Cat Call for the Soul: the Bond between Cats and Humans

Call of the Cats
What I Learned about Life and Love from a Feral Colony
by Andrew Bloomfield
New World Library $ 10.70 paper version ISBN-10: 1608683982 kindle $15.43 ISBN-13: 978-1608683987
Reviewed by Drs. Susanne van Doorn and Maria Cernuto


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Cat and the soul

Any cat owner knows a cat seeks out its owner. My Dropje, Dutch for Liquorice, came running towards me when I visited the nest of little kittens. I fell in love with her on the spot. She walked along with me as if she had determined with her feral intuition that we belonged together. I ended up writing my thesis for university with her purring in the palm of my hand. (Dropje was not as grumpy as she looks on the picture, I might add in her favour)

My feral companion for 17 years “Dropje” photo: Juvaniphoto

Something similar happens to the writer, Andrew Bloomfield. “a kitten in distress, crying for us, it seemed… This wasn’t so much a cry for the ears, it was a cry for the heart. I literally felt my heart vibrating with each shrieking call” (page 18).

Andrew Bloomfield’s book is not only about cats. It is about the human psyche. It is about cold hard nature. It is about commitment. It is about relationships between humans and relationships between animals. Love, loss, illness, all come into play in this book.


Maria Cernuto and a cat crie

Dream Specialist Maria Cernuto had the same cry of a kitten calling her. In her presentation for the online annual Psiber Dream Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams she writes:

“While inside my home, I hear a repetitious high-pitched sound coming from outside. My ears prick up with curiosity, I wonder, ―What’s that sound?‖ I decide to investigate and discover it is the cries of a distressed kitten. The kitty is popping its little head in and out from under the fence while mewing frantically, but then grows silent and remains hidden”. This cry went straight to Maria’s heart because of a dream she had that night. I will tell more about it in the paragraph about cats and dreams.

And just at the day her presentation was published, I got a request from New World Library to review this book. Cat and Heart, an intuitive match!

cat and humans

“There was a historical precedent to the connection we felt with the cats. Ten thousand years ago or so in the Fertile Crescent, cats went from being merely functional to being embraced as pets” (page 101). In Egypt they attained the status of a god. In Rome, “a bicultural heritage law decrees agar wherever five or more cats live in a natural urban habitat, they can’t be moved or chased away” (page 102).

me in Bastet costume

In Egypt cats kept the grain safe from rodents. A function so important, they acquired a divine status. “The goddess Bastet was even represented by a domestic cat. he visiting Greek historian Herodotus noted that an enormous temple complex was built in Bastet’s honer in the centre of the city, and having participated in a festival honouring her, he reported it to be the largest and most enthusiastic celebration in all of Egypt” (page 121).

Cat and Dreams

There is something about a cat and a human that manifests itself in dreams. “Sophie began to have recurrent dreams about Bandy (one of the feral cats in the colony). Horrible dreams of her being attacked by predators or otherwise running into misfortune” (page 171).  Bandy ended up being tangled to a tree while she was on a leash and could be saved at the last minute because of the dream.

Maria Cernuto shared this cat-rescue dream with us during the Psiber Dream Conference, I only give a part of this dream due to to length of the blog:

Deadly Pond:

“I am at someone’s house. They have an open patio with a pool and a large manmade pond, almost the same size as the pool, parallel to it. It’s bright and sunny out as I walk around the patio. I notice a couple of fish on the ledge of the pond, gasping/dying—two angelfish (one black with white stripes and the other yellow with white markings), and two large seahorses (a bright yellow and a bright red overlapping one another), about a foot long. I see water has drained several feet down and I see a rocky interior. I run inside grabbing plastic cups to fill with water. I am frantic, running to save them. Then I am gently pouring water on them. I make intense eye contact with the yellow seahorse as it opens its mouth to drink. I feel a deep, soulful connection with it. Its eyes express gratitude”.

When she hears the kitten cry, Maria asks her neighbour if she can search his garden.


“I called my next-door neighbour to ask for permission to enter his backyard. He consented and offered to send his son outside to help me. All we could see was white fur sticking out of the wooden slats of the fence. He climbed onto an overturned pot in order to look down between our fences and said, ―It’s not breathing or moving. I can’t see which direction its head is in. Thinking about my dream, I exclaimed, ―We’ve got to get the kitten out!”
Thanks to he dream they rescue the kitten and it is named Blondie.


If you are a cat lover, this is the book for you.
Information about the history of cats is weaved into the story.
It reads like a psychological journey towards spiritual maturity.

More about me, Susanne van Doorn:
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Triple Goddess dreaming: an alliance with the moon

Do you consider yourself a Goddess? You should. The Goddess is the earth. We are all part of the earth. But the Goddess is more. She is also that spiritual vessel that brings love in new unexpected ways. She is connected with the moon. This week’s Mindfunda is about dreaming with the goddess, incubating dreams that aligne with the phase of the moon. Find out how you can dream the Goddess into your live!

Mindfunda explores the Goddess in 4 blogs

The Triple Goddess was hot in the seventies of last century. Marija Gimbutas put the Goddess back on the map. She inspired a lot of scientists, anthropologists and mythologists up to this day. But the attention for the Goddess seems to have faded away. Mindfunda want to invite you to reconnect with the Goddess. During the month of November Mindfunda will share 5 blogs:

The Goddess, 4 blogs to integrate the Goddess in your life.

