Lucid dreaming plain and simple

Mindfunda had the honor of interviewing Robert Waggoner about a new book he has written together with Caroline McCready: “Lucid dreaming plain and simple”.

You can watch it on the Mindfunda YouTube-channel.


Robert Waggoner
Robert Waggoner

Robert Waggoner is past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) . For the past ten years, he has been the co-editor of the online magazine, The Lucid Dreaming Experience, the only ongoing publication devoted specifically to lucid dreaming. A lucid dreamer since 1975, he has logged more than 1,000 lucid dreams. He is also author of Lucid dreaming, gateway to the inner self, read all about that book here.

Caroline McCready is an author, teacher, artist, a graduate of the University of Warwick, with a BA honours degree in History of Art and also has a postgraduate SQC in Psychology from Oxford Brookes University. Caroline spent a year at the Julian Ashton Fine Art School in Sydney, Australia before going on to study Sculpture in Chelsea, London.

They both met at the presentation and courses Robert gives in Lucid dreaming and decided to write a book suitable for beginners as well as more experienced Lucid dreamers.

lucid dreaming
Lucid dreaming Plain and simple


For the sake of the interview I decided to divide the book into four parts:

#1: Basic techniques for lucid dreaming

The first part of the book (chapter 1-4) gives information about the history, science and basic techniques of lucid dreaming. There are some nice stories about dreams in the book. For instance how Google founder Larry Page woke up with the idea “What if we could download the whole web and just keep the links?”
We all know how big Google has become.
Basic lucid induction techniques like finding your hands, mental suggestions, Mild (Mneminic Inductions of Lucid Dreams), the Critical reflection Technique of Paul Tholey and Wild (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams), Cram (Constant Repetition and Affirmation Method), Wbtb (Wake back to bed) are discussed. It makes the book a valuable resource for all lucid dreamers around.
The methods of stabilizing your lucid dreams : Meme: Modulate your emotions, Enhance your awareness, Maintain focus, Establish your intent or goal, ways to prolong lucid dreams, waking from lucid dreams and how to recognize a false awakening you can find all of this in the first 4 chapters of this book.


#2: Fine tuning the basic techniques

The second part of the book (chapter 5 – 9) revolves around fine tuning the core techniques of lucid dreaming. Robert touches on interacting with other dream figures in a lucid state to resolve, balancing your inner energy, explore different materials in a lucid dream, intent and the power of surrender, for some dreamers the hardest part of all in lucid dreaming: the power of surrender. This book is not plain and simple. It initiates you to approach lucid dreaming in a respectful way that will increase the knowledge of yourself.

#3: Lucid dreaming and healing

The third part of the book chapter 10 – 13, around dreaming and healing: healing emotionally and physically.  finding inner balance by integrating the shadow (the book has a recognizable and enjoyable Jungian flavor), how to heal in a lucid dream and one of my favorite suggestions is meditating in a lucid dream (I never meditated in a lucid dream before I read this book.  Meditating while being lucid  gives you a healing sense of connection with the universe. In the interview Robert gives credit for this idea to experienced lucid dreamer Clare Johnson.

#4: Lucid Living

The final part of the book is Lucid living. Robert Waggoner is an expert on this. Listen to the interview to hear what he has to tell you about Lucid Living.

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Moon tribute: Connie Kaplan about ‘The woman’s Book of Dreams’

The Moon has an effect on dreams. We have known that for a long time, even though we might not realize it consciously. I spoke with Connie Kaplan about the effect the moon has on dreaming. Watch the complete interview on Mindfunda’s YouTube channel so you can enjoy it too (don’t forget to subscribe).

Connie is a woman who “dreamed herself awake”. During a time she was burned out, she dreamed and she kept on dreaming. She shares that valuable information with you in her books and in the interview.


Connie’s book “The Woman’s book of dreams” is divided into five parts. The first part is about astrology. Connie broke down in 1986 and rebuilt herself using dreams, spiritual guidance and the power of the moon. If you listen to the interview you can enjoy her energy and her wisdom.

