Holy Night Dreaming Event: My Experiences


Lidia Trembley

This is a Guest blog by Lidia Tremblayauthor of books like Nightshade, Contemporary Urban Crone: A journey into Aging in Today’s Pagan Society, and many more. I have gotten to know Lidia as a very intelligent, articulate women who appreciates the value of dreams. She talks in this blog about her experiences with the previous Mindfunda Holy Night Dreaming Event. You can sign up for this year’s edition right now, we will start December 24.

Holy Night Dreaming Event: a way to Self Love

Last year, I had the privilege of participating in The Twelve Holy Nights, presented by Susanne Van Doorn. I am deeply grateful to Susanne for her hard work in pulling the meditations and incubations together, and for the opportunity to share in this course.

The only word that comes to mind from that experience is ‘intense’. From the first guided meditation I felt myself wrapped in a constant state of mindfulness not only in the dream state but also in every moment of the waking day. By the time it was finished, only twelve nights later, I admit I was mentally exhausted, as well as exhilarated. This intense time took me to a completely different level of dreaming.


A couple of weeks after the course was finished, I was thinking about all the dreams, going through them in my mind, and wondering what they represented altogether. I do remember I felt a need for a nap. I lay down, these thoughts still swirling within me, and drifted off – only to be awakened suddenly. As though I was a puppet and someone yanked my strings, I sat up, just as suddenly. The words blazed before my eyes: SELF-LOVE!

Yes! Taken in its totality, my dreams of my ancestors, diamonds, ice-blue eyes of wolves, flying high on a Eagle’s back, finding myself in the Balance of an Angel, and much more, led me to this blazing understanding. ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’! As Thyself! Self-Love – now there’s a concept that too few seem to understand. We are taught to give, to look after others, and not count ourselves worthy. In fact, to think otherwise is vanity. But these dreams, these incredibly vivid other-worldly adventures were telling me that it’s not only acceptable to love myself, but also necessary and needful.


A few days later, when I had time to assimilate this epiphany, I had the opportunity to speak to our chaplain who services the building I live in. As I told him about my experiences, I saw new light and understanding dawn in his eyes. He suddenly flung back his head and laughed with sheer delight. He hugged me, saying his deep thanks for this, that in all the years of his studies, he had never thought of this himself, nor was he ever taught this all-important lesson.

This understanding led me to explore this new reality through a number of different angles, but always, I came back to the twelve dreams, meditations and exercises I engaged in during the Holy Nights. Every day Susanne’s new message would add to and expound on what was already learned. Each day I wondered if I was up to the task. And each night, new revelations would come to me by way of dreams.


Now, it’s almost a year later, and I’m eager, as I hope you all are, to undertake another intense dream therapy session again. I cannot wait to see what Susanne has in store for us, and to share each others dreams night by night.

I wish you all insightful and blessed dreams!

Lidia Tremblay

I am so thrilled to read that the Holy Nights Dreaming Event is so appreciated. Thought I like the group to be compact and personal, there are a few openings left! If you are interested you can still sign up.

I would love to meet you online and share dreams for 12 days and 13 nights. This year we will also create a book with spiritual exercises: one each day. You will give yourself a little daily present: 15 minutes each day that you dedicate to your own well-being.

Interested? Want to join? Click below:




Solstice: the perfect time for dreaming

The winter solstice is a time when darkness falls across the land. The veil between the world gets thin. It is the perfect time for dreaming. Mindfunda invites you to become a Mindfunda More Member, and experience the depths of your dreams.

Solstice at Stonehenge

Dreaming at the winter solstice

Nights are getting longer, and around solstice the veil between the world is getting thinner. It is a perfect time to dream. Magic is all around, not only in Stonehenge, but also in your own backyard. You can tune into your own dreaming mind using my incubations and plan ahead for next year. If you join our group you will get a dream incubation every day that tunes in to the position of the moon, combined with the intention to gather information about the next months. Each night, you tune into another month of next year, with the intention of gathering information about things to come. Like Robert Moss is used to say: “Dreams are rehearsals of possible futures in waking life“. And the fact that you purposely tune into the possible future, will help your life for the better.

The winter solstice as unofficial onset of the Holy Nights

In our blogs about the Descent, the common theme is that the light within our souls shine brighter because of the darkness surrounding the Northern Hemisphere.