Eve as Goddess: a Guest blog written by Susan Scott, of the Garden of Eden.

Triple Goddess dreaming: an alliance with the moon.

The Goddess and the Earth: a Guest blog written by Trista Hendren

A review of “The Book of She” written by Sara Avant Stover.

< Jumped in from elsewhere? Start at part 1

Dreaming with the triple Goddess

In our rational world the Goddess seems to have disappeared. That is why the dream group I am part of spent a mont of dreaming with the Goddess. We wanted to see how the energy of the goddess still resonates in our lives, our loves and our dreams. Each week during a month, one of the members shared a dream incubation devoted to the Goddess. The new moon or Maiden Goddess, the half-moon dedicated to Shakti, the full moon dedicated to Mother Goddess and the last quarter dedicated to the Crone Goddess.

tripple goddess

Looking back on this project, I can say that I was struck by the archetypical motives we encountered in our month of dreaming. To connect with the creative power of the Goddess has increased my faith in my own body and how it reflects the wisdom of the earth. Find out how you can dream the Goddess into your live!

Dreaming with the Triple Goddess week #1

In our first week we connected with the Goddess in a beautiful way. There are so many beautiful inspiring dreams that it is hard to choose. I selected two that show the qualities of the Goddess in a very clear way. They represent the Triple Goddess in clothes and colors. I had these two dreams:

First dream: I am flying on a bird…

The second dream I am in a marketplace. An elderly lady is sitting there. She is short-haired and she looks at the clothing me and my sister are selecting. It is clothing our mother gave to us and she wants us to pick out what we like. I select three dresses, a dark one, a light blue one and a white one with blue figures on it. I take the last one, the white with blue with me, to try on. I take a leather bikini a brown one but put it back because it is not my style.

When I walk away and I wonder if I took the right dress, maybe the dark one would have been better.

The bird in the first dream can refer to the soul, just like the bird C.J Jung saw in his dream that changed into a blond girl. Marija Gimbutas associated the Bird Goddess with the Great Cosmic Creator.

The second dream shows the Crone guarding over the clothes my Mother left behind for me. There are as many outfits for me as there are manifestations of the Goddess. A dark one, representing the Dark Goddess, a light blue one representing the Mother and a white one with blue figures on it representing the Maiden. I choose the last one, but it does not feel right. The perspective of my life is changing. I am no longer the young girl, I have become a mother. With my children growing up to be teenagers It is significant to me that I do not change into this dress, I only take it with me to try it on.

The light blue dress resembles the dress frequently depicted on mother Mary.

triple goddess

Carol had this dream about the triple goddess:

Dream I am somewhere I don’t know lots of people around. I am putting in a tricolor rug noticing colors red and green not sure of third color. I look and go into a crawl cave like space under the floor it seems. I am talking about the rug with someone laying out the patches of pieces side by side seems more like leftover remnants. I then look out a back window and see a fire burning in a one level building. I am telling others to look at the flames. I have seen this happen before. I see people inside trying to put it out. Then I look at the wood planked floor under my feet and see flames from burning fire too. 

Maria Cernuto commented on this dream: “The tricolor rug reflects the Triple Goddess most likely: Maiden (green or white is Her color), Mother (red), & Crone / Grandmother (dark blue or black). The colors woven together (tricolor) in the rug are like the Triple Goddess figure… the Moon’s phases / Phases of the Goddess are not separate… even time… past, present & future are woven together,  they’re not separate”.
To me, the fire on the wood represents “the fire inside, the fire in the mind” as Joseph Campbell would phrase it. The Goddess came and said hello to us that first week and enlightened the flame. This theme of colors and clothing returned in my dreams later that month…

Dreaming with the triple Goddess week #2

Maria Cernuto shared a dream incubation devoted to Shakti energy.

triple goddess
image: wikipedia

Knowledge of Shakti occurs primarily in the Tantric texts from India. Shakti translates loosely to “Cosmic Energy” or simply “Power.” She is energy, force, sexuality, spiritual fire, ability, faculty, strength, potential, etc. She is the Divine Feminine energy of all –of both genders, male and female – She is that which causes all action to occur.
Maria Cenuto

And indeed, most of our dreams displayed couples, relationships and sexuality. Debbie shared this dream:

It is as if I just woke up in my bedroom. It is bright and sunny. There is a young couple intertwined with each other on Michael’s side of the bed (left when standing facing it) and Michael and I are intertwined on my side of the bed. I realize that the couple and Michael and I are covered in a huge amount of sexual excretions; as if a bucket of it was poured over each couple. Woke up in a bright sunny bedroom and said wow that was a lot of “come”. 

Note* there was no sexual excitement to the dream at all and no lovemaking. It was more like everyone was done hours before.

Maria Cenuto commented on this dream:

This is very Shakti-like in that she is sexual energy. I like the young and older couples, especially given how long you and Michael have been together. “Michael is on my side” — I like the way that sounds metaphorically… he’s “come” to my side. How could this relate to the incubation? What part of sexuality or sexual energy could be “developed, harnessed and utilized” for the benefit of your own inner shakti power?

