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Holy Nights 2018 – 2019

Holy Nights are a special time for dreaming. It’s believed that the air between the different realms of being is thin, and that information about past, present and future can be communicated with more ease in this time frame.

It’s a spiritual gathering that consists of 12 nights of contemplation, meditation and education. The main character of these nights is an ancient Goddess: Hecate, Goddess of Earth, Sea and Sky. Ruler of the afterlife as well as of the unborn children.

Holy Nights Content

Christmas-night, December 24, you will be able to access the first lesson. It is dedicated to Hecate as psychopomp. This lesson will give you historical information about the role of Hecate as triple deity. The incubation of this night is tuned into igniting dreams about January 2019.




Christmas December 25, in the second lesson you will get information about Hecate her role as catalyst between the energy of the daughter as personified in Persephone and the energy of Demeter as mother. The incubation of that night is build around the idea of connecting, through the wind of the spirits with the energy of the three Goddesses: Hecate, Demeter and Persephone.


Eleusis Henryk Siemiradzki (1889)

On December 26, you will learn more about Hecate her tree, the Yew tree. A tree that can kill and can heal.  In this night’s incubation you can tune into the energy of your Tree of Life and receive a message about the month of March 2019.


Yew Tree


On December 27, the lesson will be dedicated on the mythology the transformation of Queen of Troy Hecuba. You will learn more about the integration of the animal part(s) that live in all of us and need to be accepted and integrated. The incubation of that night will get you in tune with dreams about the month of April 2019.


On December 28, the lesson will focus on Hecate’s association with the frog. You will tune in to your own fertility. That night’s incubation will focus on triggering dreams about May 2019.


On December 29, the lesson will be about Hecate as holder of the keys. You will be taught more about how Hecate is viewed as the keeper of the keys of alternative forms of reality. The incubation of that night is tuned into receiving your key to open up to the best reality that 2019 can give you. This dream might give you information about the month of June 2019.


The illustrated companion to the Latin dictionary and Greek lexicon


On December 30, the lesson will be about the light that is now gaining in strength after the darkest days and nights have passed. You will get information about Hecate in her manifestation as Phosphorus, bringer of light. The incubation this night might give you ideas about challenges in your life in the month of July 2019.


On December 31, we will focus on Hecate as bringer of transition. You will be challenged to create a list of ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors in your life. Things that you are satisfied with and things that you want to part with. I will ask you to create those seemingly opposite factors into a triangle: the strongest construction in the world. In a triangle, both push and pull factors are in balance. The incubation of the night might give you insights on the month of August 2019.



Hecate’s wheel



On January 1, I will give you more information about the relationship between Hecate and Janus, God of the Doorways. The incubation of this night might bring you more information about the month of September 2019.


On January 2, I will give you more information about the three moon Goddesses. Hecate, Goddess of the Dark Moon, Selene, Goddess of the Full Moon and Artemis, Goddess of the Waxing Crescent Moon. The incubation of that night might bring you more insights about the month of October 2019.


On January 3, I will give you more information about Hecate as witch. You are invited to cast a spell. The incubation of this night could give you information on the month of November 2019.


On January 4, I will tune into the concept of the cauldron. Hecate, nowadays known as a witch, has a cauldron. What does it symbolize? This lesson shares some insights. The incubation this night will challenge you to brew your own psychological magic potion for 2019. Dreams of this night might give you information on the month of December 2019.


On January 5, I invite you to prepare for Epiphany. The birth of the light. The incubation of that night will invite you to dream about the alchemy taking place in your life.


On January 6, I invite you to share your dreams and experiences. I love to get feedback, compliments as well as points to improve.


Each dream can be shared in a private Facebook group. To take advantage of this, you need to have or create a (temporary) Facebook profile.

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Hecate is known as the Goddess of Darkness. An ancient Goddess who unfortunately became known as a witch and necromancer.



Hecate, Greek goddess of the crossroads
Stéphane Mallarmé


I want to present Hecate as a strong powerful woman. Accustomed to the healing qualities of nature. A goddess who views in 3 directions at once. Seeing different pathways.

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Hecate as Guardian of the Holy Nights


Hecate is a threshold goddess between pathways. She is the one who guided Persephone back to her mother Demeter.


Photo: Nousnou Iwasaki


The Holy Nights will introduce you to different aspects of this Crone Goddess. (A Crone being the archetypical elderly wise woman). For example: that are associated with Hecate: frogs and dogs. There will be a night when we tune into our inner Tree of Life. There will be a night when we focus our attention on Hecate as keeper of the doorway. We will ask for (dream) guidance in choosing our path.

