Twelve Holy Nights with the Groovy Greek Gods

Holy Nights, a special time of year. About two decades ago, I started to realize that my dreams seemed to intensify during  Christmas time. It wasn’t long before I found out that the period between Christmas Eve and Epiphany: Dec 24 – January 6 is a special time to prepare for the new year. It’s fun. it’s intense and you can dive into your dreams on a private Facebook group, together with peers to discuss your dreams.  This blog is an itinerary for those days.

Each day we will read an online blog and each night you can listen to an audio incubation online or on your phone while you lie in bed. An incubation is intended to help you remember your dreams. In the morning you can enter your dreams on a private Facebook group. A Facebook account is necessary for participation. Each day I read the dreams and reflect on them by using the “If it was my dream” method. As long as it is respectful everyone in the dream group is invited to reflect on the dreams of others, with always the knowledge that your reflection on the dream says something about you. 

Each night is dedicated to a theme. This year the theme of the Holy Nights are the Twelve Archetypical Gods of the Olympus: The Groovy Greeks.

Night one is dedicated to Zeus, who represents the ego, who asks you to help him give  birth to his child Dionysus, God of pleasure.

Night two is dedicated to Hera, or the marriage between your inner light and inner shadow side.

Night three is dedicated to War God Ares, but focusses in on his parental skills. In this night we connect with the inner father in our psyche.

Night four, oh la la is dedicated to the one and only Goddess of Love Aphrodite.

Night five is dedicated to Hermes, God of communication but also of thieves and tricksters.

Night six is dedicated to Artemis, the representative of our connection with wild nature.

Night seven is dedicated to Apollo, God of light and inner truth.

Night eight is dedicated to our inner harvest as we will explore the energy of Demeter, who while looking for her daughter, finds a son. 

Night nine will be dedicated to our inner craftsman, God Hephaestus.

Night ten will be dedicated to the Goddess of rational thought and strategy: Athena. She needs her daddy: Zeus the ego to get what she wants.

On night eleven we will put on our bathing suits and sail the sea of unconsciousness with Poseidon.

And finally in night twelve we will find our place in our inner home, sit by the fire of Hestia and enjoy the wine made by Dionysus and now we are back at the beginning again!


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