The Moon is affecting dreams

In the first part she talks about how the moon affects dreaming. This made her distinguish several types of dreaming that might shed a new light on the dreams in your dream journal. She talks with us about the 13 types of dreaming she recognizes and how they can help you.

If you have a dream circle, or think about starting one, you should really take a look at the interview. Connie Kaplan describes a very powerful method (buy The woman’s book of Dreams if you want to know all about it). It has been the method that I use myself. The power of silence can really intensify the messages a dreamer comprehends about a dream in a dream circle, Not speaking when you have nothing to say is a spiritual act.

The woman’s book of dreams Connie Kaplan

A thing almost all of us do while working with dreams, is projecting our problems of the past on them. Connie Kaplan talks about re-dreaming the past in a powerful way. She discusses the myth of Persephone, queen of the real of the death with us because that is a recurrent myth for women everywhere. Taken into the dark Persephone takes charge and becomes queen.

The dreaming of the future is a thing we all know. But often we do not talk about it. We ignore it or reason it away. Connie talks about an extraordinary coincidence that happened in her dream group. A mutual insight her dream group had into an important future catastrophy.

And the last subject is about giving the gift. It is Connie’s calling to help you embrace your contract of life. The most important clause in your contract giving your gift. Embracing yourself and enjoying life.

This and nore is discussed in my recent interview with Conny Kaplan. I hope you enjoy watching the complete interview!

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Dream music: listening to inner songs

Dream music: some people wake up humming or singing a song. What do you think: do musicians dream other music dreams then non musicians?

Yesterday evening, I was interviewing Connie Kaplan about how the moon influences our dreams. I will put the interview on Mindfunda’s Youtube channel soon, so sign up for the channel. In her book A womans’ book of dreams she states: “The moon is like a music player in the sky that plucks the lines as harp strings”. The thought of the moon playing our dream music is very appealing to me.

In the moving documentary “Alive inside” you can see Henry, an Alzheimer patient come alive when he listens to the music he liked when he was younger.

dream music
Alive inside

Music is stored in the procedural memory. Procedural memory knows procedures: how to walk, how to ride a bike, how to swim. And procedural memories are consolidated during sleep. Research of Steffen Gais and Jan born suggests that dreaming has a lot to do with consolidating procedural memory. So dreaming about music helps you to consolidate new things in your brain so you are better equipped for life’s challenges.

Dream music: listening to inner songs

When I dreamed of being part of a tune, it was a big dream for me. It was something I had not experienced before. I was not a person, I was energy, vibrating. I was part of a unity. I was dream music. It was my first dream of being part of the cosmos.

Dream music indicates new ways of learning: the consolidating of procedural memory. At that point in time I was starting some new challenging projects and journeys to countries I had never visited before.

When an Alzheimer patient comes alive hearing music he has found his sense of self again. Most of us intuitively know that dreaming about music is dreaming about our soul. But I suggest dreaming about music has a very practical function as well. It reshapes neurological paths in our brains to make us deal with the world better. Listen to the dream that author Ann Aswegan describes in her book  “Awakening to the song of yourself”:

Awakening to the song of yourself Ann Aswegan

…”As I gaze at the piano, it automatically begins to play a lovely melody. I am strongly drawn to its music and begin moving toward it. At the same time the piano starts to glide in my direction and then lumbers gently past me down the hill until it reaches the sidewalk…
I feel as if I am destined to receive it. I am filled with gratitude for this amazing gift. I catch up with it on the sidewalk and follow it as it gradually starts to move again”…

I think that music in dream tells us a lot about who we are. It might even catch our core qualities, the soul of our being.

Anne Baring Dream of the Cosmos: 4 Intriguing Questions

“I must learn that the dregs of my thoughts, my dreams, are the speech of my soul. I must carry them in my heart, and go back and forth over them in my mind, like the words of the person dearest to me” Carl Jung Red Book
Anne Baring Dream of the Cosmos: Question #1

If the Cosmos is a living unity, what would it be dreaming about?

