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Holy Nights 2018 – 2019

Holy Nights are a special time for dreaming. It’s believed that the air between the different realms of being is thin, and that information about past, present and future can be communicated with more ease in this time frame.

It’s a spiritual gathering that consists of 12 nights of contemplation, meditation and education. The main character of these nights is an ancient Goddess: Hecate, Goddess of Earth, Sea and Sky. Ruler of the afterlife as well as of the unborn children.

Holy Nights Content

Christmas-night, December 24, you will be able to access the first lesson. It is dedicated to Hecate as psychopomp. This lesson will give you historical information about the role of Hecate as triple deity. The incubation of this night is tuned into igniting dreams about January 2019.




Christmas December 25, in the second lesson you will get information about Hecate her role as catalyst between the energy of the daughter as personified in Persephone and the energy of Demeter as mother. The incubation of that night is build around the idea of connecting, through the wind of the spirits with the energy of the three Goddesses: Hecate, Demeter and Persephone.


Eleusis Henryk Siemiradzki (1889)

On December 26, you will learn more about Hecate her tree, the Yew tree. A tree that can kill and can heal.  In this night’s incubation you can tune into the energy of your Tree of Life and receive a message about the month of March 2019.


Yew Tree


On December 27, the lesson will be dedicated on the mythology the transformation of Queen of Troy Hecuba. You will learn more about the integration of the animal part(s) that live in all of us and need to be accepted and integrated. The incubation of that night will get you in tune with dreams about the month of April 2019.


On December 28, the lesson will focus on Hecate’s association with the frog. You will tune in to your own fertility. That night’s incubation will focus on triggering dreams about May 2019.


On December 29, the lesson will be about Hecate as holder of the keys. You will be taught more about how Hecate is viewed as the keeper of the keys of alternative forms of reality. The incubation of that night is tuned into receiving your key to open up to the best reality that 2019 can give you. This dream might give you information about the month of June 2019.


The illustrated companion to the Latin dictionary and Greek lexicon


On December 30, the lesson will be about the light that is now gaining in strength after the darkest days and nights have passed. You will get information about Hecate in her manifestation as Phosphorus, bringer of light. The incubation this night might give you ideas about challenges in your life in the month of July 2019.


On December 31, we will focus on Hecate as bringer of transition. You will be challenged to create a list of ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors in your life. Things that you are satisfied with and things that you want to part with. I will ask you to create those seemingly opposite factors into a triangle: the strongest construction in the world. In a triangle, both push and pull factors are in balance. The incubation of the night might give you insights on the month of August 2019.



Hecate’s wheel



On January 1, I will give you more information about the relationship between Hecate and Janus, God of the Doorways. The incubation of this night might bring you more information about the month of September 2019.


On January 2, I will give you more information about the three moon Goddesses. Hecate, Goddess of the Dark Moon, Selene, Goddess of the Full Moon and Artemis, Goddess of the Waxing Crescent Moon. The incubation of that night might bring you more insights about the month of October 2019.


On January 3, I will give you more information about Hecate as witch. You are invited to cast a spell. The incubation of this night could give you information on the month of November 2019.


On January 4, I will tune into the concept of the cauldron. Hecate, nowadays known as a witch, has a cauldron. What does it symbolize? This lesson shares some insights. The incubation this night will challenge you to brew your own psychological magic potion for 2019. Dreams of this night might give you information on the month of December 2019.


On January 5, I invite you to prepare for Epiphany. The birth of the light. The incubation of that night will invite you to dream about the alchemy taking place in your life.


On January 6, I invite you to share your dreams and experiences. I love to get feedback, compliments as well as points to improve.


Each dream can be shared in a private Facebook group. To take advantage of this, you need to have or create a (temporary) Facebook profile.

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13 Holy Nights

This is a Guest blog by Lidia Tremblayauthor of books like Nightshade, Contemporary Urban Crone: A journey into Aging in Today’s Pagan Society, and many more. I have gotten to know Lidia as a very intelligent, articulate women who appreciates the value of dreams. She talks in this blog about her experiences with the previous Mindfunda Holy Night Dreaming Event. You can sign up for this year’s edition right now, we will start December 25.


Holy Night Dreaming Event: a way to Self Love

Last year, I had the privilege of participating in The Twelve Holy Nights, presented by Susanne Van Doorn. I am deeply grateful to Susanne for her hard work in pulling the meditations and incubations together, and for the opportunity to share in this course.

The only word that comes to mind from that experience is ‘intense’. From the first guided meditation I felt myself wrapped in a constant state of mindfulness not only in the dream state but also in every moment of the waking day. By the time it was finished, only twelve nights later, I admit I was mentally exhausted, as well as exhilarated. This intense time took me to a completely different level of dreaming.




