5 year Paleo

Five years ago I changed my diet. Big time. I changed from ‘average’: 2 times a day eating sandwiches and one time a day a meal with potatoes meat and vegetables to paleo.


Paleo refers to the way humans lived in the paleo time, 10,000 years ago. Before the invention of agriculture. Eating no refined foods, no bread (even though bread is an ancient food, it is considered to be very bad for the gut) and lots of vegetables.

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The paleo diet was popularised by Loren Cordain who wrote a good book about it, which unfortunately was called ‘the paleo diet’. I don’t believe in diets. These are short-term things. I changed my way of eating as a permanent thing. These are my conclusions after eating this way for five years.

The Paleo Diet
Loren Cordain

Paleo: 4 good things that happened

#1: My skin cleared up. For years my skin was blemished. Eating a lot of vegtables and a high dose of omega 3 pills each day really cleared up my skin.

#2: My pms diminished. Maybe it is paleo, maybe it is just getting older. I can not say. My intuition tells me it is my diet because when I eat ‘normal’ I get pms again.

#3: I lost weight. My doctor even told me he was glad that I gained some weight again after I stopped eating paleo for a period of time.

#4: I feel less tired. I was feeling fatigued for years but my energy has restored to its old level.

Paleo: 4 disapointing things

#1: Once you stop eating paleo for a while you will gain weight again. And it won’t come off that easy.

#2: Eating paleo is rather expensive. Biological vegetables are more expensive.

#3: It can be a lot of work preparing a salad each day, or baking almond flour bread for lunch. You have to have some time available to prepare your food.

#4: It was quite disappointing for me that my average blood suger level did not decrease, my cholesterol (that has always been dangerously low) did not increase but stayed the same and my triglyceride level did not change either.

Paleo overall conclusion for me

I like eating vegetables. If you want to get rid of the four o’clock dip eating vegetables and protein at lunch might just be the thing for you. Protein is the body’s most important building block. But eating lots of proteins isn’t for everybody, Your kidneys have to be able to manage this. I might even add that eating paleo has changed my taste: there are lost of things that I started eating like turnip tops, broccoli and tuna fish. So if you want to start, check out the book by Cordain.

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