Mythological Themes and Modern Movies

I have recently launched Mindfunda Movies;
Four film interpretations that help you apply the mythological themes to your own life.

Mindfunda Movie will give you a new perspective on: Pan’s Labyrinth and Girl Interrupted. This two films are interpreted as modern stories of female initiation in a men’s world. Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption are stories about male initiation in a men’s world. You will learn that it is not easier for a men to be initiated in the Western world. But the films give an interesting contemporary look on male and female once you learn how to unlock their Mythological themes.

Mythological Themes: clothes

This package of film revolves around the mythological theme of initiation into becoming an adult male or adult female. It is no surprise that clothes are important in this ritual. In films about female initiation: Girl interrupted and Pan’s Labyrinth there are multiple references to the mother of all female initiation films: the Wizard of Oz. Both Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth, as Dorothy in the Wizard wear a skirt.

mythological themes
Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth

And yes, you are right: Alice in Wonderland is also a story about female initiation and she wears… a skirt. Key question for every women growing up in a women hostile patriarchal society is: shall I wear that apron of obedience while I retreat in my fantasy world where I am allowed to be myself?

In Pulp Fiction you have the famous scene where Marvin gets shot, and Vincent and Jules have to undress. Get out of their suits, their male uniform and dress up in t-shirts.monitored by Mr. Wolfe.


Two professional hitmen, you can’t get a more hunter-male archetypical role model, looking like dorks.

The Mindfunda Movies course is filled with such insights and mythological themes. Mindfunda Movies, a new initiative brought to you by Susanne van Doorn.

Most of the films are available online or on Netflix. You might support Mindfunda Courses by considering these Amazon-links to purchase on DVD:

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‘Recently I had the privilege of reading Susanne’s in depth analysis of the movie, “Girl Interrupted” and it was a delight! Her insight enabled me to experience a layer of richness to the story I’d never appreciated before; for instance, my eyes were opened to metaphors written into the lighting, colors, and set design that had totally escaped my notice. If you are the sort of person who appreciates subtlety, likes to peek beneath, and soak up every nuance, you will love revisiting your favorite movies with Susanne. ‘

– Brenda Ferrimani


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