A couple of weeks after the course was finished, I was thinking about all the dreams, going through them in my mind, and wondering what they represented altogether. I do remember I felt a need for a nap. I lay down, these thoughts still swirling within me, and drifted off – only to be awakened suddenly. As though I was a puppet and someone yanked my strings, I sat up, just as suddenly. The words blazed before my eyes: SELF-LOVE!


Holy Nights, Gateway to Inner Wisdom


Yes! Taken in its totality, my dreams of my ancestors, diamonds, ice-blue eyes of wolves, flying high on a Eagle’s back, finding myself in the Balance of an Angel, and much more, led me to this blazing understanding. ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’! As Thyself! Self-Love – now there’s a concept that too few seem to understand. We are taught to give, to look after others, and not count ourselves worthy. In fact, to think otherwise is vanity. But these dreams, these incredibly vivid other-worldly adventures were telling me that it’s not only acceptable to love myself, but also necessary and needful.

A few days later, when I had time to assimilate this epiphany, I had the opportunity to speak to our chaplain who services the building I live in. As I told him about my experiences, I saw new light and understanding dawn in his eyes. He suddenly flung back his head and laughed with sheer delight. He hugged me, saying his deep thanks for this, that in all the years of his studies, he had never thought of this himself, nor was he ever taught this all-important lesson.

13 Holy Nights and Epiphany

This understanding led me to explore this new reality through a number of different angles, but always, I came back to the twelve dreams, meditations and exercises I engaged in during the Holy Nights. Every day Susanne’s new message would add to and expound on what was already learned. Each day I wondered if I was up to the task. And each night, new revelations would come to me by way of dreams.




Now, it’s almost a year later, and I’m eager, as I hope you all are, to undertake another intense dream therapy session again. I cannot wait to see what Susanne has in store for us, and to share each others dreams night by night.

I wish you all insightful and blessed dreams!

Lidia Tremblay

I am so thrilled to read that the Holy Nights Dreaming Event is so appreciated. Thought I like the group to be compact and personal, there are a few openings left! If you are interested you can still sign up.

I would love to meet you online and share dreams for 12 days and 13 nights. This year we will also create a book with spiritual exercises: one each day. You will give yourself a little daily present: 15 minutes each day that you dedicate to your own well-being.

Holda and the winter


Frau Holda, or Hula is asscociated with the 12 Holy nights. She is seen as the Queen of Winter, and sometimes as the wife of Odin.

Holda, the winter queen
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Holda is the winter Queen, who decides which children have been naughty and nice. A blond woman with blue eyes, she rules the cold and harsh winter. Sometimes she is the wife of Odin, dressed up in Red.

Artwork found at William P. Reeves
Frau Holda, the story

The Grimm story about Frau Holda is a story about a mother with two daughters. One is lazy, one is eager. The Lazy one is loved the most. The other daughter is supposed to spin all day. Her spinning wheel gets blood from the girl’s hands all over it. To prevent her mother from getting really angry with the stained spinning wheel, she throws it into the well. She has to dive into the well to retrieve it. She dives in, and gets into another realm. Lovely, abundant, with breath begging to be put out of the oven and apples wanting to be plucked from the tree. A sort of Garden of Eden in reverse.

Now the good girl enters the home of Frau Holda and does her work, The usual cleaning an tidying. Frau Holda approves and sends the girl back home covered in gold.

The lazy sister also jumps in the well, hoping to get covered in god. She is lazy. She does not harvest, she does not take care of Frau Holda, and she gets covered in pitch.

A story about winter, getting into the realms of the earth and harvesting all it has to offer. A story about judging the work, done in the right way.

Holda and the well

Spinning is an ancient motif, associated with the Mother Goddess. The well is used to clean the spinning wheel, the mandala of the Self, from the blood of the girl. Blood is our life force. Blood is red, the color of fire, the color of anger. It is rather upsetting that the ‘good” girl does not get angry at her mother and sister. Instead, she seems to bottle it all up inside. She needs to search for the Goddess inside the well.

When she jumps in, she enters a paradise with plenty of food. Food that screams to be eaten. In the cold of winter she has discovered a Nirvana. Going down to reach for fertility in the water of the well. Going beyond her anger. Accepting her shadow side, the lazy part of her, that does not care about the work.

Close your eyes and envision your well. See how you can use it as a bridge to the treasures that wait to blossom in a few months. It is not only mundane food that yo are growing now, it is also your spiritual well-being…

Did you dive into the well of wisdom the past days? To harvest what you have learned this year? Did you catch some good dreams too? It is a magical dreaming time so make sure you take notes!

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