Precognitive Dreaming During the Thirteen Holy Nights

thirteen holy nights

Today’s post is a guest blog written by Steven Ernenwein, about his precognitive dreams during the online event Thirteen Holy Nights.*

According to ancient beliefs, the 12 nights between Christmas and Epiphany are a special time for dreaming. Each night should predict something about the month of the following year.

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Precognitive Dreaming

The Thirteen Holy Nights of dreaming are revelatory. Since I took the course during the 2016-2017 season, it’s become a yearly ritual I look forward to now and possibly my favorite two weeks of dreaming during the year. Susanne puts together a very magical, mythical movement through these 13 nights. If you are craving for a very rich, mythic experience, she does such a phenomenal job creating and guiding the experience of these holy nights! I really can’t praise them enough!

My dreams from this experience gave me such a very powerful, symbolic road map for 2017 – and I was going to need it.

The Pre – Precognitive Dream

A week before our group began, I had a dream, which I believe was Lady Holle (whom our process was dedicated to) and I was told I’d have to surrender my “death” to her. What an introduction! Going into it with this, I felt like this process was definitely calling me!


Photo: Notavandal


At the time of this experience, I was at one of the hardest points of an internal rite of passage I am undergoing that was initiated by a lucid dream in 2015. I had no job, no money, and was about to lose my immediate family, and later almost my own family I’ve started.


Precognitive Beginning of the Year


January’s dream showed me coming up with the money I needed for rent and praising God for always taking care of me. This actually happened. I was beginning to receive ultimatums that if I didn’t have it, I was getting the boot. I couldn’t believe that between Xmas money, birthday money (my birthday is in January), and a very random money order sent to me by an anonymous friend contained exactly the remaining amount I needed. It was so bizarre and beautiful! Saved my life…till the next month!


Photo: Thought Catalog


Precognitive Dreams about Challenges


February’s dreams foretold of some steep happenings. One, I see a poster of my father and I in the style of a boxing showcase – as if some big showdown was coming. The second, my son dies in the dream and I could have done something to save him if I had only shown up for him. I didn’t want to tell anyone because how ashamed I felt about it.

In February, I did have a huge falling out with my father and we didn’t talk for about four months. He wrote me off, finally breaking, not understanding what I was doing with myself. It was a blessing in disguise, as I have given him and his opinion on certain things about me way too much power over me. This helped me to rectify a healthier dynamic.

Photo: Anna Kolosyuk


At the very end of February, very beginning of March, my fiancée almost finally left me, too. It had been a long, hard year and a half for her, as I was stripped of everything in my life that I gave my power over to. My son has shown up more times than not in my dreams as the “new life” that is emerging through this rite of passage into a new me (as he showed up right in thick of it). This dream of him dying was a warning dream that that month I would run the risk of letting that new life/new me die.


Precognitive Lucid Dreaming


In the lucid dream, I was told that to come into my power I would have to kill something and create some beautiful in its place in both my waking and dreaming lives. As I came to my great waking death moment of having nothing and having to see if I could still love myself, the temptation to surrender to the voices around me telling me I was wrong and stupid and selfish and despicable was hard. Trusting that this was what I was being asked and would be taken care of was brutal – especially in the face of breaking the heart of the one I love and losing my beautiful baby boy.



Photo: Billy Pasco


Something seriously died that day that everything crashed down, but what a gift it was to prove to myself beyond a shadow of a doubt that even with nothing I now know I have the strength to love myself before anything and anyone and an unwavering trust that Spirit will always take care of me. That next day, I was offered a job and I was able to begin the hard work of reconciling my relationship with my love. Providence on so many levels.

Precognitive Music


The next couple months had themes of shadow issues, new learning, and symbols of beginning to “get in the game” after what had felt like a lot of prep for the “game.” In one of the dreams for April, I tell my mother-in-law that there is still a “titch” in my victim archetype (which I had done extensive work with). I had the realization in June that my lyricist archetype had an enormous amount of victim energy attached to it. I had been unconscious of that being the reason I struggled to fully embrace it within me.