It is going to be a precious new years’ gift, an investment in yourself.

History of Holy Nights

According to Rudolf Steiner: ‘When the light of the outer sun is faintest and its warmth feeblest, now is the time when the soul withdraws into the darkness but can find within itself the inner, spiritual Light that is kindled in the other darkness.

But for one whose eyes of spirit are opened the Thirteen Days and Thirteen Nights between the 25th of December and the 6th of January are a time of deep spiritual experience‘.

According to Steiner, each night represents a month. He assumed that a dream remembered that night would predict the events in the month of the coming year.

A dream on the night of Dec 24 would tell something about the month of January, Dec 25 would predict February and so on. My Holy Night event loosely follows that line, but not strict. I see dreams as vehicles for creativity, as gentle guidelines. I would never assume that a dream on a certain night would tell something about a certain time period. But you as participant are free to interpret your dreams as you see fit, It’s your dream, you are the only one who can attribute a meaning that resonates.

Reviews of former Holy Night Events:

Vicki Schroeder wrote this review about the course:

This is my second year taking Susanne’s 13 Holy Nights dreaming course. This course is an absolute treasure! Susanne’s wise and inspired focus on the many aspects of Lady Holle formed a colorful thread that was woven throughout her thoughtful abundance of materials and activities. I was overjoyed to learn so much about this ancient feminine archetype. Being able to focus on the powers of the feminine and welcome these into our dreams offered deep healing for ourselves and our patriarchal society. Although at this busy time of year I found myself unable to complete all of the offered activities, it didn’t matter, because I still received all that I needed, and much more than I could ever have anticipated, in deep insight and learning from my dreams!! Susanne’s and other participants’ thoughtful comments and additional resources provided an additional avenue of support and insight. Susanne is a spiritual midwife whose loving presence and touch move through this rich multidimensional dream workshop and provide the fertile environment for self-discovery and personal growth.

Lidia Tremblay wrote this about the holy nights:

The only word that comes to mind from that experience is ‘intense’. From the first guided meditation I felt myself wrapped in a constant state of mindfulness not only in the dream state but also in every moment of the waking day. By the time it was finished, only twelve nights later, I admit I was mentally exhausted, as well as exhilarated. This intense time took me to a completely different level of dreamingRead the full blog here

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This dream is part of a series of four blogs. 
How to Use A Dream as a Tool For Self Development; How to Analyse a Dream with an Archetype in 4 Easy Steps; Q & A: 7 Questions and Answers about Dreaming and Mythology;
Four Smart Questions and Answers About Dreams You had not Thought of Yourself

How do you analyse a dream that clearly features an Archetype ? This blog gives you four easy steps. This is part two of a series of HOW TO blogs about dreams on Mindfunda. Each one features a case study in which I carefully, step by step attribute meaning to dream symbols. Number one is How to Use A Dream as a Tool for Self Development. Number one features a small dream. A few days later Bonnie Connelly posted this dream on her Facebook group Painting the Dream.

While I read it and admired the beautiful artwork she made, it became clear to me that this was an archetypical dream. In this blog I explain you how to analyse a dream that features an archetype. Four easy steps, four questions to ask yourself/the dreamer whenever you encounter an archetype in a dream.

Four Bears, the Tree of Life and the Pregnant Water Bearer
Drawing by Bonnie Connelly


In the first part of this dream which I vague recall, I am in a boat on a large lake – as if I arrived on a boat… I have arrived with Catherine who is in early pregnancy. I am bringing her to a woman who is refusing to see her because Catherine intends to terminate the pregnancy. I look out at the lake, its distant coastline, and the small boat that I will be returning in. The lake is calm and peaceful and smooth like a mirror. I think to myself, “I can do that.”
Now from a position of standing in the water [although I don’t feel the water] observing Catherine on the shore. I see a black bear above her in a tree. I call out to her, “Catherine, there’s a bear!” She doesn’t seem to hear me. Then I see four bears in the tree shaking it wildly. “Catherine! Catherine!” She moves to the other side of the tree I think she sees the bears and is ok. End Of Dream
Feeling: it felt powerful – like something shifted
Reality check: Catherine in the dream was in a dream group with me a few years ago, a fellow Aquarian, Water Bearer – lives in southern California now, like I did. I was 20 years older than her – we had a lot in common – and felt very motherly towards her. She was not able to get pregnant from what I understand so this speak in the dream!  She has been posting a lot of political posts on FB so I am seeing her a lot these days on FB


How to analyse a dream with an archetype Step 1:

The beginning of a dream often tells you something about the main theme the dream is addressing. This dream begins at a lake. There is an undeniable relationship between water and life. Without water, human life is not possible. What defines a lake is that a lake is surrounded by land. It does not have any outlet that serves to feed or drain the living principle. It is a depression in the earth that serves to collect water and in that way keeps the dreamer alive emotionally. So you might assume that this dream addresses something about the emotional life of the dreamer.