In her dream Maria wears a necklace of the perfect couple:

Instant Karma, Libra Judgement and the Blue Bindu:

I am in a mall and run into D. She wanted to walk with me to say “hi” to somebody I was with. I say to the person, “I don’t know if you remember, but this is I’s daughter.” I don’t know who I was talking to. I am walking around the mall alone. I am wearing the pentacle necklace with the “perfect couple” in the center. A slender Asian / Orient male is walking towards me, and for some reason I flash him the pentacle – not sure why I did it, like I thought he could be dangerous and I am trying to intimidate him with witchcraft. He made a face like why are you showing me this object / necklace; and then he simply asked me a question. I answered him and we both walked our separate ways. As I am walking away my necklace / the chain part breaks. I think this karma for jumping the gun and judging him and using a sacred symbol to instill fear or threaten him.

Then I see rare blue macaw parrots, and then a blue dot appearing on my forehead / Anja Chakra, only bright, electric blue; and it seemed to have dimension to it, not flat, bubbled outward.

In this dream the Goddess appears in the color blue. In “Renowned Goddess of Desire” Loriliai Biernacki associates the color blue with creating life and the moon:

“The color blue makes things prosper; the color blue is indeed a God. The soft kind Goddess Avitri, the light of the world (Kali) is blue and the ancient teachings in the throat of Shiva are blue.

triple goddess
Renowned Goddess of Desire
when, sex and speech in Tantra

 The great Indra, emperor of the Gods is blue and the rain clouds which give life to the world are blue. The vault of the sky that gives space to all living things is blue. The moon which is the source of light has a blue strain.”

The Goddess Shakti to which the incubation was dedicated has a blue manifestation in MahaMaja. A goddess blue-black in complexion.

The Sanskrit word Maya has two important meanings – one is measurement and another is extraordinary or supernatural power and also illusion.

So the term Mahamaya is an attempt by human mind to capture – unimaginable qualities of Goddess Shakti – like she is matter, she is energy, her various forms, creation, sustenance and destruction.

Sadly no human word is powerful enough to capture the true form of Goddess Shakti and it can only be known through self-realization“. (

In this way Shakti/MahaMaja is a dream Goddess. A dream, an illusion, a created reality that makes everything possible.

Dreaming with the triple Goddess week #3

In this week we dreamed during Full Moon. The Moon and dreams are connected according to old traditions. Connie Kaplan has written a very good book about it: The woman’s book of dreams. It is one of my favorite books. During the week of incubating dreams, the moon is known as the harvest moon. It is the full moon that happens closest to the autumn equinox. Farmers used to harvest using the light of the moon. We incubated the question of what we needed to harvest in our lives right now.  The first dream of Shelli tells about the present she gets from the Goddess, but also about the hurt she needs to let go off.

I’m at Maria’s house with Ralf, Debbie, I think Patricia, Susanne and my hubby, his parents, and a few young kids. I see K. and she wants to tell me something unimportant and now forgotten.

One of the young girls has to go pee and as I grab her, she does a bit on a couch. I rush to the bathroom and I try to get her to sit but her legs end up in the toilet. It’s deep so her feet aren’t in the water but she pees.

We are getting ready to leave and I have to pee. The bathroom door is a drape that is pulled across a wooden bar. In-laws and Maria come in as I’m sitting there. I shoo them all away and hubby comes to my assistance to rid them so I can pee without them all. One has to leave through the bathroom and everyone is leaving.

I walk back to a bedroom to find my clothes as I am just in panties. I try to cover myself as I see a bunch of clothes hung over the back of a chair. Beside them are gift bags that Maria has for us, but I pretend I didn’t see them.

We are ready to go, and I leave with hubby and in-laws. Maria says goodbye and when we are outside my mother in law asks everyone’s names but I tell her I’ve only met some of them once and couldn’t remember who was who“.

In Shelli’s dream the dream group is present at the house of the current Goddesses Mary. The Goddess has presents for everyone. The Maiden represented by the young girl has to go to the bathroom. She has to let go of emotions no longer needed. The dreamer herself also has to get rid of old water. Water as a symbol of the Goddess. Water as emotion, creation. In situations were I have a broken heart I usually dream about going to the bathroom. In “A branch of the Lightning Tree” Martin Shaw writes:

Years can pass in our own lives between and event that caused us to both love and lose, and the slow birthing of insight that one day (seven years perhaps?) causes our shaman-fox to saunter through the groves of difficult remembering and shuffle out the seed we carry on into the rest of our lives. That seed could grow to contain any number of things -But some parenting is required: the other disciplines of the Queen or Magician have to come into play to help it grow into the bespoke shape it wants to become.”

With this perspective we can see the dream as an invitation to an initiation from the Goddess. The Goddess invites the dreamer to let go of her old emotions: the pee of the young girl and later on that of herself. She helps her Maiden and even puts her in the middle of the toilet, with her legs in it: now that is an invitation to an initiation! Changing waters, changing emotions, stepping forward. Her husband is there to help her unload, to get into her new life stage as Crown with a new view on love. And the dreamer finds gifts for everyone in the house of Maria. She does not open them yet, but the invitation is there! A very positive invitation…

The water element of the Goddess also played an important part in a dream of Maria Cernuto:

Goddess of the Water Element

I am involved in a sort of competition. A group of people creating altars, sacred space and rituals to express an aspect of the Goddess. I was assigned the element of water, so I was to honor Water Goddesses – others were assigned a different element (Fire Goddess, Air Goddess, and Earth Goddess). I placed the white statue of Venus that I have in WPR (Botticelli’s Birth of Venus) on the altar, and then I put the large conch shell I have in waking life in front of the statue to represent a vagina – I drape a strand of puka shells in the opening / spilling out, and a tubular shaped seasponge (also have these in waking life).

