Invitation to join the Holy Nights

Holy Nights are a special time for dreaming. It’s believed that the air between the different realms of being is thin, and that information about past, present and future can be communicated with more ease in this time frame.

13 Holy Nights

Today’s post is a guest blog written by Lidia Urban Crone Tremblay, about her dreams during Mindfunda’s online Holy Nights Event* According to ancient beliefs, the 12 nights between Christmas and Epiphany are a special time for dreaming. Each night should predict something about the month of the following year. *click to read more and join […]

Holda and the winter

Frau Hola, Winter Queen, sometimes seen as the wife of Odin. In the Fairy Tale about her she lives on the other side of the well. Did you jump in this winter?

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