Who Has Been Your Best Teacher?

Remember when you were a child? You either hated to go to school or you loved it. But everybody has got one teacher that was special. It does not need to be a school teacher. Life is full of teachers. It can be your mother in law, your husband, your child.

Four Smart Questions and Answers About Dreams You had not Thought of Yourself

Most people want to know what their dream means. They assume a psychologist or a dream dictionary will give them instant access to deeper meaning. They even assume a dream might give them a prediction about their future. Mindfunda sets the record straight. It is up to you. Here are 4 smart questions and answers that will instantly help you make much more sense of your own dreams.

Five books to Read on Dreams in the first Three months of 2017

Here is Mindfunda’s selection for books you can read on dreams. Books on the cutting edge of psychology, mythology and (neuro)science that will make your life better

Red book jung, should you read it?

The Red Book of Jung, should you read it? It is filled with the musings of Jungs’ mind.
He can be irritating, he can move you, you can recognize your own doubts in his writings

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