Does tarot predict your future?

We live in an uncertain world. Using tarot is one of several ways to decrease that uncertainty. One of the most common things is to look at the past to predict the future. People are often hired for work using that method. But there are more ways, fun ways to decrease uncertainty. One of them is to use the tarot to predict the future. Do you think tarot can predict the future? What are your experiences?

Rider Waite tarot deck on
Rider Waite tarot deck on

When I was a lot younger I used to draw tarot cards. I made it into a ritual. I sat down, relaxed my body and focussed on the problem that bothered me the most. Then I spread out my deck of cards in a circle (I used the Rider Waite Tarot but use your own set of preference, there are many). Picking 1 – 3 cards out of the circle: one for the past, one present and one future. Many times things actually happened like the tarot predicted… But I never use the tarot that way any more. I do not believe the tarot can predict the future…

Carl Jung was one of the first persons to describe archetypes. It is a rather vague concept. Scrolling the net to find a definition I find this one: (in Jungian psychology) a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches. (here is the source).
Vague yes but we all intuitively grasp the concept of archetypes. We all think, or like to believe that people are united by a common heritage. A knowledge inherited from our ancestors. New research in genetics has found evidence for genetical transmission of environmental data between generations. So genetical inheritance for basic concepts in a culture seems logical.

To predict the future you need to know a lot. And even then you can go wrong. Things can evolve in unexpected ways. People can react differently then you expected, and a sudden break or a sudden tragedy can occur in your own life as well as in the lives of people around you creating a whole new mixture of variables to react upon.

Tarot is a valuable asset in your life

So why did I write this article? I believe that tarot is a valuable asset in your life. If you can comprehend archetypes and know which one people use the most (we all have our favorite archetypical ways of acting and reacting) you can take action with more certainty.

To help you I am in the creating process of a Tarot dream course consisting of 22 digital chapters, one for each card of the Major Arcana.

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