Recall hanging a poster on 1 of the 4 quarters’ walls – it was from the major arcana of R.J. Stewart’s Dreampower Tarot, “The Maiden” – a female wrapped in a white fluid like substance flowing from the blue-black background with a the Celtic Sheela na gig – her vulva exposed as usual with a white water-like excretion flowing out and wrapping around the female figure (see below).

triple goddess
The Maiden / Dreampower Tarot

I placed other art prints relating to Water Goddesses on the other walls – can’t recall what I used. We used items gathered from this one large room that was for everybody to build their ritual / altar with.

Maria Cernuto is an astrologer and the full moon at the time of dreaming was in Pisces. Connie Kaplan says in the Woman’s book of dreaming that dreams can involve water. Maria herself says about this dream:

I could use more water in terms of being more in touch with feelings / emotions (intercepted Moon in Capricorn in the 1st house — cold and repressed). I have Venus in a water sign, Cancer (Mothering/Birth), though it too is intercepted in the opposite house of the Moon, the 7th.

Venus relates to the arts though She expresses differently through either Taurus or Libra; the Morning and Evening Stars respectively. The former more sensual via singing / music, sculpting, makeup artistry / beauty, etc.; and the latter with refinement thru dance, poetry / literature, music / instruments, painting, etc.I get the message of birthing something with all the open vagina symbols, and water breaking type images. Some form of creativity to manifest.

The dreamer seems to be harvesting one of the four elements of the Goddess. She has an alchemical approach of the Goddess: there is a water, an air, an earth and a fire element to the Goddess. In our first week we have encountered the fire element in a dream shared by Carol (see paragraph Dreaming with the Triple Goddess week #1). In the second week we had the air element of the Goddess symbolised by the blue bird in the dream of Maria Cernuto (see Dreaming with the Triple Goddess week #2). And now she shares her vision on the water element of the Goddess as something she needs to cultivate. That is the harvest of the Goddess. The gift that Shelli saw in the first dream I shared in this paragraph.

Dreaming with the Triple Goddess week #4

The last week of our month of dreaming with the Goddess was dedicated to the Crone. I selected a paragraph of the incubation Debbie shared with us.

“The Crone is associated with the waning Moon and the moment of exact darkness of the moon before the new moon. She is also associated with autumn and winter. She is death but with the promise of new life. She is known as The Grandmother, she is past her child bearing days and bleeds no more and holds that power within. She is the Wise Woman and midwife, The Wisdom Keeper, Seer and Healer”.

The Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess is the most feared and misunderstood. She represents the most frightening aspects of humanity: destruction and death. In “Well of Remembrance” Barbel Kreidt tells about her meeting the Crone after spending a few days and nights in the desert.

triple goddess


“I am the Goddess who solves all riddles because I know everything. The golden one has sent me to you. Every person must gaze upon me at least once in life. I am veiled because my face is unendurable when it is unveiled. Yet whoever searches for knowledge can ask me to lift my veil”.
Her Face!
The nameless fear, the horror. Death, war disease, cruelty, the tortures of all times and the whole world can be seen therein. I hear the screams, the cries, the despair. It simply flows out of her face. A face as cold as stone, ageless. A model of ugliness. Inconceivable. With eyes that close for nothing. I take it into me and hear her voice as she tells me it is not enough to simply endure her. I must also love her.”

In our week of dreaming with the Crone she manifested herself as the Goddess of Ice in a dream of Shelli. In this dream the water of the Goddess has turned into slippery ice. Shelli has learned to control it. She skates, dances, controls it and finds her way home. The Goddess has shown her to let go of old emotions and now she has “thougned up” for the job. She twirrles and skates

I’m at my hometown arena, figure skating. There’s only a few of us on the ice. I am my present age but trying to see if I can do the jumps and spins I was able to do when I was skating.

There’s a coach from the south there to watch us, looking for exceptional skaters. I know I’m not one of them, but just have something to prove to myself. The coach is a bit arrogant, and I do my best to ignore him.

I start with some jumps as I work my way up to the more difficult doubles that I was able to do. There’s a bit of an audience as there will be a hockey practice after.

I decide it’s time to try some spins. I can do a basic upright corkscrew very well, but my camel spin isn’t very good. It’s slow and pathetic, so I go back to my jumps.

I see a few of the guys I went to school with and someone I don’t know in waking live but I know in my dream and want to show off without looking like I am. I don’t make eye contact and just pretend I am practicing.

I eventually am able to do the difficult doubles, all of them. I am very happy as they came a lot easier than I thought they would. Again, I am trying to be noticed but not obviously. I set up for the double lutzes and do them right in front of the one I’m trying to impress the most. And I do it very well!

I go back to do a few spins again, including a difficult entry camel from my right leg. Again it’s a bit pathetic, so I stick the jumps. I decide to see if I can do some double combos. I do a double toe double toe well enough and decide it’s time for a double lutz double toe. After a few attempts I land it. I am very happy with myself!

