International Women’s Day

It is International Women’s Day. A day I would like to thank all the women who have supported me. I have so many lovely sisters/mothers/friends that have taken care of me. Who supported me when I was down. When I doubted myself. Who cheered me up when somebody was rude to me. I am going to name a few ladies who have been so supportive. But the blog would be too long to list them all.

International Women's day

Laura Atkinson for always being there as a creative force to pre-read and Undenglish (Undutch my English) stuff I have written. Thanks for being an invaluable source of information on the subject of dreams.

Jean Campbell for having such a big heart that you dream for the well-being of the earth on the peace bridge. Thank yo so much for supporting dreamers all over the world.

Maria Cernuto, godmother of our online dream group, thank you for asking me to join it. I remember how good I thought your article in Dream Time Magazine was and how grateful I still am to have invited you for our mutual dream experiment. Thank you for pre-reading and editing lots of stuff I have written in the past several years.

Brenda Ferrimani, such an inspiring artist who uses her dreams as inspiration, She also wrote a very popular guest blog: Most an artist struggle?

Sherri Purecelli, an inspirational dreamer and poet who wrote a guest blog about healing, a topic very near to my heart. Being a Type one diabetic I am always curious to find out more about the relationship between dreams and healing

Elaine Mansfield for writing a guest post for me and pointing out several typo’s and misspellings in my own blog about Inanna. If you want to meet her, go to the presentation and workshop she and Jean Raffa are going to give March 12 in Sarasota.

Jean Raffa, for being my guest in a Mindfunda interview about her book “Healing the Sacred Divide” and writing a guest blog about Inanna.

Susan Scott, for writing a guest blog for me about Eve and almost always commenting on my site in such a delightful and eloquent way.

Trista Hendren, author of the Girl God who always posts incredible strong posts on Facebook and who also wrote a guest blog on Mindfunda about our earth as mother.

International Women's day

If I have forgotten to mention you, forgive me. You are all dear to me heart. Let’s make a circle of love and connection through our hearts and through our dreams.


4 thoughts on “International Women’s Day”

  1. Susanne, what a lovely surprise thank you so much, I truly feel deeply honoured. If this is a duplicate message I apologise, I note mine which I wrote yesterday has not appeared. It's been such a meaningful pleasure to have contact with you – I hope that my SA friend Dr Deon van Zyl and you meet in the Netherlands in June – hopefully I'll see Deon next month at a lecture and I'll ask him to give you a hug from me.

    1. Susan, I know that at the conference next June I will be walking around and missing you 😉 You should be there if only so we could skip the presentations while we drink tea in the sun together (Oh yes, every onece in a while there is sun in the Netherlands

  2. Thank you, Susanne. I'm honored by your mention and our friendship at a distance. We'll put you on the list, too, for a number of good reasons. I get the award for being a picky copyeditor. It's a good/bad Virgo trait. I'm glad it felt like a support, because I point out these details or broken links or anything I note with anyone, since I'm grateful when people point out my errors to me. Keep up your great work.
    With gratitude,

    1. Hi Elaine! Of Course you are so much more than a virgo-driven copy editor 😉 You encourage me to grow, to educate myself in the topic of mythology (I would love for you to pre-read my mythology course) and with your blogs you always touch my heart.

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