Halloween, meet the Banshee



Happy Halloween!


In ancient times, Halloween was the time when spirit could go and visit their loved ones. Tonight, 31 October, banshee, and other fairies and spirits may visit freely to reunite with loved ones. A Banshee does not only appear to a few rich Irish or Scottish families. A Banshee has a mythological origin that is associated with the Mother Goddess. She is linked to the sirens. The sirens sang a song so luring that sailors that heard it lost their mind with lust and sailed onto the rocks to their own death. This also reminds us of how Aphrodite was born out of the sea-foam.


Photo: Didyma Miletos


Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and sex. The myth I will Share with you in this course is about the Celtic god of love Angus (also known as Aengus) and the Celtic goddess of dreams Caer Ibormeith. This is also a story of love and transformation.

Want to learn more about the Banshee? Sign up and join tonight for a myth, an invitation to interpretation, questions to see where you yourself have lived this myth and an incubation  to tune into the energy of the Banshee.

This course will give you 4 moments of contemplation, dream sharing, and (re)living your mythical life, for only 30 dollars per event!


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