One of the Zamboni drivers when I skated tells us it’s time to get off. A coach tells him that they usually give us a but more time. He says he knows this and usually he can but there are hockey players out ready to practice.

I skate and do a few more lutzes, then get off the ice. I go to the lobby and sit on the floor. There’s other people there that I know. I wipe off my blades and look at them closely. The picks look well-used and I think I’ll need new blades, but there’s still enough of the blade left and they are very sharp still. I wipe them with my mitts to get them dry.

As I sit there, I see lots of family. I also see B. She asks if I need a ride as she’ll have to ask her parents. I tell her I can probably get a ride with my family. My younger brother says we can find a ride home and I see my aunt. I ask if we can go home with her. She says sure that she can do it. We get into the front of her truck and she drives us to our parents home. Recall fades.

Note (from Shelli). I believe this is about becoming confident in my abilities. I’ve always been doubtful that I am actually good at what I do. Also, I just discovered yesterday my new Director is someone who I skated sometimes with. I believe I am to be confident that she will see me as having great potential. Thank you, Goddess Crone for this gift!

triple goddess
Elsa and Anna

When accepting coldness and arrogance that you encounter in this world as a fact of life and not as a personal rejection you can skate away on your own pace and find your way home again. I love how in this dream Sheli finds her way home again by accepting a drive from her mothers’ sister: her aunt. The love between sisters is strong. Do you remember the film Frozen? The Ice Queen Elsa showed that love was the only form of magic.

Loving yourself, embracing your own shadow is the gift of the Crone. To become an old man or old lady that is wise and accepting. Carol dreams a dream of accepting the two sides of everything: the Warrior and the Goddess, Logos and Mythos, the Shadow and our Conscious Self (it is no wonder that Elsa keeps creating mandala’s in the film frozen):

Another Wake Induced Lucid Dream visual: I am crying two times. My dreams seem to be repeating: there is two of everything. When my tear drops are falling from my eyes down my cheeks someone is holding what looks like a circular tin can to catch my tears while saying: “Have to get them before I die”. It is like this is a way of saving the energy of DNA. I am saying really like nothing notable.

There is no reason to be smart, there is every reason to just be yourself. To accept your wisdom, your sorrow, your pain, your joy. Like Clarissa Pinkola Estes says in Women who run with Wolves:

If one overlooks a woman’s dual nature and takes a woman at face value, one is in for a big surprise, for when the woman’s wildish nature rises from her depths and begins to assert itself, she often has interests, feelings, and ideas which are quite different from those she expressed before.”

The tears with life juice are captured in a Grail-like tin.

triple goddess

The Grail as symbol dates back to the 12th century. It was said to have captured the blood of Christ. During the centuries the Grail has become a symbol for divine grace. To unite the God and the Goddess is a key to become the authentic Self.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Jung


Biernacki Loriliai, Renowned Goddess of Desire: Woman Sex and Speech in Tantra Oxford: University Press, 2008.

Estes Clarissa P, Women Who Run with the Wolves New York City Balantine Books 1996

Metzner Ralph, Well of Remembrance Boston Shambala Publications 1994

Shaw Martin, A Branch of the lightning Tree Ashland, OR: White Cloud Press, 2011.

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Reading the Red Book, part 3: How to discover your Anima in dreams

Photo: Artem Kovalev

This blog is about the anima, in Carl Jung’s eyes the soul.

This is Mindfunda's presentation for the Dream Weekend organized by the Dutch society for dreamers: Vereninging voor de Studie van Dromen (VSD) . Unfortunately influenza payed me an uninvited visit. I was not able to attend the weekend. Aad van Ouwerkerk, author and dream worker read my presentation to the visitors. I thank him for doing that.

We all have been there: in total darkness. Lost and alone, looking for a new way of life. A new way of being. Carl Jung began writing the Red Book on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Mindfunda looks at his search for the supreme meaning in five (easy) steps. Because this will be a long post I have divided it into five parts. By clicking on each part it will guide you to the step I am talking about.


Red Book - Readers Edition (sponsored link to support this blog)
Red Book – Readers Edition (sponsored link to support this blog)


This is a series of blogs about my proces of dreaming my way through the Red Book. I have divided it into five steps:

  1. Carl Jung
  2. Telepathy and dreams
  3. Animus/anima dreams
  4. God
  5. the Self.

This blog will talk about the third step: Animus and anima dreams.

It was love that guided Carl Jung into his misery, into the darkness. But it was also in the darkness that he found the Mysterium.

“Liber Primus of Liber Novus concludes with what Jung called the Mysterium: his meeting with Elijah and Salome, culminating with his sacrificial transformation. Jung privately wrote of these experiences: “They are certainly not intended allegories; they have not been consciously contrived to depict experience in either veiled or even fantastic terms. Rather, they appeared as visions.”  This series of complex visions was the impetus to many subsequent comments about the Anima and Animus, Eros and Logos, and the mystery of their conjunction. This is the starting point for our evening’s discussion”.

