Camelot’s Celtic Christmas: Arthur and his Ladies

Christmas is less than a month away! Join us to celebrate it in a different way as you are used to. First of all you’d have to be interested in dreams and mythology and be on Facebook. If you are not, you can stop reading now: this is not the blog for you. But if you are a dreamer: the John Lennon way, day day dreamer or a night traveler: this offer might just be the one you are looking for.


Are you ready for a Celtic Christmas


Let me take you on a twelve night journey, guided by the Camelot crew (click the link for a more detailed travel brochure).
We leave on Christmas Eve, December 24 2021, and for the next 12 nights we are going to dream together. Each night a different knight of Camelot and his female counterpart will show you the way.  We are going to travel around the Lake as a mirror of our inner awareness.

  • Each night, you can lie in bed and listen to a wonderful audio that guides your dreams and will help you remember them better;
  • Each day you can read a mythological story telling you about the adventures of the knights;
  • Each day you can access a private Facebook forum to discuss your dreams with other participants.

Not sure yet? Watch the introduction video ( 2:39)


Are you ready to join? Sign up for the Holy Nights Event 2021-22. I have two flavors to choose* from:

The Golden Package that includes:

  • 12 blogs about the Camelot Crew;
  • 12 audio files to help you tune into your dreams;
  • Access to a private Facebook Forum;
  • A one hour dream consultation concerning your Holy Night’s Dreams.

Yes, I am going for Gold, count me in!

The Silver Package that includes:

  • 12 blogs about the Camelot Crew;
  • 12 audio files to help you tune into your dreams;
  • Access to a private Facebook Forum.

Yes, Silver suits me fine, count me in!


note: *Once you have made a choice between the Golden or the Silver Package, there is no refund when downgrading.


What other participants have said about the previous Holy Nights Events:


Mindora: It was a wonderful experience, the 12 nights! Unfortunately, I was ill a few days so I could not post my dreams. It was like a healing journey, and I felt a lot of love and guidance here. Susanne, your stories are so subtle, like magic drops!
This evening I’ve danced and I realized that is the first time since the pandemic begun. Indeed, a celebration of joy! All 2020 bring me here and the immersion in the dreams have for sure a contribution.
Thank you Susanne, thank you all for your kind feedback! 🙂

Peter: Dreams are a passion for you, me, us. Yet, your feedback puts you in the ranks of the immortals –that’s a superhuman effort to sustain the volume of responses over the 12-day period– make that lucky 13 for the solstice. You put on your “Odin Archetypal glasses” and spoke from the Norse perspective.  Kudo, kudos, I hope you enjoyed your labor of love, as much as I enjoyed being on the receiving end of Norse wisdom.
In summary, well done, and I hope you, the dream team (fellow participants;-), I and will back next year.

Svetlana: It was an intense course. My dream-maker’s response was amazing, so was your continuous help and the support by the group! I had revealing, profound dream experiences. I was continuously amazed by how you and my fellow-dreamers could see through my dreams and bring up the most important questions and keys that enabled me to delve into my dreams, which more often than not seemed unassailable. For me, this group support and spirit or collective dreaming and dream work were the most important feature of this dream. Thank you Susanne, from the bottom of my heart for making this profound dream exploration happen! I am very happy I took your course!

Christine: Journeying through the Holy Nights with you and the wise group of dreamers, is always such an amazing adventure full of profound revelations-I am really looking forward to this year’s theme, Susanne!

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