Inspiration: 4 Ways to Find Intuitive Solutions

Inspiration is a volatile thing. I just came back from a very inspiring holiday. I traveled through England and France for almost three weeks in search for the Arthur Myth (see my online Mythology course: the final lesson is dedicated to what Gustav Jung claimed was the mythology of the Western society: The Arthur Myth).

Now, even if the children have gone back to school and I have got plenty of books to review, it is still hard to get inspiration. So in today’s Mindfunda I will make an effort of suggesting ways to get inspired.

Inspiration tip #1: exercise

Did you know that I work out every day for 30 minutes? During these exercises I get he best ideas. My mind wanders off as soon as I start my routine and that is always the best way to get new ideas.



Now you don’t need to do the same. All that is necessary is a five-minute walk, to empty your mind. the combination of physical exercise and generating new ideas is wonderful.
I always call Mindfunda “the Website by Walking Around” because often I start a blog, get stuck, go for a walk and get inspiration to finish it.

Inspiration tip #2: Films

Watching a movie can be as relaxing as inspiring. Human beings are a species of story tellers. Nothing can inspire more than a story. Do you remember the first movie you ever saw? It was magic, wasn’t it? Going to the cinema, taking your place in the red velvet seats and getting absorbed by the story.


Now it is easier than ever to watch movies at home. Using Netflix or another device it is very easy to rent a movie and screen it to your own television. This fall Mindfunda will launch a new product called Mindfunda Movie where you can find interpretations of films like “Pulp Fiction” and “Girl Interrupted”.

Inspiration Tip #3: ask questions

Ask yourself questions. You will have fun searching for answers. And finding answers often leads to other questions.


For example: i once was asked to answer questions on Reddit about mythology. J.M. DeBord asked me: “how can you find mythology in your own life/dreams? The patients of Jung had dreams filled with mythological themes but how can you discover it in your own dream stories?
This was an intriguing question for me. Because most of the time, you intuitively discover a mythological theme in your dreams. It was not until I had read Translating Myth that I discovered there is indeed a pattern in discovering your own mythological themes.

Find out what you believe in, find out what the culture you live in believes and search for discrepancies. The process has much more nuances, but this is a shortcut to discovering myth in your live and in your dreams.

Inspiration tip #4: tune into your dreams

Dreams are fun! And inspirational. They are filled with symbols that are just begging you to be interpreted. And the fun thing is: there is no right or wrong answer.

If you have trouble remembering dreams, tell yourself before you go to sleep that you will remember a dream. Put a piece of paper and a pen next to you and write down everything you remember. If you don’t remember anything: make it up. Fool your subconscious into thinking that you have remembered a dream. Fantasize and your dreams will follow.

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