Early on, the second dream carter is introduced: a lady named Catherine. I usually find out what names mean to see if this gives any symbolic value to the dream. On the site Behind the Name Catherine is attributed to the Goddess of Dreams Hecate, a Goddess associated with witchcraft, magic and dreams.


The first conflict introduced in the dream is the moment when the dreamer begins to dissociate herself from the dream scene. There is a shift in perspective the moment the third lady who disagrees with terminating the pregnancy is introduced.  

I look out at the lake, its distant coastline, and the small boat that I will be returning in. The lake is calm and peaceful and smooth like a mirror. I think to myself, “I can do that”.

The dreamer now has returned to the earth. She looks back at the lake and the lake is like a mirror. In mythology the magic mirror lets you see things that are not apparent to the “normal viewer”. In this part of the dream you see that the lake has much significant value in it to tell the dreamer about the Self. The dreamer looks back and sees her opportunities: “I can do that”.


The transition is clear: the boat of life will take her to the next phase. Bonnie’s reference to the political messages of Catherine on Facebook suggest that the anti abortion rule President Trump signed a few days after his legislation might play a role in this dream. Copy – pasted from the site buzzfeed.com:

“Here’s how it works: Foreign organizations that take US family planning money can’t use any money, from any other donor, on abortion-related services. It’s a restriction on how they use their other, non-US government money, and it applies to providing abortions or giving any information about abortion, including medical advice or referrals — even in countries where abortion is legal”.

In that sense, the wish for dream Catherine to end her pregnancy is a sign of independency. An archetypical dream as a political statement? I would not be surprised!


Look at the progression the dream makes. The dreams suggest to embrace the Goddess archetype even further. Four bears are introduced, all hugging the Tree of Life. The three Goddesses of the first stage of the dream: Bonnie, Catherine and the lady who refuses to see Catherine, the Triple Goddess has now revealed a fourth manifestation: the bear. From an archetypical perspective the bear is associated with Artemis. Artemis is the bear goddess. In ancient Europe, there used to be a bear cult. In Athens girls were sent to Brauron to serve Artemis for one year at the temple.



The progression the dream makes here is that it takes the dreamer, who has just explored her Self image in the mirror of the lake, into a path of initiation. The bear is the dreaming animal. In the winter it sleeps for months. If you look at the drawing you see that three bears look at the left, female side. One bear looks at the right (male) side. If it was my dream, this would suggest an initiation into the depths of femininity.


See how this integrates in the life of the dreamer right now. Bonnie points out that for her, bears are connected to Chiron, the wounded healer. Quoted from the site ncbi.nlm.gov. from the author Serge Daneault MD. Ph.D:
“The Greek gods Apollo and Artemis taught medicine to Chiron. Chiron was wounded by an arrow from Heracles’ bow. He did not die (because gods are immortal); instead, he suffered excruciating pain for the rest of his eternal days. It was because of his grievous wound that Chiron became known as a legendary healer in ancient Greece”.

This brings Artemis back to her alchemical qualities of ancient Mother Goddess: she unites present and past, she ties archetypical dream – strings together and stews one of the finest tasting dream stories for the thankful receiver.

Bonnie’s final comments on this step by step dream analyses:

“Your seeing the triple goddess [the maiden, the mother and the crone [wise grandmother?]- that was a good catch! And as this was the last dream of the month of January – the first one to start the month was Titled ‘Witch Troubles’ – I just see this book cover flash in front of my eyes. So that Catherine is attributed to the Goddess of Dreams – a goddess associated with witchcraft, magic and dreams – this resonates!  I like your take on Catherine’s wanting to end her pregnancy is a sign of independence – she is extremely independent – not married

Anyway thanks again for this pleasure of seeing how you work with dreams – excellent!”

What are your thoughts?

How would you interpret a dream filled with so many archetypical symbols? I would love to hear from you.

My next blog will be a Q&A: the questions that are usually asked when people want to know what their dreams mean, and the answers to those questions. The last blog is about the questions you should be asking when you want to know what a dream means.

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