The Shamanic Dream: Reunite Mind, Body and Soul

Shamanic dreaming is a discipline you can learn. Paul Overman Ph.D, Founder and Director of the Shamana Institute and The Dream Listener, will tell you how in an online course in Integral dream yoga, rooted in the yoga of Sri Aurobindo.

Dont forget to sign up for the Introductory  Live Seminar — $10.00!: February 20: Soulful Dream Yoga in Healing
The Shamanic Dream
Paul Overman


The Shamanic Dream has three core goals for you which reflect the potentials of your soul:

  1. To empower you in the present;
  2. To heal the past, and connect you with others;
  3. To transform your mind and body – and your future.

Sounds good don’t you think? To be a good dreamer you first have to wake up. Wake up to your inner light and listen to the Dream Maker, the ultimate soul of your dream life. But that is just part of it. You also need to connect with others.

Paul shares a delightful dream about the Great White Dolphin. Reaching into the realm of Proteus, shapeshifter, fortune-teller, the one “who never lies” and who “sounds the deep in all its depths” Paul gives shape to the Self in an inspiring way.               The Self is that innate capacity to perceive and know. From this inner knowing you can develop a sensitivity that enhances telepathic dreaming. You will gradually learn to achieve the Dream State of Samadhi, the highest form of consciousness.

Shamanic Dream

You know I have a soft spot for dreams. Me an Paul worked together in 2014, when we both were on a panel about health and dreams, together with Sandy Ginsberg and Patricia Garfield. I was impressed with his introverted way of approaching the world. I could see this was a man who weighs the facts of life on his internal balance scale. I am thrilled that he finally poured his wisdom into a course.

If you are open to inner experiences and visions, if you can trust clear, inner perceptions, you have many opportunities to be a catalyst for change, healing and collective progress – an agent of change and communication”

Paul Overman

The book as well as the course, are filled with hands-on exercises. There is an introductory seminar online that you can sign up for:

February 20: Soulful Dream Yoga in Healing – Live Introductory Seminar — $10.00

Like any gestation project, this course will also endure Nine Months, composed of three trimesters filled with knowledge. Each month, your knowledge will be magnified untill you reach the ability to transform your life.

Seminar Program I: Soulful Dream Yoga in Healing 

March 12,     Seminar 1: Nature and Principles of an Integral-Healing Dream Yoga: “Samadhi of the Dream State”, Cascading Healing Dreams, Entering Sleep & Dreams under Guidance of Soul.

April 9,     Seminar 2: Dream Yoga Cosmology and Levels of Dreaming: Three Dream Zones and States of Consciousness Above and Below – the Supraconscious and the Subconscious.

May 14,     Seminar 3: Dream Messengers, Powers, Guardians, Reality, & Symbols: Determining the Real from the Unreal in Dreams with and from Spiritual Guardians, Ancestors, Guides, and Spiritual Masters.

Seminar Program II: Soulful Dream Yoga: Seeing the Dream & Empowerment

Jun 11,    Seminar 1: Healing the Past in Dream Yoga:  Dream Assistance in Sorrow & Grief, Fear & Guilt, Shame & Separation, Soul-Loss and Longing, Past Life Dreams and Karma.

Jul 9     Seminar 2 Dreams Empowering the Present in Dream Yoga: Four Powers of Soul for Spiritual Righteousness, Spiritual Freedom, Pleasure & Happiness, and Wealth & Prosperity

Aug 13,    Seminar 3: Seeing the Future in Dream Yoga: Nature of DreamTime, Probability, Future Self, and Premonitions.

Seminar Program III: Soulful Dream Yoga & Transforming Life

Sep 10,  Seminar 1: Transforming the Mind in Dream Yoga: Dream Interpretation, Spiritual Sign, Symbols, and New Directions

Oct 8,  Seminar 2: Transforming Vital-Emotional Life in Dream Yoga: Encountering, Conquering and Transforming the Shadow

Nov 12,  Seminar 3: Dream Shamanism: Harmony of Heaven, Earth and Nature in Healing & Transformation

Dont forget to sign up for the Introductory  Live Seminar — $10.00!: February 20: Soulful Dream Yoga in Healing

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