Rudolph Steiner dedicated several lectures to the Holy Night Dreaming. “The sun with loving light makes bright for me each day, the soul with spirit power gives strength unto my limbs. In sunlight shining clear I revere, Oh God, the strength of humankind, which thou has planted in my soul, that I may with all my might, may love to work and learn. From thee stream light and strength to thee rise love and thanks.”

Rudolph Steiner

Due to the powerful nature of dreaming in this period, I invite you to take the change and experience it for yourself. I was, many years ago, stunned, every year by the special, powerful, sometimes nightmare-ish dreams I had at the end of the year. In this period I dreamed about the circumstances of my father’s death, that was about to happen the following year.

My own Solstice – Holy Night Dreaming experiences

I pre-dreamed several business opportunities in the time period of the Holy Nights. And I also got dream advice about the health of my children. In one dream during the holy nights, I saw how my youngest son needed an allergy treatment in a dream where I saw tubes down his nose. That year his adenoids got removed, a standard procedure before starting a resistance treatment.

It has become a time when I dream and plan the year ahead. The dreams are all gathered in one beautiful map so I can re-read as the year goes by. Sometimes, the months are not correct but the events are. The first night of dreaming, December 25, will tell you something about the coming month of January, the 26th will tell you something about the month of February and so forth. In one of my dreams, I even had a Rudolph Steiner thrown to my head: Steiner means stone and in my dream a stone was thrown against my head.

I will carefully guide you through the process and you are welcome to share your dreams and talk about them. It is on a page that is not visible on the internet, unless you become a member. So your dreams are safe. As you go into the process you will see how much guidance and help your dreams can be for you. To help you set your goals for the new year. To ask your dreaming self for guidance this new year.

Mindfunda invites you for a Christmas celebration you will remember. For just 10 dollars you get exclusive access to a restricted private area on Mindfunda during the Holy Nights. Each night between December 25th and January 6th, I will share a dream incubation. We will talk about and reflect on our dreams. Ancient belief says that during these nights the veil between the worlds is thin. Register now as Mindfunda More Member, to experience the depth of your dreams.

Spring: when Earth marries nature, or do your dreams change in tune with earth’s cycle?

Spring: I like this season. The temperature is easy: not too warm, not too cold, the Earth returns from the realms of Hades. During Spring several years ago I had this dream:

I am standing in a forest, surrounded by elves and fairies. I have the feeling I am "the chosen one" because it is not common for a human being to get invited to a ceremony like this. Even though I am not quite sure what is going to happen, the air is filled with expectation. I feel the tension of all the magical creatures that have gathered here this evening... Behind a tree a beautiful lady appears, dressed in a green gown. She is waiting, searching for her mate. Suddenly there is a zooming sound. I understand intuitively that this is what she has been waiting for. Her mate. a man dressed in brown, appears in the sky. Where did he come from? He just suddenly materialized.. The Green goddess and the brown man fly towards each other. When they meet in the sky there is a celebration of light: all colors sparkle in the sky...

I dream of Spring

I think this dream speaks of the marriage of the earth (in my dream symbolized by the brown man) with nature (the Green goddess). In her book “The Myth of the Goddess” Anne Baring says: Fire, light and the dazzling luminosity of the starry dimension are all images that were associated through the ages with the radiance of Wisdom, which, as a fusion of love and insight, or gnosis, expresses the union of queen and king, the highest feminine and masculine qualities of the soul”

The myth of the Goddess Anne Baring and Jules Cashford

So many times, after dreaming like this I look up information in The Myth of the Goddess. Anne Baring is a very well-educated, thorough analyst of ancient mythology, stories, poems and themes. She presents a wealth of information about the Goddess.

I recently interviewed Anne Baring about her book Dream of the Cosmos. I put it on my YouTube channel, please subscribe because I will be putting more interviews here soon. Dream of the Cosmos is, just like The Myth of the Goddess a valuable addition to your bookcase.

Dream of the cosmos Anne Baring


Spring is the time to become fertile again

Spring is the time for the Earth to flourish, to become fertile again. Being invited to witness this ceremony is very special. Being surrounded by magical creatures gives the atmosphere a special vibrance. Is spring also your favorite time of year? Do your dreams change in tune with Earth’s cycles? I think mine do! At the darkest times, Christmas, the return of the light changes my dream content. I have organized a Holy dreaming internet group for several years. There is an ancient believe that during the period surrounding Christmas the veil between the worlds is transparent. Information from the future can be dreamed of in advance.

What are your experiences? Does spring change your dream content?