Holy Nights with Odin… explained! – With Steve Ernenwein and Jason deBord

In this full in-depth interview I talk with my co-mentors Steve Ernenwein and Jason deBord.

We talk about their experiences in dream workshops, the special Holy Nights, their relation to Odin as an initiator, and their expectations for this year’s edition of the Mindfunda Holy Nights.

Steve Ernenwein – known as AQ The Dreamwalker (musician, dream worker and this year’s co-mentor in the forum) is a seasoned participant and tells about his Odin dream that inspired him to cooperate.

Jason deBord, a renowned author (The Dream Interpretation Dictionary, a.o.) is also known as RadOwl and has a large audience on Reddit. He will join us this year to share his insights with the participants in the exclusive forum.

Have a look:

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