Environment: 3 Ways a Place can Have an Impact on your Well Being

Your environment has got more impact on you and your state of well being than you’d imagine on first sight. Grounding Religion, a Book Review. It was only after reading this book that I could get a grip on how many aspects are involved in the intertwining of Ecology and Environment. Continue Reading

Stonehenge and sacred geography

Just this week you found out that there is another collection of stones near Stonehenge. 4,000 years ago it was built. And it is covered with earth. Why? Nobody knows. It is not excavated yet. Scholars have been tracing it Continue Reading

Summer solstice: when the sun does not seem to move

Summer solstice the shortest night of the year, the longest day. How is the earth magnetic field that has an effect on your dream content affected by the summer solstice? Continue Reading