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Mythology: ancient stories about gods and goddesses, fighting, worrying about golden fleeces, living on mountains.

You heard about the stories, you probably know about Greek mythology. But did you know mythology is important in your life? That the myths are stories about problems we all have and about how to solve them? That the mythological themes are still the inspiration for songs, books and films?

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I think films and songs are are new mythology and stars are our new gods and goddesses. Star Wars for example was created to be the strory of the hero. Joseph Campbell analysed mythologies and concluded that all stories have a theme in common: a hero gets a calling, does not believe in himself. He gets a mentor, falls in love with a lovely lady who later on is a princess in disguise, the get into real serious trouble but the hero never gives up. Well he does give up at least one time because his mentor needs to guide him back into his inner wisdom.
The purpose of the quest is always to do something for society. To improve life for himself AND others.

Pop stars are modern gods and goddesses. Madonna for example shows the strenght of the maiden. Forever young and blond, she gives us all the illusion that we can make things happen.
David Bowie is the androgyn creature we all need to be when we want to fit in,
even though we know we are going to stand out because of who we are.
Mick Jagger is the Puber, always boyish, never growing up. The side of ourselve that wants to be a rebel, a lover and not a responsable human being with job and kids.

Mythology Creatures

There are lots of crazy, dangerous and gentle mythology creatures. Pegasus, for instance, the flying horse is one of the kindest mythological creatures. You can read more about him in the Amazing Animal section of the Mindfunda Mythology online course


But a winged horse is relatively “normal”. There are also mythological dragons to be slaughtered. Have you ever wondered why a princess is almost always guarded by a dragon?

Greek Mythology

Most of us have grown up hearing stories about Greek mythology. My father, who worked as a high school principle, knew a lot about ancient Greek history. He could tell me those stories in a mesmerising voice.

But how do those stories tell you anything about your life and your problems? Your troubles with getting or keeping a job? Your troubles of working in a place you don’t really like just to earn enough to put food on the table?

All those Greek Gods, they had nothing to worry about, high on their mountain. But you are no god. You live here on earth. Those greek myth stories have no relevance.

Discover Your Personal Mythology

On Mindfunda you can find multiple articles about how mythological themes play a part in everyones life. Including yours.

I have written a series of two blogs about ways to discover those themes in your own life. It goes beyond Joseph Campbell’s hero story.

In films, you can often distinguish ancient mythological themes. I have created the affordable Mindfunda Movie course especially for that reason.

Find out more about who you are. You will become so much more independent and powerful once you know the mythological themes that drive your actions.


If you look at your own life, ask yourself: What is my mythology? What myth am I living? Using the patterns described in mythology you will come to remarkable conclusions that help you shift the direction of your life.

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What is Mindfunda about?

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This content is categorised as Mythofunda: “Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths” Joseph Campbell used to say. This part of Mindfunda shows you how your personal mythology can create peace in your life.

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