International Woman’s Day: Be Bold for Change


Each year on March 8, it’s International Woman’s Day. The theme of 2017 is: Be BOLD for change. And unfortunately, even after so many decades of action, the female principle is still underestimated…

International Woman’s Day: Be Bold for Change

It is not easy to be bold, whether you are born into the male or within the female gender. Everybody wants to be loved and accepted. I have been in tears several times when people criticise things I write on Mindfunda.

Yes, I know that is weak. But it is also a sign for me that I put my heart and soul into these blogs. This is my life’s work so far. My digital footprint that I will leave behind on this earth.

international woman's day


So how do you do that? Be bold for change? My suggestion: embrace the feminine aspects in your self. In this blog you can read about this journey in more detail.

International Woman’s Day: Embrace the Heroine


In 1990, 27 years ago (!!!), Maureen Murdock re-wrote the journey of the hero from Joseph Campbell into the journey of the heroine.


international woman's day

You see the first (devastating) step: to separate from the feminine. Every woman will remember that awkward moment when others told her that girls are stupid, or incapable of being good athletes, or inferior in any other way.

“Don’t throw like a girl” my father said and he demonstrated a very clumsy way of throwing a ball.



international woman's day
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I felt embarrassed. I certainly wanted to proof I was better than that. And that embarrassment about being born into the “wrong” gender is still roaming around. After all those years…


International Woman’s Day: No Role Models

Understanding why so little has changed in thirty years is not easy at all. But look at this film from Rebel Girl.

international woman's day
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As you can see, books do not provide really good role models for girls to take faith into their own hands, and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls makes an effort to change this.

But as we book lovers found out, people read fewer books. YouTube has taken over the world. (I can recommend my channel: you will learn a lot from all the nice interviews I have uploaded there).

In this visual oriented world, what is a woman to do?

International Woman’s Day: Wear Red

Another Be Bold Initiative is “A Day Without A Woman“. You don’t know what you got till you lose it! If women do not show up for (unpaid) work, their economic power and significance will be highlighted.


international woman's day


If you dress today, wear the colour red. Red is a color that is associated with revolutionary love and sacrifice.

Let’s honour our inner feminine side, men and women everywhere. Let’s make each other stronger and support the qualities we can give the world.

In the end, it is up to us to make the world an enjoyable place.


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