Step #3: Animus Anima Dreams

Carl Jung was on the verge of a nervous breakdown for several reasons. He had recently broken with Freud. But he had also fallen deeply in love with Tony Wolff. A young intelligent girl who became his patient. And like all former lovers became a Jungian analyst herself. In the Red book Jung his anima is represented by the blind Salome. A devilish seductive woman who demands the head of the prophet. She is blind: Jung had yet to explore his feeling function more. Like a blind person explores the world by using other senses like touch and smell.

Tony Wolff

Tony Wolff became more than a lover: she kept Jung sane. He discussed his dreams with her, she was one of the few persona smart enough to argue with him. When she died he was heartbroken. He tried to publish her work but was unsuccessful in doing so. The search for the supreme meaning was the search for the heart.


Carl Jung, being a man that made big decisions based on dreams decided to persue a relationship with Tony after he had this dream:

In the dream I found myself in a magnificent Italian loggia with pillars, a marble floor and a marble balustrade. I was sitting on a gold Renaissance chair. in front of me was a table of rare beauty. It was made of green stone like emerald. There I sat, looking at a distance, for the loggia was set high up on the tower castle. My children were sitting at the table too.

Suddenly a white bird descended, a small sea gull or a dove. Gracefully came to rest on the table, and I signed the children to be still so that they would not frighten away the pretty white bird. Immediately, the dove was transformed into a little girl ], about eight years of age, with golden blond hair. She ran off with the children and played with them among the colonnades of the castle.

I remained lost in thought, musing about what i had just experienced. The little girl returned and tenderly placed her arms around my neck. Then she suddenly vanished, the dove was back and spoke in a human voice: “Only in the first hours of the night can I transform myself to a human being, while the male dove is busy with the twelve death”. then she flew off into the blue air and I awoke”.

When he was on the train seeing the blood he was on his way to pick up his wife and children after he had spent a lovers holliday with Tony in Italy. So now you can understand why the mountains of Switzerland grew higher to protect the country. The female principle in Jung got awakened…

Think back at the last time you were head over heels in love. How did it affect your dreams?

Maria picked up on Jung his dream about Tony seeing a seven year old girl with wings:
I am donating my blood. I am giving my blood as a direct transfusion from my body into another person’s – I can feel the blood leaving my body and entering into someone else’s body, yet I am the blood itself (feels like the 1st dream where I am the wavy lines / heartbeat of another, only I am the blood and feel the other person through “being” their blood). 

Later I saw this person up and about / healthy and well – a little girl (7 or 8 years old) in a green and white dress.  I knew a transformation had taken place because at the ends of her braided pigtails were butterflies – butterfly clips / ornamental barrettes. 

I had a dream about Maarten. When I was really young I was smitten, completely in love with a guy named Maarten. He never ever noticed me. But he wrote poetry. And he was artistic. He wanted to be a painter. It was enough to fuel my fantasies. He showed up in my dreams while I was reading the Red Book:

I am on a horse and wagon. Several people are inside, males and females. All of a sudden I see Maarten sitting there. I acknowledge him but he does not even look at me. I grin and enjoy the ride.
And that is what happened in waking life too. I moved on. I still smile when I think about the naive girl I was, hoping to get noticed by a guy who was busy with other stuff.

In the Red Book a transformation of animus anima takes place. Elijah is the first manifestation of the animus. Later on Jung’s animus becomes Philemon.

Bob van de Castle as Philemon

Were Elijah is a prophet, Philemon is a lover. His wife is Baucis. The couple has sheltered Mercury when he had no place to stay, without knowing who he was. Again here is the theme of the Red King: Mercury and Sulfur, a marriage between spirit and soul. Philemon is also the archetype of the old wise man. The magician is another animus archetype and Jung visited Philemon to learn more about magic…

Tim Schaming shared a dream about his anima visiting him in recurring dreams. Being trained in Romania people living there recognized the park were he was meeting this girl.

Finally, Maria Cernuto shares a dream that seems to picked up on Tony never having had children from the man she loved:

[…]I ask the lady of the house, “Didn’t you just see someone here and suddenly she is gone?” She reacts like she saw nothing and I am either kidding or nuts. Then I feel someone touch me forcefully on the shoulder, but no one else is in the kitchen. I ask aloud, “Is there a spirit here that wishes to communicate with me?” I hear / see nothing. I feel something is strange about this house and that the woman really knows what I am talking about.

The lady tells me she is suspicious of her husband having an affair. I find him later lying on the couch with another woman. I point this out to his wife. Suddenly, she is wearing a fancy, spiritual/religious type robe. She is holding a metal ball / silvery with raised wavy, sharp lines wrapped around it about the size of a softball – it hovers above her palm. She is facing a wall that becomes a web of light. She hurls the ball into the light as she utters some words. I see a bright flash of light emanate from the wall and envelope the robed lady – her hair blown back as it hits her. I realize I am witnessing a magical battle. This action causes the mistress to have a miscarriage. Blood appears on the white robe she is now wearing, and she doubles over in pain. The wife suddenly has a small, but visible bump on her belly. She said, “I couldn’t get pregnant because you stole my husband’s seed!” She is visibly angry and vengeful – it radiates from her eyes – through this magical act she becomes pregnant with her husbands baby / stealing the baby from the mistress’ womb.[…]

> Read on in part 4, about: God and dreams.

