Who Has Been Your Best Teacher?

Remember when you were a child? You either hated to go to school or you loved it. But everybody has got one teacher that was special. It does not need to be a school teacher. Life is full of teachers. It can be your mother in law, your husband, your child.

Teacher at School

At schools, you have borne teachers and you have people who are assigned the job and are in it just to pay the rent. You know the difference intuitively.

Most of the inspiring teachers live and thrive by rules. I was always arguing with my Dutch teacher. But I learned so much from her. She taught me how to analyse literature. I still profit from her lessons. And secretly I hope she enjoyed our arguments as much as I did.





One of my inspiring teachers was a relatively young guy who taught economics. He gave us the assignment to go home, check the cupboards and write down the manufacturers of the brands you bought. It was the first time I discovered mega manufacturers like Procter and Gamble. He extended my perception.

Who was your most inspiring teacher at school?

Teacher in Class

There were also peers that were excellent teachers. I soon learned that the popular handsome kids usually set the rules.


There was a girl who resembled a “duck” because her chin was so big. Once I got to know her I found out that she was very kind and had a great sense of humour. She taught me that looks are not that important. it is the way you make someone feel about themselves.

Who was your most inspiring friend?

Children as Teacher

I had a vision of becoming an inspiring, beautiful and friendly mother. But soon I realized that being a mother resembles being a policeman without wearing the uniform.


One day my youngest son was my biggest teacher. He said to me: “Mom, I wish it rained money. That way people would stop fighting”.  He taught me the importance of equality.

How have children taught you important lessons?

Dreams as Teacher

Some dreams have a spiritual quality that enlightens you. When I had to chose what to do after high school, I had a dream in which I was walking in a green garden, next to Carl Gustav Jung, who was teaching me.

I remember how deeply disappointed i was that no one could help me interpret my dream. As soon as I had some money for me-time, I followed a Jungian education in dreams.

Now i have my own online teaching school: Mindfunda Courses. I am currently involved in the Norse Mythology dreaming Course, but exploring more topics.

What would you like to learn about dreams and spirituality? Let me know in the comments.





What is Mindfunda about?

My name is Susanne van Doorn, I am a Dutch psychologist, blogger and author. I have been working with psychology, dreams and mythology ever since I finished my study in psychology at Tilburg University. I made this independant site to share insights, and recent scientific articles about the brain, dreams, and mythology for use in your personal life.

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psychology for everyday with a spiritual layer of meaning, searching for the soul. Our brains are wired for believe in magic. In a world filled with rationality, you sometimes need a little magic, a little “I wonder why”. Synchronicity, the insights of Carl Jung, the mythology used by Freud, the archetypical layers in the Tarot, the wisdom of the I Tjing, Shamanism, the oldest religion of humanity, all that information gets published in the Spirifunda section of Mindfunda.

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