’s your dream, you are the only one who can attribute a meaning that resonates.

Reviews of former Holy Night Events:

Vicki Schroeder wrote this review about the course:

This is my second year taking Susanne’s 13 Holy Nights dreaming course. This course is an absolute treasure! Susanne’s wise and inspired focus on the many aspects of Lady Holle formed a colorful thread that was woven throughout her thoughtful abundance of materials and activities. I was overjoyed to learn so much about this ancient feminine archetype. Being able to focus on the powers of the feminine and welcome these into our dreams offered deep healing for ourselves and our patriarchal society. Although at this busy time of year I found myself unable to complete all of the offered activities, it didn’t matter, because I still received all that I needed, and much more than I could ever have anticipated, in deep insight and learning from my dreams!! Susanne’s and other participants’ thoughtful comments and additional resources provided an additional avenue of support and insight. Susanne is a spiritual midwife whose loving presence and touch move through this rich multidimensional dream workshop and provide the fertile environment for self-discovery and personal growth.

Lidia Tremblay wrote this about the holy nights:

The only word that comes to mind from that experience is ‘intense’. From the first guided meditation I felt myself wrapped in a constant state of mindfulness not only in the dream state but also in every moment of the waking day. By the time it was finished, only twelve nights later, I admit I was mentally exhausted, as well as exhilarated. This intense time took me to a completely different level of dreamingRead the full blog here

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