Imbolc Celebration

Imbolc is the old Celtic celebration of the return of the light. On February 1, the old ancient Goddess Brigid* returns after being held in captivity by the old Hag of winter. It’s on the horse of Angus Og, she rides while the cold winds are blowing. Imbolc and Earth’s Fertility It’s a celebration of […]

Sense8: a mythology of connection and magic

Mindfunda explores Sense8. The Netflix series of the Wachowskis (yes from the Matrix) has some intriguing mythological themes. Watch the show to take you to an inner journey for your personal mythology.

Solar eclipse 2015: chance to turn the plot around?

My guys (11 and 9) have a “Newsflash” they read at school and this week it is about the solar eclipse 2015. I am not sure you will be able to see it in your part of the world. In my town it will be visible Friday morning. Solar eclipse: the chance for a plot twist? […]

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