One of my dreams for July, spoke of me starting a new job, one as a musician, and that I started “next weekend.” “Next weekend,” once awake, felt like it implied the next month, so August. Which would end up being true. That month my dreams began offering me songs to write to help me in my attempts to heal my lyricist after becoming so aware of its dysfunction.


Photo: Spencer Imbrock


September saw a dream where I was freestyling and song lyrics were just flowing through me so effortlessly! The songs my dreams were inspiring were like this. It was like since they were being offered from somewhere deep within me that they were already there, just waiting for me to sit down and let it come through. It usually takes me a year to write an album. This one took two and a half months! It was SUCH an inspired project!

Precognitive Musing


Another dream for that month had a notion of my Anima being given the lead in my creative life and this, too, was very much true. She is my muse and I was surrendering to the process and giving her the wheel.

October’s dream was of me meeting the wise old man/wizard archetype. There was a notion of jumping in a circular pond. True initiates would feel pleasant, warm water. Those who weren’t yet, would feel soul chilling cold water. I get in and it’s pleasant. In hindsight, I feel this was saying that I was fulfilling the second part of the directive in that lucid dream for the waking state portion – something had to die and reviving my music was my act of beauty to replace it! I feel this point was the start of the Return aspect of my journey. That of which is still happening as I continue to climb back from my waking “death” and await yet what this death in the lucid state will be.

Christmas Gift

For November, I have an amazing dream that is of Christmas morning with my family. I go outside with a friend and he asks me if I will be sharing my story today. I say yes! Then we meditate and I say “I am one with the force, the force is with me” and I’m wrapped in a divine energy. November is the month I finished recording my album. It was a great ode to all the work I had been doing throughout my rite of passage – it was my “story!” During the recording of it, continuing to surrender to this process, I felt like the divine came through me. It was a gift from Spirit definitely (Xmas)!


Photo: Ben White


My final dream for December showed me at a club. I am recording myself talking, as if to post on social media to inspire others. I say “I’m here tonight trying to bring action to my dreams. To get out of my head and really bring them to life. I’m sure many people can relate to this problem.” This has always been my problem. Since September, I had begun performing again at a monthly open mic per request by my dreams. By December, I was getting my confidence back for being on stage and the beginning of 2018 would see me begin performing even more consistently than I ever have.


The Art of Surrender


The dreams of this progression are so special to me! They certainly showcase the dream’s prophetic potency in a way that baffles me. I believe our dreams always offer us what we need. I really needed this consistent of a road map, but I’m sure others in our group probably didn’t receive the same, but I suspect they did receive from it what they, too, needed.

I think surrender is key to this process. Susanne will offer you amazing incubations for each night. Hold those firm and deeply surrender for the wisdom of the dream to manifest that exactly as THEY see fit. You can trust them! When it comes to prophecy, we tend to brace ourselves and go, “show me…but it better be pretty and happy.” Let that go, affirm you trust even if it’s not what you’d want.

I hope you join us this coming season!

Steven Ernenwein*

*Steven Ernenwein has been an avid lucid dreamer and dreamworker for the past 13 years. He has recently created a blog platform for his dreamwork:
He is also a mythic hip hop artist and musician of 20 years. To listen to the album mentioned heavily in this blog visit:
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Dalai Lama dreams: here is looking at you kid!

Today Mindfunda's guest is blogger Patti Allen. In this blog she shares with Mindfunda she talks about how people in dreams reflect aspects of your own personality. I know Patti Allen as a gifted dreamer, a good writer who combines inner wisdom with straightforward actions. That always gives her that touch of extra magic when it comes to dreams and spirituality.

