Precognitive Dreaming During the Thirteen Holy Nights

Are you looking for an online event that will help you to upgrade your ability for precognitive dreaming? Steven Ernenwein tells about the Holy Nights and how these nights have predicted his future year. It’s fun, affordable, feel invited to join us Continue Reading

Dalai Lama dreams: here is looking at you kid!

Today Mindfunda’s guest is blogger Patti Allen. In this blog she shares with Mindfunda she talks about how people in dreams reflect aspects of your own personality. I know Patti Allen as a gifted dreamer, a good writer who combines inner Continue Reading

Moon tribute: Connie Kaplan about ‘The woman’s Book of Dreams’

Connie Kaplan talks about how the moon influences your dreaming and how she used the wisdom in her dreams to reconnect with the moon Continue Reading