< Jumped in from elsewhere? Start at part 1 

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Anima, soul, supreme meaning: Reading Carl Jung’s Red Book in 5 (easy) steps


This is Mindfunda's presentation for the Dream Weekend organized by the Dutch society for dreamers: Vereninging voor de Studie van Dromen (VSD) . Unfortunately influenza payed me an uninvited visit. I was not able to attend the weekend. Aad van Ouwerkerk, author and dream worker read my presentation to the visitors. I thank him for doing that.

We all have been there: in total darkness. Lost and alone, looking for a new way of life. A new way of being. Carl Jung began writing the Red Book on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Mindfunda looks at his search for the supreme meaning in five (easy) steps. Because this will be a long post I have divided it into five seperate chapters. By clicking on each part it will guide you to the step I am talking about.

This is a series of blogs about my proces of dreaming my way through the Red Book. I have divided it into five steps:

  1. Carl Jung
  2. Psychic Powers and dreams
  3. Animus/anima dreams
  4. God
  5. the Self.

This blog will talk about the first step: Carl Gustav Jung and what led up to writing the Red Book.

The anima will be everywhere. The anima is the soul. Carl Jung his first concept of the soul was the female principle. The soul he thought he had lost when he gave so much (maybe too much) of himself to science.



The first time ever I saw the Red Book at the Jungian institute, I wanted it. I did not actually crave to read it, I just wanted to have it. to open it up from time to time, read, try to read the caligraphy written in German, enjoy the art.

Take a look for yourself if you haven’t had the chance yet (sponsored link to

Red Book - Carl Jung - Readers Edition (sponsored link to support this blog)
Red Book – Readers Edition (sponsored link to support this blog)

But at a given moment I mailed to some good friends of mine. People who are experienced dreamers. I invited them to read the Red Book with me and to incubate dreams and discuss them:

Jodine Grundy,
 Licensed Professional Counselor and former president of the International Association of Dreams.
Tim Schaming in training by Robert Moss who will make him realize that he already is a dream teacher.
Maria Cernutoproducer / researcher / writer/ makeup artist (and an extra ordinary gifted dreamer, who contributes to the site Dreams Cloud.
Linda Mastrangelo, Dream Worker, Researcher, Writer, Artist, and teacher .
Christian Gerike, Graduate student at Sonoma State University, Psychology Department, graduating on animals and dreaming.
Jenna Farr Ludwigdreamer, blogger on synchronicity and author.

This blog will talk about five (easy) steps:

  1. Carl Jung
  2. Telepathy and dreams
  3. Animus/anima dreams
  4. God
  5. the Self

But the anima will be everywhere. The anima is the soul. Carl Jung his first concept of the soul was the female principle. The soul he thought he had lost when he gave so much (maybe too much) of himself to science.

Carl Gustav Jung and the soul

Carl Jung (1875 -1961) was a psychiatrist living in Switzerland, married to one of the richest ladies of the country: Emma Rauschenbach. He was a charismatic man who was well liked by the ladies. One of those ladies, Tony Wolff, inspired the process described in the Red Book. She was Jung’s anima in the flesh.
The Red Book describes the process of Jung in search of his soul. His first concept of the anima was the soul. Later on he fine-tuned this process, making the anima part of the man’s psyche.

In 1913 Jung had a vision that lasted for about an hour. He saw blood. Red blood covering Europe. In his own words:

I saw a monstrous flood covering all the northern and low-lying lands between the North Sea and the Alps When it came up to Switzerland I saw that the mountains grew higher to protect the country. I realized that a frightful catastrophe was in progress. i saw the mighty yellow waves, the floating rubble of civilization, and the drowned bodies of uncounted thousands, Then the whole sea turned to blood. This vision lasted about one hour. I was perplexed and nauseated and ashamed of my weakness…

Two weeks past by then the visions recurred more vividly then before, and the blood was more emphasized. An inner voice spoke: “Look at it well, it is wholly real and it will be so, You can not doubt it”

Jung decided to stay with, and accept these visions. They later became part of a method called Active imagination. Stepping back into a dream or a vision and reliving the dream. Asking questions. Feeling feelings.
Many of us know about this part of the Red Book. Many of us see Jung as the shaman of the West because of this vision. Like a shaman he foresaw the horror facing many people. What do you think? Was it telepathy?

> Read on in part 2, about: Telepathy and dreams

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9/11 in precognitive dreams

9/11 2001 the unthinkable thing happened. All consists of energy, all energy is connected. Dreams are vehicles for energy. Can we protect ourselves using the power of dreams?


9/11 will be marked in the mind of everybody of my generation as the day that the unthinkable thing happened. The outrage you feel when innocent people are the victim of political forces. It could have been you, or me. We could have gotten up early and gone to work in the greatest symbol of America’s capitalism: the twin towers. Gotten our morning coffee, looked out of the window, and …

9/11 powerless

The powerlessness we all feel when political forces beyond our control immediately threaten our life. It makes us want to re-shape, re-think, re-invent methods that will provide security when something like this happens again. Because in the political arena, not much has changed. The energies are still the same. The ‘Big’ countries haven’t grown together in a peaceful way even though we all hoped and prayed they would. So what are the alternative ways that we simple, modest human beings like you and me, can protect ourselves? Would dreaming be a way to safety?

9/11 dreams

There were a lot of people with pre-cognitive dreams about 9/11. I will share some impressive ones with you.

