June Solstice Online Dream Event

The June Solstice is a special, magic time. The perfect time to tune into the wisdom of your dreams.

You can do so on June 19th 2017 when you participate in the Mindfunda Midsummer Night Dreaming Event. This Mindfunda tells you more about this online dreaming Event.

June Solstice
Art: Cicely Mary Barker
Flower Fairy Illustraties


A week-long we are going to incubate dreams about what wants to grow, how we are going to balance our energy and how to prepare for the winter. Because this event lasts a week, there is plenty of time to remember and a dream. Whenever you remember a dream you can share it on our online forum and I will provide objective feedback on it.

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Art: Cicely Mary Barker
Flower Fairy Illustraties


June Solstice: A Special Time for Dreaming

Cultures all over the world have celebrated the summer solstice as a special time.

I believe that there are times in each year that dreams have a tendency to have a special meaning. All you have to do is “tune” into it. And that is exactly what this online course will provide.

June is the month that the sun in the Northern hemisphere rises to its highest point. The fertility god(dess) has reached its highest point. Now it is time to sort out your inner balancing sheet.

Art: Cicely Mary Barker
Flower Fairy Illustraties


Participating in this an online dream adventure will enhance your dream capability in ways that you could not have imagined.


June Solstice: Power of Group Dreams

There is something about the power of dreaming in a group, that seems to enhance its power. If you focus on a problem and (try) to solve it by asking for a special dream, it is going to work. But if you dream with a group of other people, who devote their attention to a similar concept, it seems to have an effect that is called synergy. (I have written a nice book about this, you can download it here).




Art: Cicely Mary Barker
Flower Fairy Illustraties


Because it is a group dreaming process, you will experience that you start to ‘tune in’ with other people’s dreams. People seem to ‘pick up’ stuff much easier in dreams.

But you won’t only meet other dreamers. You will also tune in with the fairy world. The world you were so familiar with when you were a child.


Art: Cicely Mary Barker
Flower Fairy Illustraties


You will get information about the plants that have magical properties on the night of the summer solstice.

You will tune into the realm of dreamers, into the realm of plants, into the realm of fairies and you will explore your inner archetypical energies.

June Solstice: Prepare for Harvest


This shortest night of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere) is the temporary descend of the god(dess) of fertility. The power of the sun is going to decrease. Now it is a prefect time to contemplate about what you have sown this year and to prepare for the things you need to harvest.


Art: Cicely Mary Barker
Flower Fairy Illustraties


Not only a harvest of material things. What do you want to harvest in a psychological way, to get you through the times of darkness and deprivation that slowly start to arrive now.


Art: Cicely Mary Barker
Flower Fairy Illustraties

June Solstice online Dreaming

This online event will give you:

  • A Daily Dream Incubation, for 7 days;
  • Each night has a special focus:
  • The first night the focus will be on love and how you have manifested it in your life;
  • The second night we will focus on the magic fairy world and leave with a gift
  • The third night we will focus on the animus or male side in our personality;
  • The fourth night we will focus on the anima or female side in our personality;
  • The fifth night we will focus on the transformation our soul needs right now;
  • The sixth night we will focus on how to achieve/keep in balance with all the energies of different realms around us;
  • The last night we are going to ask for a gift;
  • Each day you will get new information about the psychological concepts hidden within the incubations. You will learn about the magic fairy world, you will learn about the five special plants, you be challenged to remember how you connected with this world with ease in the past;
  • Each day you have the ability to post your dreams in an online safe forum that is closed off from the internet to share your dreams;
  • You will get a respectful objective response on dreams you posted, this can be either questions that I think the dream is asking you, an If It Was My Dream interpretation, and usually a suggestion on how to undertake action to honour the dream;
  • Valuable information about yourself.


June Solstice
Art: Cicely Mary Barker
Flower Fairy Illustraties


Sign up now and enjoy your dreams during the  Summer Solstice.

Initiator of this online course is Dutch Psychologist Susanne van Doorn.
Regular presenter on the subject of dreams, Blogger on Mindfunda, Board Member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

4 thoughts on “June Solstice Online Dream Event”

  1. Dear Susanne, I appreciate your description of incubating dreams, watching them grow and then preparing for winter. As you say the great summer solstice is celebrated and recognised worldwide by many. Those fairy pictures you’ve used are so beautiful!

    I agree with you re groups and dreaming as I’ve been a member of my Jungian women’s Dream Group for over eight years now which brings such joy and adds indescribable richness to my life! And you’re right the learning goes far beyond the dream.

    Good luck with your online dream course Susanne, it sounds wonderful! Blessings always, Deborah.

    1. Thank you Deborah for your comment and for sharing your loving wisdom . You’d have to experience such dream groups in person, just like you say. It is like in groups like that a group-dreaming-soul emerges. I don’t mean to sound new age now.
      It’s like -if think because we are group beings- our common knowledge adds up to more that the sum of its parts.


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