Have you ever had a dream about a famous person and wondered what this could mean for you? Is the dream a precognition for a future event or is there another way to work with these dreams? Patti Allen had a series of dreams about his holiness the Dalai Lama and discovered 4 ways of tuning in to your inner dream investigator. The Dalai Lama goes Casablanca style: here is looking at you kid…

“In 2002 through to the present, I started dreaming about the Dalai Lama. It wasn’t a stellar number of dreams—only five—and none of them were precognitive nor giving me information about my relationship with His Holiness or anyone like him, yet they piqued my curiosity and inspired me to dig deeper into the role of people in our dreams. I’ve discovered that I have an inner Dream Investigator who loves to solve mysteries and these characters are most often showing me parts of my Self that it’s time to get to know, own and integrate into my conscious awareness.


dalai lama
Dalai Lama


We are often surrounded In dreams, as in waking life, by the people we know but also by strangers. Family, friends and co-workers, as well as generic “somebodies”, movie stars and other famous characters we don’t know. Over time, our dreams may seem like we are dealing with a cast of thousands in a Cecil B. DeMille extravaganza! But the fact is, we are the producer, director, writer and actor in our dreams. If you are a dreamer who is consciously evolving and using dreams as a tool towards this end, then you may have wondered, “Who are these people and what are they doing in my dream?”

This is not a simple question. It helps to determine if the dream and the characters are giving you information about a relationship or situation in waking life or if the dream is largely symbolic and the people in your dream are showing you aspects of your Self. Often it is both/and, not either/or, as every dream can have multiple layers of meaning for the dreamer. In some cases, the dream can be precognitive. You may find yourself in waking life face to face with the people in your dream in the same way the dream actually unfolded!

In the first dream about the Dalai Lama is  entitled “The Dalai Lama Visits”:

“The Dalai Lama is coming over. He arrives with his entourage and chooses to hold court in my office. I am pleased and busy attending to the entourage’s needs. I was fussing with the blinds so the glare from the sun wouldn’t be too bright and His Holiness won’t be uncomfortable. His people think it is too dark; they want it lighter. He sits on the couch and at one point calls me over. I think he is calling someone else standing behind me. (I was nervous, reacting with a “Who? Me?” type of response.) His people offer me ghee that was intricately shaped into the shapes of animals. I say it looks different here (in our country). Some biker gang- type neighbours are making a lot of noise and I go next door to yell at them. “Don’t you know we’ve got a holy man here?

In this dream, I found myself grappling with the layers of symbolism with the character of the Dalai Lama. What is the holy man or the leader in me?  How much “light” or enlightenment is just right? Do I adjust the blinds or would I rather stay in the dark? Who are the “biker or gang-types” in me? What is my need to keep them quiet telling me? What is the offering in my life or what am I being offered? In an intuitive or precognitive possibility, at the time of the dream I had no idea that there really is a butter and flour offering in the Tibetan tradition called “Torma”, which are “figures or shapes, some conical, made mostly of flour and butter used in tantric rituals or as offerings in Tibetan Buddhism.” -Wikipedia] And finally, and importantly, why am I always serving or attending to the needs of others?

In other Dalai Lama dreams, H.H. is wearing jeans and smoking after blessing my home, being asked questions about when he goes to the bathroom and when he prays, what souvenir should I buy or whether I can serve pork to his wife!

So with these mysterious characters in our dreams, what is the best way to approach them? Wearing my best “Dream Investigator” Fedora, I first look for clues in this way (with apologies to Casablanca fans!). The Dalai Lama goes Casablanca style. Four questions to sharpen your inner detective tools.

Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama goes Casablanca #1

Round Up The Usual Suspects (associations): Look at the characters in your dream by thinking of 3-5 adjectives to describe them. Don’t try to clean up your descriptions to be politically correct. I call your associations “the usual suspects” because it is your typical thoughts, associations and assumptions, whether true or correct, that we want to know. What first comes to mind when you think or describe that person? I learned a lot over the years and I love Gayle Delaney’s “Tell it to an alien” technique as a simple, powerful and direct way to come up with these descriptions. (Note: there are other similar techniques that are drawn from various types of psychotherapy schools, but framing it in this way Delaney cuts to the chase!)

