Inspiration: 4 Ways to Find Intuitive Solutions

Inspiration is a volatile thing. I just came back from a very inspiring holiday. I traveled through England and France for almost three weeks in search for the Arthur Myth (see my online Mythology course: the final lesson is dedicated to what Gustav Jung claimed was the mythology of the Western society: The Arthur Myth).

Now, even if the children have gone back to school and I have got plenty of books to review, it is still hard to get inspiration. So in today’s Mindfunda I will make an effort of suggesting ways to get inspired.

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Holiday Heaven: 5 destinations

Me and my family recently came back from a holiday visiting places connected with the Arthur myth. King Arthur is the mythological king that would unite England. I write more about Arthur and the Grail Mythology in Mindfunda’s Mythology, on online course to help you understand more about mythological themes in your life and in your dreams.

King Arthur

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