Anne Baring, author of Dream of the Cosmos, starts the Mindfunda interview by telling us the dream that started it all. She had a very profound dream about Shekinah (I wrote about Shekinah in this earlier post). This dream made Anne aware that everything in the universe is connected.


What is femininity?

anne baring dream of the cosmos
Photo: Evan Kirby


In my interview as well as in Dream of the Cosmos Anne redefines femininity. It is not about seductiveness and fertility. It is about the connection with the soul. An inner connection to honour your awareness of soul.


How do I connect with the soul?

Anne touches upon Buddha and Jesus as people being in touch with the Soul. They wanted to convince people of the inter-connectedness we all share. The Kabbalah is a tradition that plays an important role in the Dream of the Cosmos. Its ancient wisdom reveals so much about our universe and its hidden laws.



How do we feel this connectedness, when we are in pain?

In a mythological perspective Dream of the Cosmos talks about the pain the myth of the fall has caused. How it encouraged misogyny, the hatred for women. It was a false perception that has been haunting the world since the Neolithic time.

Anne talks about how quantum science confirms the insights she reveals in Dream of the Cosmos. About how she feels about the tragedy of Germanwings. About sin being a trauma inflicted in childhood. About how we need the dark side of our personality because dark matter is the biggest creative force in the universe.


Watch my 4-chapter video interview with author Anne Baring about ‘Dream of the Cosmos’  to find out how this book will change your life for the better.

Ann Baring

Anne Baring, author and Jungian analyst, wrote her magnum opus: ‘Dream of the Cosmos’ in 2013. Click on the picture to buy it:

Dream of the Cosmos - Anne Baring
‘Dream of the Cosmos – a quest for the soul ‘ by Anne Baring



I have an excellent Mythology Course you can follow online: Mindfunda Mythology

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The Apple tv: unlocking knowledge in a heartbeat

I am a fan of Apple. And I laughed just like you, about the ridiculous price tag on the Apple watch. BUT this watch will be able to monitor your health somewhere in the future Apple’s Tim Cook has promised.

My life changed for the better when we  got ourselves an apple tv. It is affordable, and I love it. Being an information addict, my life has changed dramatically in the past two decades.


The apple tv bundle

1. The Apple tv saves time

Having had over 20 years of education I taught myself to look at indexes, find out where the information was I needed to know, read it, analyse it and use it for my own benefit. No I have to admit that, getting older a book hardly ever catches my full attention. I know what I want to know, look for it and hardly ever take the time to read a book from A to Z.
Now I just easily search for a documentary, or a good YouTube instruction and play it on the Apple tv. There are Universities, BBC documentaries, all kinds of cool and instructive knowledge that you easily absorb.
Being the moderator of a Facebook group about Mythology I get a lot of information about ancient history and mythology from all over the world that is available on YouTube, Vimeo

2. The Apple tv gives you freedom

You do not need to stay at home at a certain point in time. You can watch what you like, whenever you like and you can make the choices your intellect craves for. Are you into the creation of the universe? There are SO many good films, documentaries and YouTube films about it that you can call yourself an expert in the subject in a short amount of time, if you choice wisely.

3. You will not be bothered by commercials

That is one of the things I like best. No more silly useless commercials. I always resented that.

4. You dive into knowledge

All you ever wanted to know and more about psychology using for example itunes university which is filled with classes you can follow for free;
science with Michael from Vsauce who goes into depth about any subject and always know how to surprise you,
mythology: on Netflix (you have to be a member of Netflix) you can watch the mystery files with documentaries about Joan of Arc, King Arthur, Alexander the Great. So you see that every aspect of Mindfunda: psychology, science and mythology are represented in the pool of knowledge to dive into. You will come out refreshed!

My husband and I have been loving this Apple television since we purchased it a year ago. It has been worth evey cent. If you want to buy one yourself plaese consider using the link in this blog, it will give Mindfunda a little kickback fee so we can continue our work: to make your life more easy by giving you the knowledge you need. A Mindfunda a day keeps the doctor away!