Time Travel: tasting the future while dreaming the present

Lately, I have had several dreams about time travel. In my first dream, at the beginning of 2015 I was part of a group of people who demonstrated for their right to time travel,

time travel

It was a high energy, very positive dream. Lots of laughing, lots of talking. I woke up with a very good feeling.

My second time travel dream was of a different nature. in the first dream I was not actually time traveling. In my second dream I was aware of a different reality. You can read about that dream here. In my dream I meet my husband in another time frame. He has a girlfriend that tells me about how she and him fell in love dancing to a Bob Marley record. On a symbolic level, the dark girlfriend is mother nature, dancing to the inner music we all hear in our veins.

This morning I had my third time travel dream. i am lying on a bed and a man tells me I have to concentrate on the Vikings. I have to travel back to this time and enter another life to experience it. A rather shamanic experience.


time travel
Shamanic journey

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Shamans have traveled in different realms of reality. Using dreams (Like on this record above). The sound and certain plants and mushrooms helped shamans to get into a trance.
According to my third dream, Vikings used shamans’ wisdom. My good friend Wikipedia tells me Viking shamans were called Seiðr.  “Various scholars have debated the nature of seiðr, some arguing that it was shamanic in context, involving visionary journeys by its practitioners” And it gets even betterSeiðr practitioners were of both genders, although females are more widely attested, with such sorceresses being variously known as vǫlurseiðkonur and vísendakona.

The Norse theme is relevant in my dream life. I once met Odin in my dream without knowing who he was. A rather archetypical image. In my interview with Ralph Metzner I tell him about my dream. Odin is said to have his shamanistic practices taught to the seiðr. Jan Fries wrote an excellent book about it called Seidways.

time travel

I have not read the book yet. But the reviews are promising: “After about 10 pages I decided that Fries is the greatest author on Germanic magic alive. He is able to consider so many perspectives, casually avoids the rigidity of authors such as Thorsson that I found so discouraging as a newbie, and is very open about where research stops and personal opinion starts. His ideas are extremely unorthodox, and the extent of “authenticity” can be questioned about this book in various ways – but Fries never pretends to be anything he is not, and this open honesty is far more preferable than the pompous pretend-authenticity of many other books about historically inspired magical practices“.

While getting all of those Norse mythology dreams: meeting Odin, dreaming about having to re-marry on Wednesday (Odin’s day) in another dream and now this traveling back to the Vikings convince me even more about the inheritance of dream content. Given that I am diabetic and diabetes has “originated” in the North European countries (high sugar level served as anti-freeze during the ice age so my ancestors could get old enough to conceive children) I think this would be such an interesting topic for research…

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