Michio Kaku: the dreaming mind

Imagine that you are in the cinema late at night. You sit down in your chair, comfortable, relax and watch the screen. Looking at your own dreams….
This used to be an exercise Robert Moss did with his students but now it has come reality. Michio Kaku talks about it in his book the Future of the mind.

Dr. Gallant of Berkeley University is developing the tools to envision your dreams. He decodes the neurons that fire and translate them back into images.  In Future of the mind Michio Kaku says: “Gallant’s MRI machine is so powerful it can identify two to three hundred distinct regions of the brain and, on average, can take snapshots that have one hundred dots per region of the brain“.

So while researchers are building databases that enable us to decode the simultaneous firing of neurons, we would like to know if we are the only ones reading our own mind…

Another very interesting chapter in Michio Kaku’s book is that about dreams.
As mysterious as they are, dreams are not a superfluous luxury, the useless ruminations of the brain. Dreams in fact, are essential for survival“.
Michio distinguishes five characteristics of dreams:

#1: Intense emotions.
#2: Illogical content.
#3: Apparent sensory impressions.
#4: Uncritical acceptance of dream events.
#5: Difficulty in being remembered.

In 2011, for the first time scientists where able to generate pictures based on the firing of neuron patterns in the brain during sleep. It might just be possible in the future to connect two sleeping brains to an MRI scanner that would merge their dreams into one. If you want to read more about the magic of the brain, here is Michio Kaku’s book.

Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku The future of the mind

I read it with a lot of pleasure. It tells you about the mind, about telepathy, about consciousness, a favorite chapter of mine is the one about the mind as pure energy, and of course he talks about his great hero Einstein and his brain.

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