Our dreaming mind by Robert van de Castle

What I like about “Our Dreaming Mind” by Robert Van de Castle

It was many years ago that I first took a copy of “Our Dreaming Mind” home from the library. I can see in my later bought copy at home it is from 1994.
It would be years before I did actually meet Dr. Robert van de Castle and his lovely wife.

The reason for my interest in dreams was because I studied psychology. In my daytime dreams I could see myself treating patients with the “dangerous method” of talking to them.
My view on dreams was a romantic one: dreams where the playground of the Gods, the unraveled mysteries of our shadow kingdom, the voice of the dark side of our personality.

Robert van de Castle was a psychologist, a parapsychologist who helped in a number of very important experiments about telepathy and dreaming. After his death, Stanly Krippner wrote a little note stating that Robert showed up on their doorstep eager to be a test-person, because he knew how important their study would be.

In “Our Dreaming Mind” you will find a carefully listed summation of important scientific research, but also a heartwarming and enchanting personal tale of Robert van de Castle about his life, and his dreams. It is like an invitation to you: to get real about dreams and to scientifically straighten out your thoughts about all the revenues he reveals for you.

Chapter 1 and 2 are called the treasure chest and discuss dreams as portals between inner and outer worlds and the dreams that have changed the world. Ingmar Bergman, William Butler Yeats, Mary Shelly and lots of other famous persons’ dreamstories are told.

Part two of “Our Dreaming Mind” consists of a historical review of the early thinking about dreams. We are taken back to Artemidoris who wrote the first dream-translation list, taken into the Romantic era. The ideas about dreams being messages from God are still relevant today for some people.

Part three of “Our Dreaming Mind” catapults us into the twentieth century: Freud, Jung and others. In parts 4 Robert is at his best: he introduces research into dreams.

Part five of “Our Dreaming Mind” is a blessing for the eyes where Robert can dive into the content analysis, the method that made him famous in certain circles and that has brought forth so many good research about dreams.

Part six is the icing on the cake. Robert always did the dream telepathy contest at the IASD: the International Association of the Study of Dreams, and this chapter is about the dreams with that extra tiny bit of magic.

Our Dreaming Mind
Our Dreaming Mind

“Our Dreaming Mind” is definitely a book to read if you are interested in dreams, it has become a classic. You cannot buy a new print, but you may find “Our Dreaming Mind” as used copy over here:


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