Dalai Lama goes Casablanca #2

Play it, Sam: When you can’t quite get a handle on any associations in a way that resonates for you, imagine you are the person in question in your dream, and speak from their perspective. Tell us about yourself. “I am…” Playing the part of the characters in your dream will draw out your own associations. Soon you’ll be humming As Time Goes By.

Dalai Lama goes Casablanca #3

Here’s Looking at You Kid: Is the character telling you about a relationship or situation in your life or is the dream about a part of you? Take all the time you need to explore the usual suspects and situations in your life, and let your emotions guide the way. Sometimes, we too quickly rush to make associations and if nothing or no one in our life is a perfect match, we swiftly discard the connections. But taking the time to look with our emotions will often have us taking a second look. As you explore your associations, watch for yours body sensation as clues. You may have a physical or energetic reaction to the character and your associations that will tell you when you find your dream treasure, that juicy “aha” moment. You may know “in your gut” what the people in your dream represent.

Dalai Lama goes Casablanca #4

Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship: Once the connection is made between your life and your dream people, befriending them is a great way to begin to integrate their messages. Treat them as honoured visitors and dialogue with them. Invite their energy or point of view into your life. Begin to own their place and value in your conscious awareness. In Casablanca, Rick and Louise start out as enemies…or at best “frenemies” and by the end of the movie, they were going off together to fight in the Resistance. When it comes to dream messages, resistance will often be met with more dreams, both recurring dreams and nightmares, until we pay attention. These dreams and the characters in them can become beautiful friends, when we take the time to get to know these diverse aspects of Self”.

Dalai Lama: here is looking at you kid!


dalai lama
Patti Allen

Patti Allen has a rich background in the healing arts, education, and public speaking on the topic of dreams and has been facilitating dream groups for 18 years. As a Dream Teacher, Blogger at, Mentor and Coach, Patti helps people use their dreams to access their inner wisdom, creativity and problem-solving abilities. You can contact her by writing to:

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Moon tribute: Connie Kaplan about ‘The woman’s Book of Dreams’

The Moon has an effect on dreams. We have known that for a long time, even though we might not realize it consciously. I spoke with Connie Kaplan about the effect the moon has on dreaming. Watch the complete interview on Mindfunda’s YouTube channel so you can enjoy it too (don’t forget to subscribe).

Connie is a woman who “dreamed herself awake”. During a time she was burned out, she dreamed and she kept on dreaming. She shares that valuable information with you in her books and in the interview.


Connie’s book “The Woman’s book of dreams” is divided into five parts. The first part is about astrology. Connie broke down in 1986 and rebuilt herself using dreams, spiritual guidance and the power of the moon. If you listen to the interview you can enjoy her energy and her wisdom.

The Moon is affecting dreams

In the first part she talks about how the moon affects dreaming. This made her distinguish several types of dreaming that might shed a new light on the dreams in your dream journal. She talks with us about the 13 types of dreaming she recognizes and how they can help you.

If you have a dream circle, or think about starting one, you should really take a look at the interview. Connie Kaplan describes a very powerful method (buy The woman’s book of Dreams if you want to know all about it). It has been the method that I use myself. The power of silence can really intensify the messages a dreamer comprehends about a dream in a dream circle, Not speaking when you have nothing to say is a spiritual act.

The woman’s book of dreams Connie Kaplan

A thing almost all of us do while working with dreams, is projecting our problems of the past on them. Connie Kaplan talks about re-dreaming the past in a powerful way. She discusses the myth of Persephone, queen of the real of the death with us because that is a recurrent myth for women everywhere. Taken into the dark Persephone takes charge and becomes queen.

The dreaming of the future is a thing we all know. But often we do not talk about it. We ignore it or reason it away. Connie talks about an extraordinary coincidence that happened in her dream group. A mutual insight her dream group had into an important future catastrophy.

And the last subject is about giving the gift. It is Connie’s calling to help you embrace your contract of life. The most important clause in your contract giving your gift. Embracing yourself and enjoying life.

This and nore is discussed in my recent interview with Conny Kaplan. I hope you enjoy watching the complete interview!

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