Major Tom: dreaming in space

Ever since being mesmerized by Bowie’s Ground Control to Major Tom we all have been wondering what it would be like to fly, eat, sleep and dream in space.
On today’s Mindfinda nice film where the astronauts of Expedition 30 where they answer a question about dreaming in space (in the film it is at about 3:06).
Expedition 30′ s crew members Andre Kuipers, Dan Burbank and Donald Petit.

Dreaming in space is not so different as dreaming on earth. Donald Petit says: “In my dreams there is always a certain level of discontent: on earth I dream of flying and in space I dream of walking…
I think that is a healthy thing. Recent research (2014) by Arnulf suggest that dreaming about failing a test makes you perform the test even better.

major tom
Dream of the cosmos

I recently talked with Anne Baring about her book Dream of the cosmos. She asks us: if the cosmos is a living entity, what would it dream of? A thought provoking question. I hope you give it some thought. You might want to read about my interview and look at the YouTube films (Don’t forget to sign up for my channel because interviews with Robert Waggoner about his newest Robert waggoner Lucid dreaming plain and simple Lucid dreaming Plain and simple and an interview with Connie Kaplan about her Womans’s book of dreams is about to be uploaded (doing some final editing)

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