Al Davison; a predictive dream-comic. Two days before 9/11: I dream I’m a child at ground zero, mourning the devastation–and witnessing rebirth.

Maria Cernuto, dreamer, and co-worker of DreamsCloud:
My own dreams have provided knowledge of future events as well. In keeping dream journals for many years I have been able to recognize when my dreams are revealing waking life emergency situations. During a dream, if I say, “call 911” or “get an ambulance,” a waking life emergency with similar elements to my dream occurs. This pattern began to emerge several months prior to the attack on New York City’s World Trade Center. One dream in particular, February 13, 2001, really depicted the attack, but not literally; in it I dreamt, “I am watching from an overview – 2 young males are left in a white convertible car with the key still in the ignition and the car running. They are ‘juvenile delinquents,’ and their case worker goes inside to plea bargain on their behalf. They drove a stolen car into the support column of a ‘government building’—I am now inside running and these Middle Eastern males are chasing me – the place was on fire some people were injured, others killed. I run past desks, and then through a floor that looks like a bank. I am yelling ‘call 911!’ It is very rare, even since this event that I dream of Middle Eastern people.[…]
A man who calls himself ‘The Dream Detective’, Christopher Robinson had some very literal dreams about the attack. The website Starpod shows the pictures in his dream journal that depict an airplane near a high building, intending to crash into it, as early as August 2000.
Almost all precognitive dreams are very literal. Dreams tend to be literal when trauma is big. Symbolic dreaming occors when the psyche has dealt with the trauma. So if you wonder how to ‘catch’ theese kind of dreams: try interpreting your dreams in a literal way, as one of the possible layers of meaning.

Dreamers unite after 9/11

There is a group of dreamers (I am proud to say I am one of them even though my contributions are largely from other very skilled dreamers) called the Peace Bridge. It was founded by Jean Campbell, writer of Group Dreaming, dreams to the tenth power. She unites the energy of the dreamers who dream together on certain nights to help bring more peace into the world.
Group Dreaming


Post 9/11 dreaming

Even though it has been a long time since 2001 we all felt the threat imposed upon us. So I wanted to share a dream of Brenda Ferrimani that reflects the shock and horror we all went through. Because you and me, we know we could have been the ones sitting there. Brenda asks us, as she asks herself: Is the healing of the world possible from an individual perspective? Start with looking at your own dreams and be aware of all the potential in a dream, even if it is a very scary one. You can read the full dream here. I will share some things about the dream and Brenda’s perspective on it that resonate with me today, 14 years after.

 I am in my bed at night. I hear coyotes in the distance. There’s a window at the foot of the bed and a light in the sky, shinning in. I sense there’s something out there. I move toward the window and as I do I am sucked out! I begin falling into endless darkness!

I am falling down, down into the deep darkness. I feel like screaming, but then I remind myself I am dreaming. At this point I become lucid.

I can see and feel everything slow, and I stop falling. I ask, “What is for me here?” I demand, “SHOW ME, SHOW ME!” Then, I begin to move upward. I see the stars as I am traveling up to the heavens. Then huge metal discs with alien writing start moving up around me. I yell once more, “SHOW ME!” — I even say this out loud in waking reality and I wake myself up.”

Brenda considers this dream an invitation to look -with love and warmth- at your own fears. And we share fears. Loosing our health, loosing our jobs, loosing our loved ones and finally loosing our lives. 9/11 showed us how fragile we are.

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Astrology is a very ancient way of dealing with crops. The Indo European people (More info here). As far back as the third millennium before Christ people have been searching meaning in the sky. But in the current day astrology is associated with those fragments in the newspaper: “Aries: today you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger and he will mysteriously disappear again”.

Astrology vs science

Science doesn’t like astrology either. Look at this film fragment from the amazing Randi about astrology. intuitively we know that the moon influences us and our dreams. Look and listen to the wisdom of Connie Kaplan about the influence of the moon on dreams.

Recent research however shows that a birth month correlates with certain diseases.

@Tatonetti lab

Analyzing data from over 1,7 million people, scientists of Colombia University deduced that May is a relative healthy month to be born in while being born in October is relatively unhealthy.

Astrology and science

Stanley Krippner writes in his Song of the Siren:
The Gauquelines examined the planetary positions of the French Academy of Medicine. There seemed to be an odd preference of people who were later to become doctors to be born at the moment when Mars had just risen over the horizon or cumulate at the meridian“.


Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior: The Planetary Factors in Personality

Based on detailed analysis of 16000 names and dates of birth of famous European man and woman they concluded that planets do have an effect on personality. People born when Mars is rising or at its upper culmination are active and eager, even quarrelsome. People born with Jupiter temperament are at ease and ambitious. People with Saturn temperaments are formal and  reserved. And finally people with Lunar temperament, born when the moon was on the horizon or the meridian, are amiable and friendly.

In 1968, Gauqueline’s insights were reproduced by a research done at the Belgium Committee for paranormal phenomena. They analyzed the birth data of sportsmen. Most of them were born when Mars was culminating.

My own experience with astrology was when I had the data of my mutual dreamers analyzed by Maria Cernuto. Bob van de Castle connected us after I had read an article on the astrological details of people who are good in dream telepathy. You can read our report about it here.

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