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Know thyself

Mindfunda: the site to help you with funding your consciousness. From the root ‘fundamental’, the underlying principle in something usually complex, Mindfunda wants to help unravel the underlying principle in the most challenging mystery in this world. The most essential question that can take a lifetime to answer: Who am I? Know thyself, in Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν on the temples of Apollo in Delphi, Temet nosce in the movie The Matrix.

Know thyself using scientific research

We collect articles and information from a psychological, spiritual and mythological viewpoint. Science, books, films, personal experience, and dreams can help with your current life issues, to help you answer life’s most important question: who am I? The ancient wisdom “Know thyself” is taken into the modern age using scientific research, neurology but also mythology used in films, television series and plays.

Know thyself through the latest psychological insights

Mindfunda gives you the basic, fundamental knowledge in psychology. Know thyself begins at a personal level. This knowledge can be found in the department called “Brainfunda” on this site.
Know thyself also implies acknowledging your spiritual side. This fundamental knowledge on spirituality can be found on the “Spirifunda” area of the site. Do not be scared away by the spiritual layer of this site. Everyone has a brain wired for spirituality, and living in accordance with your brain increases happiness.

Know thyself using mythology

In the Western culture mythology seems to be forgotten. Could that be the reason we feel so unhappy sometimes? Let’s find our mythology. Our Personal Mythology, looking at our own lives, our own ancestors, our dreams, using the information on this site can give you the “Aha Erlebnis” that gives you the inner flow you are craving.

Know thyself using Mindfunda’s gifts

Mindfunda has a mutual dream e-book for you to download. usually we think dreaming is all about the dreamer. Mindfunda shows that you can be able to connect with somebody while you are dreaming. This book tells you about an experiment where two people meet in dreams and exchange a gift. The book explores the methods used by the couples that succeeded, making it easier for you to “mutual dream”.

Another gift Mindfunda has for you are interviews with writers of books that really give you a different perspective on live. For example: Stanley Krippner, professor of psychology about his view on mythology, Anne Baring who talks about how the universe is communicating with us, award-winning author Jean Raffa about the key to be happy and many more. Sign up for the YouTube channel here.

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